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  1. This is absolutely true, if the merchant loses his patience, he may make a wrong move that will destroy him. In this regard, the merchant must be patient and resist what he sees.
  2. You cannot say that crypto trading is better than forex if you have not worked with forex before, forex is a very broad world and its study is much more complex than studying crypto trading, there are many factors that can affect currencies, they need a full time and a permanent follow-up to all the world news .
  3. Sure, there is a risk to my friend, but you can gain the experience you want as often as you like, you test an imaginary account and try to work and begin to gain experience, when you have enough experience without having lost anything, then you put the capital and start working.
  4. Certainly this is true, sometimes it depends on the cryptocurrency that we are talking about, but in semi-stable currencies, strong and more-traded currencies need technical analysis to get the closest possible scenario for currency movements.
  5. Certainly, a successful trader must be able to control his feelings and not be allowed to overpower him, in addition to not hurrying, deliberation is the best solution to profit through trading, but certainly with experience in the analysis of charts.
  6. Jone20

    "Best platform"

    I also support these two platforms, they are completely reliable, and in my opinion they complement each other, but again I started dealing with Kucoin and I found that I am the best in fact, my work will be all through Kucoin soon.
  7. But my friend, it is not so easy at all in BitcoinTalk, it is very difficult for your account level to reach a level so good that it is accepted in large high-income campaigns.
  8. Of course, this is utterly sound. Trading requires a clear mind and continuous follow-up, in addition to the ability to analyze and read charts, but in return, those who master these things become able and can make a lot of money.
  9. Sure, this is correct, but in my opinion, if you do not take your opportunity to venture and take a risk, you will never earn a large percentage of profits, you will continue to get small proportions.
  10. This is very nice words, the way you describe the subject, and it is absolutely correct, and I played on it and as I said, it was often profitable specifically with stable currencies, it works mostly, it is the most beautiful stage of trading, the most profitable.
  11. Sure, trading needs skill in analyzing charts and experience in the movement of currencies, but the really nice thing about it is that there are a lot of ways to trade as you said, and that currencies can be predicted in most cases.
  12. I completely agree with you, I do not know that these currencies are as profitable as dealing with large currencies, most of the time you can predict the movement of large currencies, know exactly when you must enter, and know when to sell, and your day ends and you are happy with what you gained today.
  13. This is wonderful, it is the best that can be said about trading, everyone must rely on himself in trading, and there is no problem even if he lost some money in the beginning but he will gain experience in order to become an expert and does not need anyone's predictions.
  14. N in theory this is true, but in practice I do not trust trading to me, I have a belief that there are a lot of large whales manipulating the market, and this trading is what helps most because its movements are expected.
  15. This rule is beautiful, and it is really profitable with bitcoin, but in order to know the right time to buy and the right time to sell there are basics in technical analysis you have to master it first.
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