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Found 12 results

  1. The best strategy in trading for profit is guaranteed and risk free I will present in this topic a very useful and successful 90% strategy that can be followed in trading. I have been using it for more than 4 years and it has always been profitable. It will be profitable, beneficial and safe especially for beginners in trading In short, the strategy depends on buying from the lows when the index descends outside the rectangle shown in the chart image and selling directly at a slight rise without greed when the indicator or chart returns to the rectangle, and we will rely on that on the RSI indicator As shown in the picture, when the index reaches below 20, then it will rise by 90% except in very rare cases, such as the occurrence of major crises affecting that currency, and 20 points or less are considered an excellent point to buy That is why you should always buy when touching point 20, and the more we bought from a point less than 18 points to 10, the better, and the higher the profit rate. To grab the best areas to buy before buying from 20 points, look at the type of candles. Do they indicate positive or negative candles? If they are negative like the three crows, then this means that the price will drop more, so wait for a drop below 20 and then buy This strategy works for all currencies and is always available in some cryptocurrency pairs on a daily basis I mean, chances of making a profit will always be there The strategy is also successful in trading with future on SHORT and LONG In the event that you use trading through the future, your capital must be divided by at least 3 For example, you have $ 120, meaning that you will enter the deal at $ 40 first, and the remaining $ 80 will keep it as a support amount. For example, you entered a future deal on LONG and bought at 20, but the currency decreased to 16. Here you support your deal with another part of the remaining $ 40 before it reaches the LIQUIDATION PRICE. Confirmation that the price of the currency will not continue to decline continuously, and it will rise, and then you will start to make good profits and double when the decline ends and the rise begins Here are pictures of some of the successful deals that were achieved by following this excellent strategy And remember, you have to take risks and have a strong heart in this field in order to succeed in it Please support and encourage me with a positive evaluation to keep doing more Soon I will explain this strategy in a video and that will be better Note: This strategy was tested on 100 trades and they were all winning Photo key: Picture 01: A chart on which we explained the strategy, and puts buying and selling points as an example Picture No. 02: A normal winning deal by entering through a purchase point and exiting a sale point Image No. 03: A deal to which we applied the strategy to support the deal, by purchasing more points and exiting profit from them
  2. I usually use World Coin Index ( to check the prices of Crypto. Looking at the "All" graph for Stellar Lumens (XLM), I can see that the price against BTC has practically bottomed out and getting ready to rise. Now would be a good time to get some - though I think the rise is going to be gradual over the next few months. It's a case of holding - not really day trading. That's what I'm doing anyway. And when it starts to come down again, I intend to short - that is, Margin Trading. Anybody else have thoughts on Stellar?
  3. I created this topic to talk about an important subject. Some amateur traders are interested in giving advice or introducing trading strategies to other people. These traders can create lots of problems and cause many people to lose money because they suggest a strategy without even trying it themselves! If you want to introduce any new strategy (either short or long term), you have to try it in practice in your own trades to see if it really works or not. If you managed to get profit with your method multiple times (not just once), you can explain about it in full details and let others try it if they want. If you propose a trading method without testing it, other people may use it and lose big in their trades and they will blame you because you are responsible for what happened to them. Always remember that theory never equals practice.
  4. Enter a trading position only when you know why you’re entering it, and have a clear strategy in mind. Not all traders are profitable since this is a zero-sum game (for everyone who benefits, someone else loses on the other side). Large whales drive the altcoin market – yes, the same ones responsible for placing huge blocks of hundreds of Bitcoins on the order book. The whales are just waiting patiently for innocent little fish like us until we make trading mistakes. Even if you aspire to trade daily, sometimes it is better to do nothing instead of jumping into the rushing water and exposing yourself to substantial losses. There are days when you only keep your profits by not trading at all. do not let your mind be defeated with this FOMO.. 🤔🤔
  5. Can anyone suggest me some profitable trategies? Iam currently trading breakout. Iam an experianced trader but still in loss. Pls share your strategies.
  6. I've been playing Dota since the Dota 1 days, got into Dota 2 since the beta stage… but I could never really play it regularly. That meant I'd have to take a few months off and then get back to the game, play for a month or two and then repeat. This translates into difficulties with new items and heroes, and the ever so changing game suddenly gives you a sense of lack of skill. So yes, for me, Dota plus is perfect. However, item builds and hero choices aside… the biggest advantage it offers is the ranked roles mode which will pretty much help anyone go from herald to post archon in no time. Beyond the archon stage, it's advantages start slimming down but it does bring a lot of interesting features like tips, hero levels, shards, free weekend battle passes etc. So if you really enjoy the game, it will definitely increase the enjoyment. Does it somehow make you a better player ? No. Will it give you an unfair advantage? No. Apart from the ranked roles mode and weekend battle passes, it doesn't offer anything that you cannot learn or do without it. I've never been a fan of cosmetics so no comments on that. Let me know what you think.
  7. We know that there are several ways to trade in the cryptocurrency market, either through day trading or through trading bots, in the end, each one has a strategy, I have mine, I worry not to risk anymore, that is , I do the most conservative and not very greedy type I can say so, because I choose to earn little and risk little. But what about you, what is your profile or what do you think is the best or what is your tip, this is important to share, as we know that there are many new people entering this market and your experience is always welcome. Share your strategy or tip on how to trade in this very volatile world of cryptocurrencies. hugs!!
  8. 1. Position Trading Strategy The Position Trading Strategy is one of the best forex trading strategies for beginners who are very new to the concepts of fx trading and want to get hands-on experience with lesser risks and effort. This strategy works by focusing entirely on long term positions that last for weeks, or even years in some cases! Traders using this strategy keep their leverage relatively low and aim for profits using the bigger price movements that last longer periods. Patience is the key for position traders as they trade like fishermen waiting to hook a big fish. One of the best things about position trading is that it does not require you to be glued to your trading account and charts all the time. Minor price fluctuations are no cause for worry as they are insignificant for a position trader’s plan. 2. Carry Trade Strategy The Carry Trade Forex strategy is said to be one of the most unique ones among fx traders as it lets them make a little extra profit if they time it correctly. The Carry Trade strategy lets traders take advantage of the interest rate differential that arises between two country’s currencies. Traders make extra profit by following this strategy by selling out the currency of a country with significantly lower interest rates and buying the currency of a country that has a higher interest rate. The difference between both the currencies’ interest rates will play a significant role in your profits if this particular strategy is in effect. 3. Conclusion Picking the right strategy may require you to properly research the market and expand your knowledge of it. Remember to stick to the basics especially when you are a beginner and keep experimenting with them to form your custom trading strategies. You must never underestimate the market and have backup plans ready in case your predictions or analysis was wrong. Furthermore, many of these strategies require you to have a healthy amount of capital so be sure to research every one of them and determine which one suits your trading style the best. Once you have mastered the basic ones and firmly grasped the principles behind them, move on to the ones that are more complex, and improve your skills as a forex trader.
  9. so I will share strategies that are easy to use and quite profitable. we will determine where the support point (the lowest price) and the resistance point (the highest price). like the picture below. first we will determine where we will buy: you can buy after the support level chart (lowest price) appears. That's when you buy or you can enter above the support level. so second we determine the sale after you buy at the lowest price we will determine the resistance point (the highest price). for example we use the bitcoin support chart at the price ($ 9,000) and the highest price at the price ($ 9,500) so we can sell bitcoin below or above the price ($ 9,500) or in the middle of the price. it will benefit you. may be useful.
  10. Which Strategy Is The Best? If you feel lost in all these stuff like trading, hodling, altcoins, leverage etc… Here is what I do. If I had to describe what I do with one word, it would be ; “HODL”. That’s right I hodl. I do it for years and I made fat bucks just by doing nothing. I don’t trade, I don’t make leveraged trades neither. From time to time, I play with altcoins but I usually end up with going back to the original, bitcoin. The majority of my holdings are in bitcoin. I hodl some small coins like Litecoin, Monero too but not as many as Bitcoins. Why do I do that? The longer you play, the higher chances to lose. Trading is not much different than playing in a casino. I’ve seen guys who made super profits from trading but I am not those guys. I like the passive income more. You really don’t have to do anything other than sitting tight. You can enjoy your time while doing some other stuff like playing guitar or exploring outside. Sitting in front of a screen every day is not healthy. Why not altcoins? There are hundreds of thousands of them and solid ones like Litecoin or Monero are already big enough. They won’t be giving you more profits than Bitcoin. They may actually but it won’t make much of a difference. Unless you have super sharp eyes or insider information about a coin which is going to get pumped, you are better of staying away from alts. People made a lot more just buy holding eth or ripple during the 2017 boom but that times is over. Those coins are already big now. If you buy them now you won’t make that big gains again. Be on the safe side, hodl your BTC’s tight.
  11. Good to be here, hum... I am just a beginners in but already a 5 year experienced bitcoin holder and a life time pro trader since I graduated from Princeton 10 years ago. I used to be the pro-strategy provider in UBS, now I offer the professional bitcoin trading strategy and analysis tips. Thanks, it is good to be at CryptoTalk.Org
  12. Всем привет, сам пока только изучаю и ищу стратегии которые бы работали. Никого не прошу делиться стратегиями, которыми вы сейчас себе зарабатываете на хлеб, нет оставьте ее для себя. Поделитесь старыми которыми вы уже не пользуетесь, но знаете что она в принципе прибыльная. Сразу скажу что искать стратегию у которой 90% прибыльных сделок глупо, если такая и есть то с вами точно не поделяться. При правильном управлении рисками будет достаточно и 60% Некоторые не правильно поняли мой посыл, хочется видеть конкретику. Какие индикаторы, какой тайм фрейм, точка входа, стоп лосс, тейк профит. Скоро подготовлю простую стратегию, на основе Теории Доу, для наглядности так сказать
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