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  1. Дорогие друзья, @Alon11 в общем, ожидалось, что режиссер скажет это, потому что ему не нужны проблемы с государством, потому что это плохо для склепа, или режиссер не просто понимает, что такое криптовалюты, поэтому склеп нужно изучать самостоятельно. Спасибо
  2. Best friend, @Danyel @Shakeel22 it's very important for Crypto that we express well in forums and verbally check the post you want to share verbally. Whatever the end of writing a post, we must recite and verify it linguistically from first and new to high quality spread splendor to forum posts and most importantly we publish quality posts. High we present useful, understandable and clean posts. Thank you
  3. Dear friends, @Alina42 @Rubab591 in the age of science and technology today, we are very wide in the world of internet and can make huge profits by investing in cryptocurrencies on freelancing or business platforms. This work will make you a lot of money according to your experience and knowledge in this field and if you are experienced in encryption, it can reach thousands of dollars a month. Thank you
  4. Dear friends, @Ali Ismaeel @Ammur Pagli Yobit online is a very popular and trustworthy wallet. Yobit has many good features, for example you can withdraw Fiat money, such as cryptocurrencies, such as the United States and ruins, and the support team is good enough, and he supports most coins, he uses complex and very simple, and withdrawals and deposits are also fast. People from many countries of the world are benefiting from using it. I can make little profit here. Thank you @Danyel
  5. Dear friends, @Danyel @mhd tello I think many members of the cryptocurrency have great ideas that will improve the forum, but they do not share these ideas in the form of any topic. Therefore, I suggest to all members that if you have a great idea, you should support it with information and create a subject that will benefit other members so, you will also benefit and get a good reputation. Thank you
  6. Dear friends, @Ammur Pagli @Law I think useful things in cryptocurrencies give you more fame than comments on topics. As an apprentice, you should learn to write publications. Help you improve your English language and writing style. Because it is one of the basics of writing subjects. The more useful and repetitive the issue, the more followers and comments you will gain and find fame. Thank you
  7. Dear friends, @Alon11 @Sam2017 being constantly added to the cryptocurrency. You are new to this forum so welcome, don't worry about expert members not posting topics every day, because we have so many old things to learn, so there is so much knowledge stored in this old subject, so read these things and gain knowledge, this knowledge is really starting a useful phase for you. Thank you
  8. Dear friends, @Danyel @vikky153 cryptocurrency is currently a popular platform. Members in cryptocurrencies follow each other for many reasons. Sometimes they follow you because you post interesting for them. Some members may follow you only because of your profile picture or your content history. Members usually follow someone to find new content in their posts to find new ideas for their own posts. Thank you
  9. Dear friends, @Ammur Pagli @biksikboom there are many investment projects online, but most of them are fraudulent. They promise a big percentage in a very short time, Yobit is one of the most prestigious platforms to date and its investment methodis conducive to clients. This forum is really important for getting this kind of knowledge. I think senior members here have a lot of knowledge and can guide them on forums suitable for investment. Thank you
  10. Best friend, @Shakil888 @Daniel420 thank you for the valuable post to Crypto. I totally agree with you. This is all about making an effective and meaningful post that can get a member a positive reputation. Members should not focus on their posts to earn but they should post for the purpose of adding value to the subject to learn from it. Thank you
  11. Dear friends, @Danyel @Nabeel1 in cryptocurrencies we can earn money besides gaining knowledge. I think this problem can only be solved by the cryptots gaining knowledge of the way they work properly, and here others have a responsibility to support each other by exchanging information about rules and regulations in addition to everything related to the crypto world. Thank you
  12. Dear friends, @Sardar As @Ammur Pagli in cryptocurrency I think it is great and inspiring at the same time. Here in the forum we are free to express our own ideas and thoughts for the topics posted so we don't need to copy the work of others because it is a crime the moderators here are active we should avoid making this mistake so that we cannot get our account ban. Thank you
  13. Dear friends, @Shakil888 @Jack Oliver you can earn fame for valuable posts in cryptocurrencies. I'm still rating useful posts. I have no problem with payments but I have really appreciated the members that make an interesting point for us. Why couldn't we give them fame if they worked hard and provided effort sans their posts. Thank you
  14. Dear friend, @Alon11 @Malik Abi cryptocurrency is a very popular and trustworthy platform. We think the forum is just about earning, but after joining you you will notice that cryptocurrencies are not just about earning, because here too one can learn and gain knowledge, so let's not focus and be determined so that we don't stumble and get knocked out in this forum. Thank you
  15. Dear friends, @Danyel @MAANI cryptocurrencies have been a very popular and trustworthy platform in recent times. Here you can earn money as well as gain knowledge. If it happens very badly and I can't find a good post that had an unfair reaction, I understand if we unfairly cancel this post and the post will be positive, if we see these mistakes we can fix them. Thank you
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