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  1. If you can earn fractions of Bitcoin without investment of course this will all depend on what you estimate to generate since remember that without investment you will only earn small amounts that if you are constant and there is an increase of Bitcoin you can obtain benefits and of course this forum is very useful since If you comply with the rules and your publications are useful, you get an incentive that you don't earn anywhere without investing.
  2. We must remember that the main idea of the forum is to build a community that is a reference in the subject of cryptocurrencies and everything related to the digital news presented by all these technological advances, in turn they offer an incentive for the time spent which It is an excellent opportunity, although the most valuable is what you can learn.
  3. Excellent point that you touch friend particularly I prefer to publish new topics and only respond to topics that generate interest or are really useful since the idea is to fill this useful information forum for everyone where everyone contributes their knowledge or clarifies their doubts.
  4. Bitcoin is one of the most profitable investments if you know the markets well since otherwise you will only get lost.
  5. It is happening that they have been cleaning the forum and maybe some of your posts were deleted so you must replace them to receive the incentive again. The same thing happened to me and I had to compensate for the deleted posts and they started paying me again.
  6. The forum has a growth according to the time it has, if there are still many scam accounts but little by little with the measures they are taking they will reduce these practices since more than quantity is needed quality of useful content for users who enter daily.
  7. SIROEM Excellent opportunity for Yobit users as always supporting with free currencies and generating marketing opportunities for new and more experienced users. 100% recommended thanks for the opportunity they provide.
  8. My commercial strategy is to divide my capital into currencies that I will trade in short and currencies that I will keep them waiting for a good increase, so I started doing it a year and a half ago and it is giving me good results since before I was investing in pages that eventually ended up becoming scams and I decided to focus purely on the marketing which I recommend but you must keep up to get profits.
  9. In Venezuela they are opening up to cryptocurrencies and providing a legal framework for payments, facilitating the adoption and exchange for products and services. There is still a long way to go but I believe that closing the door to this new financial alternative is a mistake that many countries are making, just as time will tell.
  10. Arbitration is not perhaps the easiest method to win since you must support it very well with knowledge and get the accounts very well otherwise what you can get is lost because the profits can go in commissions and even the variations are fast and sometimes the Price falls and you get stuck until it goes back up.
  11. That is part of the trade with Bitcoin, fluctuations are necessary since there is where you can obtain profits in the short term, but you are a merchant and you can expect the profits do not worry, it will resume its value and even exceed it, since in response to your Ask if you should save it or sell it and buy more again is a personal decision since it has its risk, usually those who sell in the short term have already sold and are waiting for the decline to buy again.
  12. Excellent exchanges I use Binance for its rates and volume of trade, but apart from that I recommend Yobit since you can take advantage of its system, also that you can market with little capital is ideal for beginners. And at least I found the support very useful, I had two problems and they answered me and solved very quickly.
  13. The forum is gradually adjusting which initiation can attest to it since many rules were adjusted and have been cleaning and preventing the forum from being filled up with spam and information that is not useful, even though I know they review the proposals and if deemed necessary, they will be applied.
  14. Bitcoin is the master currency and that sustains part of this world of cryptocurrencies since most alternate currencies try to approach its functionality to achieve mass acceptance, of course not all of them achieve it. Bitcoin is known even to those who oppose it. Hopefully at some point I will overcome all barriers and obstacles to its mass adoption.
  15. Excellent this forum is setting the standard for all those who start in the cryptocurrencies giving the opportunity to learn and win at the same time, that costs to get it elsewhere, because maybe there are other forums but already with trajectory and its rules for novices It is difficult to adapt, excellent opportunity grateful to the administration.
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