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  1. Hello there You need to create a yobit account then, connect your crypto account on your yobit account, when you will got satoshi on your yobit, then transfer it to another currency because bitcoin exchange is more costly, after that transfer it to your bank account.
  2. Yes there We all need to help each other's. basically all senior member need to suggest all newbie. This is family and all family member need to promote everyone. Thank you
  3. Hello there For everyone is not possible, It would be more big forum, but not for everyone. If it give more high rated price against USD, then it should more popular.
  4. Crypto currency is very good for third world country, This forum give them foreign remittance, if that all country build there own country that will give them more benefit.
  5. The next target for bitcoin is. Bitcoin coin need to more stable to all country, Still lot of country still banned it, If bitcoin gonna beat this challenge that is good target.
  6. Hello there This is very good suggestion for newbie. 1. At first read every rules about this job. 2. Don't post your own topic, just read and reply old post. 3. Don't do any copy and paste 4. Made all comment over 100 character. 5. Don't shear here any link url Thank you
  7. After 10 year i expect more earning opportunity, I wanna Crypto currency's rate more higher, now 30000 satoshi =$3 But i wanna 30000 satoshi=$7-$8 after 10 year
  8. Hi there Bitcoin are also banned in our country (Bangladesh), but still we working in this site that are not too much harmful, we exchange BTC, then we got this balance into our bank account. Bitcoin is still unstable currency, that's why our country banned it.
  9. Hello Bro We all need to give positive reaction each other, if we find a good post then we must need to give positive reaction, If we find bad post then also give bad react or not give anything. I suggest for positive reaction.
  10. Hello there I thing our BTC is safe in yobit, This is very popular and trust able site, just do not shear your e-mail or password with anyone, and do not click any trap link that hackers made for trace.
  11. I think no, Cryptocurrency would become a great currency, but it not gonna replace national currency, it should be available all country after some year, but not for open market.
  12. Yes, we aloes need to post useful topic, that topic should have some information that are very helpful for this business. Please post about this forum info, trading, suggestion for newbie etc.
  13. Hi There One account in one ip address, if you wanna use more account then please use different mobile data, modem etc. If someone use multiple account in one WIFI. he should banned
  14. Hello there I have no idea about it, but i think no, because one month isn't too big time, maybe it will be ok, Or if forum will count it so long time then they should do it. Please contact the help center and ask them this question.
  15. Hello there This is also frustrated for me, i did here only 500+ post, but already my 50+ post and comment are deleted, it's very frustrated to recover it, everyday i doing 4-5 recovery, this is not very good for me.
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