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  1. It is happening that they have been cleaning the forum and maybe some of your posts were deleted so you must replace them to receive the incentive again. The same thing happened to me and I had to compensate for the deleted posts and they started paying me again.
  2. Welcome friend the rules are simple if you are able to follow instructions which is very good to make life in this forum. A primordial one is not to copy and paste content since you will be reported, remember the content or response must have more than 100 characters, not answering off topic, there are some sections that are not paid so when you are new there you participate and then do not receive payments And that's where the complaints begin. I recommend you before publishing review but have published it before to avoid being repeated themes which causes them to delete your publication. Like any other questions we are at your service enjoy your stay in the forum.
  3. If the forum is still refining details, of course it is a suggestion to take into account especially for the rules so new users are not affected with warning points due to ignorance and makes the system more fair since you have no excuses to commit A violation of them.
  4. After you learn it is easy to use, I think this will be easier for the new generations that are being formed that do not have a closed mind and seen children manipulate phones with a skill that I know that creating a purse will not take away their sleep and much less Make a transfer.
  5. It would be very convenient since it would help the members that if they contribute to correct any error and not repeat it in the next publications.
  6. Many want to earn money overnight, which is sometimes possible with cryptocurrencies, but not all the time since the market is fluctuating and is usually manipulated and if you have knowledge you can lose your capital if you have patience.
  7. If you are waiting for a new micro-wallet that supports the payments of the faucets, as I was reading, they will allow withdrawals from the altcoin until December 10 from there the coins will no longer be able to be withdrawn, just as we wait to see that they resolve
  8. I think the problem is that they must have moved or deleted some of your posts and you must compensate to receive the payment again
  9. At the moment I tell you that Due to the shortage of fiat money and hyperinflation in Venezuela we are using digital money and generating mechanisms for its adoption with good results of course this is still a long way to go but I can tell you that it is very beneficial, I have always said that for Currency ceases to be so manipulated should be accompanied by usability in products and services and here we are checking.
  10. It is possible my friend still has to be on the lookout and hope to normalize soon, I consulted and they had told me that but I think it is more a technical problem similar to what you indicate to touch wait and only consult again. Successes my friend
  11. You must replace some posts that were deleted so that your account payment is normalized since the forum has been adjusting the rules and reviewing and moving posts to the corresponding sections.
  12. The forum has a growth according to the time it has, if there are still many scam accounts but little by little with the measures they are taking they will reduce these practices since more than quantity is needed quality of useful content for users who enter daily.
  13. SIROEM Excellent opportunity for Yobit users as always supporting with free currencies and generating marketing opportunities for new and more experienced users. 100% recommended thanks for the opportunity they provide.
  14. Welcome to all new users the new rule that begins on 11/11/2019 is that from 100 valid publications, the new users will start receiving the incentive, I imagine it will be based on the 101 publications or comments, The important thing is that so far if they pay so it is worth the effort.
  15. At the moment if the market movements are defined by whales as they are usually called since they are the ones that manage large capitals and are the ones who so far dictates the trend in the cryptocurrency market, in addition to external factors such as news either real or false that influence the upward and downward, but it all sums up that those who drive that news are usually the owners of large capitals who are the first beneficiaries.
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