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  1. Fear in trading always leads to loss because it creates the panic in our mind and we sold out coins in heavy loss. I have lost many of my hard earned dollars few years ago due to this fear and panic. It is also generated because of less knowledge of trading.
  2. Selling a needy asset for investing in bitcoins is the biggest mistake in crypto trading. We should invest only that amount which we can afford to lose or have a spare and extra income from our needs. Or we should earn free money to learn trading activities. Also emotional trades are also a big mistake in trading.
  3. That is also a flaw of this system that who knows in most cases requires a fees to give you education. Only a few experts are giving benefits based on their knowledge to others. Everyone who is most expert sells his expertise and some are scamming peoples in the context of educating them
  4. I am little bit uncertain now on my trades, but on which coin i have open the trades are the best coins to day trading or for long term holding. Like i have invested in ethereum when it was on $140 and now it is more than $200. I am thinking to hold my position for long term for ethereum now.
  5. That is a good information you shared, point number six and seven are very important to understand especially for new joiners. Learning by yourself is best strategy to overcome losses.
  6. I think finding a mistake is a big golden moment because it will boost up our strategies and expertise in trading and also make us strong.
  7. That is the reason I always use expert advice in using stop loss method, this is really a tricky factor of trading which needs strong analysis and knowledge.
  8. Long term holding instead of doing day trading is good for newbies but this is not the solution. You should hold your long term positions but could also learn about day trading along with that. When you have much knowledge you can start day trading also. I think the day trading is more than profitable than long term holding.
  9. Latoken have banned some of countries for trading. You can kept your funds their but can not trade if your country is banned. On the other hand the open and free resources are like Yobit exchange and binance exchange are the best exchanges to trade which have good platforms to invest.
  10. That is good but it can only be done when we have atleast 0.1 to 1 bitcoin with us. So that we could pay experts fee for trading signals and trading courses. I know some of trusted experts whom have premium channels on telegram but i dont have capital to invest or pay them premium channel fee.
  11. Wins and losses depends on the traders skill level. Means how much a trader have skills of trading he could even get bigger or biggest rewards in trading. also whom have less strategies or no knowledge he could only get profit with luck.
  12. That is why i like binance exchange very much. His owner is a nice man and mostly he is active among binance users on twitter. And time by time he updates the community.
  13. I think 1-2% is very less. It should be 5-6% in a trade mostly experts advice to put stop loss on 5-7% below the current prices.
  14. Most of the time when a project have good purposes and as per the road map it starts its productivity peoples got confidence on that project and it hyped so well. That is also happened with your mentioned coin.
  15. I used some of good platforms where i got ideas of trading and when bull market starts and correction starts. It is better to get experts ideas if we don't know about trading much.
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