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  1. China's central bank has announced that all transactions of crypto-currencies are illegal, effectively banning digital tokens such as Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin fell by more than $2,000 (£1,460) in the wake of the Chinese announcement. It is the latest in China's national crackdown on what it sees as a volatile, speculative investment at best - and a way to launder money at worst. Source: China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal The information is not new, because China has continuously issued bans on the crypto market: ban on use, ban on mining, ban on trading… This has been going on for many years and after each ban, Bitcoin & crypto market growing stronger. I am even glad that China's influence on the crypto market is not as great as before. However, there are some who think that this action of China is to dump the price and buy more crypto from market. We believe that China has huge ambitions and of course it want to manipulate the crypto market. What do you think about China's bans? Will they be enough to make the crypto market go into winter right now? Is this just a way for China to buy the dip?
  2. 2013: Bullrun lasted 12 months. 2017: Bullrun lasted 12+6=18 months. 2021: Bullrun lasts 18+6=24 months? A few days ago, a Vietnamese crypto expert, who correctly predicted BTC price at $33K & $66K from 2020, analyzed and predicted that the 2021 bullrun will last 24 months. And the special thing is that BTC will reach $110-130K. This will take the crypto market to a level of madness that no one can imagine. $6T – $12T is not an impossible task in this bullrun. The Vietnamese crypto community is losing sleep over this information. Everyone is busy planning their investments until November this year and May 2022. What do you think about this statement? Do you think it's too crazy? How about your planning for this bullrun?
  3. The market is very hot as BTC price crosses $50K after more than 3 months in a correction phase. Most investors are happy because they have regained what they lost in the past 2 months, many investors are back in the market, and the market is also full of new investors. They forgot the pain of May 19. I see BTC price is increasing too fast, and altcoins price is also being pumped very quickly. Is this a bulltrap to make investors get carried away and lose money like in December 2017? What do you think we'll see in about a month? Will BTC hit a new ATH or go up to $58K and then fall to a very low level of $15K-20K? Can the total market capitalization reach $6.5T as predicted by many experts? Do you believe in the growth of the market or still think this is just a recovery in the down-trend?
  4. In the list of top coins, besides new famous names like Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, Terra, Cardano… there are still many famous old projects from last season like EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Waves, NEO, TRON... Many people say that these are old platforms and are considered "zombie platforms" because they don't have many users now. Many people even mock them and say they will soon be replaced by newer, stronger, more user-friendly projects. Personally, I still believe that each token has its own moment. The old projects have been around for about 3-4 years, and the team has enough time to perfect the technology and create a product for the community. This is very different from new projects that haven't run testnet/mainnet or MVP yet, everything is still just a promise on paper… Also their community is huge, and these tokens are absolutely worthy for whales to select and pump/dump. I still spend most of my assets on quality old projects like Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, NEO, TRON. I still assume they have x100 potential in this bullrun. Do you own old coins? Do you still believe in their future?
  5. I would have expected that after the London update and the adoption of EIP-1559, gas fees would drop as the network automatically calculates gas in line with the actual situation. However the truth is that we don't see 5 gwei or 10 gwei again like in June, instead gas usually ranges from 40 gwei to 50 gwei and each transaction costs a minimum of 8 USD. Some reasons that come to mind: + The explosion of NFT gaming tokens: we can see OpenSea & Axie in the top gas consuming platforms; +The recovery of the entire crypto market, including many ERC-20 tokens when BTC recovered from $29K to $43K; Many of my friends have been waiting for London to be able to move ERC-20 tokens from private wallets with cheaper fees, it seems they made a mistake. But we're all glad the market is recovering well, at least we don't use DEXs very often. Maybe we have to wait for the adoption of layer-2 solutions on Ethereum to get gas 5-10 gwei. Do you think high gas prices are a good signal for market recovery and growth? Does high gas prices have a big impact on your crypto market returns?
  6. We have had a series of exciting days since BTC bounced from $29.5K on July 21. Most of the "famous" coins are recovering and BTC price is safe above $40K. However, one thing that worries me is that the total market cap has not had a large fluctuation, has not reached $2T and BTC.D is trending up. If we analyze the market, we will see that the recent NFT games trend is being pumped up strongly, represented by AXS which has increased from $3 on June 22 to $56 on July 27, are low & mid cap tokens, not top coins. Most of the NFT game projects appeared a long time ago and also underwent a deep adjustment on May 19, not new and interested in the community. So I think their growth is just a tool for whales to suck more money into the market and signal to investors about a new rally and growth. Then, of course, there was a massive sell-off to end the market. What is your opinion on this matter? Is this a real rally and growth instead of a bulltrap?
  7. An event that is on every Bitcoin market participant’s radar this month is the multiple unlockings of BTC at institutional giant Grayscale. As Cointelegraph explained, the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund (GBTC) is due to release in excess of 40,000 BTC in the coming weeks, this having been subject to a six-month lock-up period. Opinions differ about its market impact. Some are concerned that selling pressure will increase (only to then become practically zero after the unlockings are over), while others argue that spot markets will be broadly unaffected. Sunday, July 18, is of particular interest, with that day’s unlocking worth just over 16,000 BTC. “When GBTC shares unlock and get sold, the GBTC Premium drops (share price drops relative to the BTC in the trust),” statistician Willy Woo commented last week. Source: Countdown to Grayscale’s big BTC unlock: 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week On July 18, a large amount of GBTC will be unlocked, and according to many experts, this will have a negative impact on the crypto market. Many people say that investors can only sell GBTC but can't actually sell BTC, and this has no negative impact on BTC price. However, if GBTC price drops, BTC price will be seen as too high compared to GBTC price and the BTC price will also tend to decrease, at least not growing. And when BTC price is contained, we will probably see a serious drop in altcoins price, although the DeFi & NFT wave is gradually returning, because most of them are small cap tokens, easily be manipulated by whales. I believe this is the reason for BTC price to drop below $28K, and hit the Spring point in Wyckoff's model. I am holding USDT and placing orders to buy more Altcoins at very low price. What do you think about the impact of GBTC unlocking event on the crypto market? Are you planning to DCA in the next week?
  8. The Wyckoff Accumulation technical chart pattern has become the latest trending topic when anticipating where the price of Bitcoin (BTC) may go next. Some analysts have said that BTC’s recent dip below $29,000 signaled the “Spring” phase, which will soon be followed by a climb higher. Source: Bitcoin spring? Wyckoff 'groundhog' indicates crypto winter may last another 6 weeks First of all, for the Wyckoff model, I believe it is proving its worth in forecasting Bitcoin price movements during this correction. Each expert has a way to use this model in a specific time frame, I personally believe that Spring has not come yet, it will come in GrayScale unlock GBTC event. The question is: why do predictive models of this kind seem so accurate? + Is it true that the crypto market is naturally fluctuating with investor sentiment so Wyckoff's prediction model is randomly correct? + Are whales using predictive models to manipulate the market, similar to the ones they use to manipulate indices and price charts to create FOMO & FUD like in the case of AXS? I am a conspiracy theorist, so I think the second hypothesis is more appropriate, since the crypto market is still characterized by high manipulation by whales. What do you think about all this? Do you believe in natural volatility or extreme manipulation?
  9. The Bitcoin price surge in the last 4 days from $30K to $36K has given the whole market more energy, we see altcoins rally quite strongly during the week, between 20-40%. The number of crypto withdrawals from exchange increased and we have no more notable FUD. I have the feeling that investors have forgotten obsession of the past 6 weeks, they are ready to get back into market and spend more money into crypto. Have whales gathered enough Bitcoin & Altcoins to start a new FOMO phase to attract new money, to push the total capitalization from $1.5T to $6T? Or will we have to face another very strong whale dump before we can see the strongest growth in this bullrun?
  10. Bullrun 2021 is very different from bullrun 2017, when there are not only retail investors, but also large companies, financial investment funds, and in my opinion even governments. We see Grayscale & MicroStrategy collecting Bitcoin & Altcoins, and we believe this bodes well for the whole market. That is true, but only in the short term. I see big future risks coming from such institutional investors: +They are investors, which means they store crypto and then sell crypto for profit: Right now they are buying, the market will get a positive impact, but when they sell , things are going to be worse than what we've been through in the last 5 weeks; +These companies are quite capable of becoming new whales, with more financial capacity than private whales. Manipulation can be more serious when these companies band together in a large global campaign. What do you think about the impact of large companies and large investment funds participation? Is their participation really valuable to crypto market? What is more necessary for crypto: They or regulatory frameworks?
  11. McAfee made headlines in the crypto space and mainstream media for a July 2017 prediction that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) would reach $500,000 by 2020. When the price of the crypto asset looked even more bullish in November 2017, McAfee doubled down, claiming that BTC would reach $1 million by 2021. Source: Remembering John McAfee: Computer programmer and crypto evangelist dead at 75 I was a fan of McAfee back in 2017 when he advertised a lot of potential new crypto projects, such as Electroneum ETN. I was also an opponent of McAfee when he abused his popularity for projects that lacked transparency in 2018-2019. But in the end, we still have to admit that McAfee in 2017 is like ElonMusk in 2021. They are both big influencers in the crypto market. OK, goodbye McAfee, maybe his work for the crypto market will be remembered more than the antivirus he created. In the future, I think the time will come when our children will learn about blockchain & crypto in schools, and McAfee will be mentioned again as the first to speak out in favor of this new financial sector.
  12. Elon Musk has just made confusing moves on Twitter related to Bitcoin, the community is not understanding what point he is trying to express: support or give up. And no matter what, Elon Musk's tweet still affects BTC price and the entire crypto market. My friends are investing based on the news, they call it market and investor sentiment analysis. However the news is constantly changing and they are also constantly changing their investment strategies. I just see the news as a way for whales to manipulate market or legitimize price movements. Sometimes the news is quite useful and interesting, especially news about blockchain/crypto events, but I cannot use them for my investment strategy. At least I don't want to be a whale's puppet. I use a bullrun token price prediction model and everything depends on numbers and market situation, not news. The separation from the news makes my investment strategy more stable and gives me higher returns. Are you following the news as part of your crypto investment strategy?
  13. @Whited35 The problem for new investors is that when they check ALTUSDT, they will find that ALT price has gone too high and don't know which ALT to invest in. ALTBTC will provide them ALT's position during the altcoin season. If ALTBTC is very low it means ALT up phase is just getting started. Now I refer to both ALTBTC & ALTUSDT in my prediction model. This combination will give investors timely decisions to optimize profits.
  14. @Whited35 Regarding e-CNY, I don't consider it a crypto because it is not operated on a decentralized network. Everything is still under the control of the Chinese government, it is simply an improved version of the digital money. Many people think that China intentionally attacked crypto to win the market for e-CNY, but I think this is just a trick for China to buy more BTC from the market. Chinese investors missed selling too much BTC at the end of 2020 at $20K.
  15. @Whited35 Hotbit is back up and running and looks like it's settled. Regarding crypto storage, I think that storing crypto assets on reputable exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken is safer than personal wallets, because of security technology of these exchanges are better than 2017, and they are obligated to compensate users when exchange has problems. Many traders I know still keep tens of millions of dollars on exchanges. For larger amounts, perhaps a cold wallet is a better solution.
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