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  1. Yup this will surely be a great step towards transparency of the forum. I think cryptotalk along with this should also add a feature where it will show top 10 most paid members. It will take competition to another level.
  2. I daily do 30 posts and comments but hardly get my counts to 30 of useful posts. On daily basis i am losing 4 or 5 posts which ia really sad and tiring. My total number of content count is 350 but in yobit it is showing 300 which means so far my 50 posts have been deleted. So now in order to get my count to 30 i post 35 instead of 30 comments or posts in a day.
  3. Well i have not seen any kind of signature campaigns yet in this platform but in future i think administrators might think of adding one here. I am very much excited about it i hope it will come soon.
  4. The biggest problem here with new members is that they are posting same stuff again and again without bothering to use search bar. Actually they don't go through rules at all. Secondly i think administrators should also add a search icon to replies of posts as there are such posts with more than 30 pages. It will allow us to stop repeating same replies as well.
  5. It is surely a great idea to authorize authors of posts to pinn the best replies or replies with most like reactions be pinned to to posts automatically. And there should be one more thing added to forum along it that if posts are too lengthy then authors can highlight maim points using highlighter or something like that.
  6. Well i mostly like the Qoute feature of the forum. It really helps you to discuss the comments or posts with other platform members and the best part about it is that you can even quote a specific line from post if you don't wanna qoute full post and explain it bit by bit.
  7. Well i have already mentioned it before that administrators really need to modify search bar and filters and make it more easy to use. Whenever I post at first i check that the post is being repeated or not but sometimes search bar doesn't give you desired results. Which lead us to our post deleted by administrators.
  8. Copy paste of other platforms members comments or posts or part of them copying is totally prohibited. The thing you are confused about is if you are writing on a topic and taking help from website or blog etc then you have to provide the source link to the people as well.
  9. It is very much possible in future but at the moment i don't think so any kind of super bitcoin or something superior is coming. Because to do so firstly bitcoin has to prove it self in various fields. Whether it is related to uplifting countrys economy or something like that so that it can get more peoples trust. After bitcoin is recognized worldwide as a beneficiary then maybe something new might come.
  10. Well with the number of people taking interest in crypto world is increasing on daily basis and as you can see the volatility of the market which attracts even more investors. I see crypto future very much secured in 2050.
  11. No everyone is experiencing ddos scanning buy site before getting you to the page. My question is whether it is me or everybody experienceing this ddos scan by browser every time i refresh or go a to a topic in platform.
  12. Well actually alot of youtube crypto channels were advertising scams and trying to steal people's coins by running fake adds or fake coin doubling videos or any thing like that. Which is totally against youtube terms and conditions.
  13. Well Currently bitcoin prices are showing very postive rise in its price compared to us dollar. Today butcoi again crossed $10000 mark which makes it twice in same week. And if it kept on growing surely bitcoins users will benefit from it and all fiat money might get in trouble.
  14. Well my favorite coin is bitcoin without any doubt because of the volatility of its market and with slightly more number of investment there is a great chance of earning good amount of money. One thing is that transaction fees in bitcoin is too high so you have to convert bitcoin into litc where charges are low compared to btc.
  15. That is against the community rules and as soon as administrators will detect multiple accounts with same ip address. Both of your accounts will be banned instantly by administrators. So prefer not to do such mistake or you will loose all your effort.
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