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  1. I haven't read that misleading post,and thanks to you for clarifying it,as it will cause confusion to others. Many members here are new in this crypto world,and some are rushing just to complete their 30 posts daily so they just post informations that they don't really know.
  2. It depends,if the bitcoin increase and i gain good amount of profit,i will definitely sell 1/3 of it. Profit is profit,so its better to be safe and secure even small amount. But i will make sure that i will still have more to hold as after halving bitcoin price can be expected to increase more.
  3. Ms.o

    Cryptotalk Family

    Indeed! This forum is one way of uniting everyone from different part of the country,which makes us one. And this is a good thing where even we are from different places we get able to help and communicate with one another.
  4. You can actually respond on any post as many as you want,but you cannot receive any payment,so if you just want to interact or make discussion you can freely do it,sometimes sharing knowledge must be given for free,it is like helping others.
  5. There are indeed lots of same topics made,some are different in title but all have the same thought and point. And it will be hard for them to check all of it,but they are already deleted some. Just hoping thta all members will have discipline for the sake of this forum.
  6. That's how the market plays.anything can happen even in just a snap. Price can change quickly as we don't expect it due to some reasons,and yeah,trading is one of the many reasons,it always depends on how much one sell their coin or how strong they are to hold and not to sell it on cheaper price,but this past few weeks,crypto drops so much because of the global pandemic that we are all suffering which affects many industry including crypto currencies.
  7. Really??they deleted post because its not on the right section or either same with the past topic and obviously because its nonsense. C'mon don't be blind,there are lots of post who got good reputation but its totally nonsense. Just a simple question asking for help exactly one sentence then they got heart reaction??so how can you explain that thing does it mean that that post is worth of their reaction??not all post deserve a good reaction that's why many are complaining. Nonsense posts are not deleted right away,it takes a day or 2 before it get deleted and most of the time those nonsense posts also got good reaction so you cannot blame us why we reacted because thats the reality here in the forum. Reactions are not used properly!thats all.
  8. It can be a loyalty test also as they are trying to see who are really worth on this sites but it is more on technical issues. This is not the first time that it happened due to some reasons so i think this will be fixed soon.
  9. Well,if you are looking for free crypto it is good and decent way of earnings,but if you re expecting more well,it cannot be as good as you want it to be,as mining are not as profitable as trading,there are mining sites that requires you to invest first to make mining faster but we cannot be sure about it as most of them are scams,there are also mining sites that gives it free but it takes months before you can earn good but small amount.
  10. It is because yoda is still infant,before a coin gain trust and lots of investors it needs more time first to prove that it is worth investing for,but since we cannot find any informations about its use cases,it will be hard to gain trust right away. And those who got their free yoda from airdrop is also the factors that affects its price to drop so much as they sell their coin at very cheap price.
  11. This forum indeed helped many people in earning extra money,it is also the best sites that gives those who are interested about crypto to get chance and able to learn about it. This is really amazing site.
  12. It is basically because that's how they benefited from us. If they don't deleted post it doesn't mean that it is useful or deserve a good reputation,try to explore this sites read and check if all those posts who got good reputation is truly deserving. This sites benefits from all users who used this sites and based also on the no. Of posts made by every users just like other forums. So not all posts means they deserve good reactions,it must used properly and give to someone who truly deserve it. If you will notice also,before there are many who made multiple accounts,or have many friends in here so,they are the one who gave reactions to each other even their post are nonsense. And reaction given are not deleted even the post got deleted.
  13. You are right,we can read repetitive topics about payment and reputation issues here which is the real issues as many are not using it properly,i do like when sometimes they give a reaction to my posts and im thankful with that,but im not really so bothered about it wether i only have that small no. Of like reactions or got nothing. I am also here because of the payments before but this forum makes me realize that payment is just secondary,its about the knowledge we gain that we can apply when dealing with crypto world.
  14. It is because many countries had been block as well as spammers,that's why only few members now who are always online. And also due to payment issues or lessen post counts,most members lose their patience.
  15. Before there is an option to lock our own topics,but upon checking now,only delete option have. Maybe its because this forum earns through the number of posts,users,or the number of people who use this sites,so they don't allow topics to be locked as it is one way they can benefits from us.
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