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  1. 1) Oxygen 2) https://cryptotalk.org/profile/29847-oxygen/ 3) Dear Sir, Some of Countries have been banned due to spams and not useful posts. I am in that list of countries. I know that my request could be surely rejected. But I am trying and requesting to review my account as I have tried my level best to post as good as I can. And I have never spam any of posts. So could you please help me out to retain back my position and could do something to give me permission as an exceptional case. 4) Admin @Oxygen Your old wp: This is not spam? 😏
  2. Yes it is true that in this high volatility world emotions are not good for a trader. A trader should have control on emotions and panic also.
  3. That is nice for crypto currency users. And also it will boost up adoption and will build a trust more on peoples to adopt crypto currencies.
  4. We can not say what is going to be happened to bitcoin in future. Many of experts have different views about bitcoin adoption. We could only hope best for this as this is an amazing technology as well as the amazing currency.
  5. Yes it could be happened. Samusng have also released new s20 model with more secure and support for other crypto currencies. So whom are involving in providing wallet facility for blockchian wallets they can also start a blockchain/Crypto project too.
  6. I don't think so that telegram is being used for child pornography. Actually telegram was highly used by crypto currencies users as well as project owners. In our country telegram have been also banned. But i could not able to find any solid reason about that banning.
  7. That is strange. There are many phishing scams like this before. 1 year ago there was a phishing scam of binance exchange, the first page of that site was totally copy of binance exchange and only a single character difference was in the address. This is concerning and needs to be very careful when browsing of a website of wallet or exchange.
  8. There are many ways to secure bitcoins. Just have some of precautions to avoid scams and theft/fraud. Use additional security layers and dont disclose passwords with any one.
  9. This is a good thing happened that a high experience is being added to crypto world. This will helps crypto world to become more mature.
  10. Yeah this is true. But someone have to be taken good steps to provide more and more good facilities. Binance have tried their best to provide good security as much as they can. And till now it is going good.
  11. I have used this exchange 3 years ago. This is good exchange but had very slower system at that time. After that i have leave this and did not used till now.
  12. Yes i have experienced this already. There are many of arbitrage channels on telegram which have fake exchanges also. They have worked nicely for some months and after some time they became scam and stole the funds of peoples.
  13. Oxygen

    Latoken exchange

    I have got many of airdrops on latoken exchange but they all became garbage. Also they have not facility to trade in some of regions.
  14. Arbitrage trading is good to do. But it needs study well and research also. I have tried some times to do arbitrage trading but i never got any benefit from that.
  15. Binance have provided a user friendly platform with greater security features. Today we all want strong security of exchanges so this is also a major feature which helps binance to build trust on its users. Fees are cheaper and now also they have minimize the withdrawal fee too.
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