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  1. It is expected to rise after the halving as blocks of miners are lessen so shortage on supplies can give high price,so better to hold it,or regret later.
  2. I can say exact days on how many,as it always depends on how much we bought it and how much profits we want to. If i am still at loss it takes days,weeks or even months.
  3. Ms.o


    Knowing if the price are in dip is hard to determine,but buying it knowing that the price are low is fine and can be profitable if you trade it well or even have patience in holding a coin.
  4. Japanese candlesticks are arguably the most popular styles of financial charts used to describe price movements. It is used by most crypto traders for any type of trading style whether it’s shorting bitcoin, day trading or using indicators like EMA or CCI.
  5. Discipline is one of the most important thing we also need to have,and gaining it can be hard,but through setting yourself and always remembering your plans and goal,it can be somehow a good way to follow and have discipline.
  6. Volume is the amount of activity sorrounding on a certain coin. If volume is high probably,many are on that coin. But if its low meaning many doesn't have interest on it,so it can be sometimes the basis in planning your trade,but you cannot depend just on volume.
  7. I don't have any worst trade as i choose very carefully which coin i will be dealing to. If ever that there are times that i bought a not so good coin i don't hold it for longer time,i just scalp it. I only deal with well known coins.
  8. Yeah,i can trade wherever i am,as trading is very convenient. You dont actually need to look at the market very often,so while doing something you can still trade and earn.
  9. ethereum is one of the most useful crypto currencies and have a good use cases,but its too early for that price,lets just wait for a bit longer. But it will surely reach that price again.
  10. It depends,when i do margin trading,i stay for 6hrs,but when i do normal trading i just spent very short time,ill just set buy and sell orders in the morning then check at night,and when i was here in cryptotalk i spend around 3hrs.
  11. Those you mention are good to buy and hold as it is very good coin and have potential increase more in the future,but as of now those coins are still expensive,so its hard to determine which is good to buy,only those who bought it when it was so cheap had good profits for sure.
  12. True,storing funds or making an exchange platform as your wallet is really risky,we should use wallet that are appropriate and cold wallets are the best one as it is not accessible online. Planning to use an exchange platform needs thorough research about its credibility
  13. Buying crypto in cheapest price platforms and sending to another platforms with high price?I dont find it useful for me,its just mall difference in price,and the transaction fees is just a better stay in one exchange and think of another strategies.
  14. Nice tips. In addition,have patience and discipline,it is the major traits we need to practice and it is the most powerful tools to be successful in trading.
  15. Can we actually compute our profits??i think it depends and case to case basis. But anyways thanks for sharing this. Ill try next time if it works.
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