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  1. The blockchain technology not only has the ability to make a difference in the currency market in the world, but also the banking sector in general by cutting out these brokers and replacing them with a system that does not need a third party and without borders and a transparent one that is easy for anyone to access.
  2. The future of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and bitcoin cash has become bright, despite current market sentiment fearing that this financial technology is on the way out. This is because of more awareness and widespread adoption.
  3. When a trader begins learning to trade, he passes several stages in developing his mentality. Traders at this point realize their need to learn. They are motivated by the idea that the more they have trading knowledge, the better their trading ability.
  4. Some scammers create very sophisticated mock wallet apps, once downloaded on the user's smartphone, they can be used to steal important account details. You've switched these apps to official and legitimate app stores like Google Play, so you have to do the research before downloading anything on your phone.
  5. is a good bitcoin storage wallet, created by mining giant Bitmain in 2016. It provides Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in an easy-to-use environment, on both Android and Apple devices as well as by issuing its web version.
  6. The Zash policy encrypts all transactions that take place between the two parties (the sender and receiver) using its own protocol called Zero-Knowledge Proof This protocol has its own tool is zk-SNARK This tool is responsible for hiding any information related to ongoing transfers to become exclusive to subscribers In the sending and receiving process.
  7. Of course, if the person lost a lot of money, he will feel remorse, but for me it did not cost me to join the cryptocurrencies except the effort and time as I worked to win the currencies for free and lost a little what I gained, but this did not stop me from continuing.
  8. You must exercise self-control and control your feelings and not sell because of fear because after you sell currencies because of fear, you find that the currency has risen again madly, and you regret a lot of regret, because of losing your money.
  9. Selling due to confusion and fear is one of the features prevalent in the cryptocurrency market among beginners, and it is a tiring thing in this market, as it enters the market without conducting adequate research that is qualified to enter the market, and when facing any drop, it sells the currencies for fear of a greater loss than that.
  10. I expect it to become the first and most important forum for cryptocurrencies in the world and we find in it everything we need about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, exchanges and trading, and it will be the ideal reference for everyone.
  11. I was starting from the telegram and the groups of friends for the earning and the free earning of currencies and then the discussion groups in the analysis of cryptocurrencies and this is what I learned a lot from.
  12. You do not need to use the indicators to trade successfully. There are a lot of traders who simply paint for example without any clues, and they do so with great success. However, the indicators can be helpful and complementary to your analysis.
  13. I think it is a successful project that will continue and evolve. Digital currency trading allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio, as the price of digital currencies is determined mainly by market sentiment, supply and demand.
  14. Ethereum (ETH) is more than just a coin, Ethereum can respond to sophisticated requests. It has the ability to store revolutionary computer software, which distinguishes it from Bitcoin and makes it attract the attention of banks around the world. This is one of the factors that prompted this currency to make a leap.
  15. The providers of digital assets and virtual asset services are among the most recent but most important areas in this field, because you not only protect yourself effectively, but how the authorities enable the field to grow rapidly and anonymously in the deal and this is a very new, but very important area.
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