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  1. As far as I know the moderators check every post. So I would presume that when they read such posts they either delete the post or the topic. I am sure this process is in place as many times I have posted on topics and later the topic has been deleted. The rules are stated i think in the "About Forum" section somewhere.
  2. Mainly in my opinion whales control the markets. For example, the price now might be "a drop/crash" to many who purchased at 10k or higher. But if you were a whale who paid $5 dollars or even 1k per coin years ago, then to drop the market to 4/5/6/7k means nothing but more opportunity to purchase more as your still in profit. It's a hard call but thats what I feel is going on.
  3. If you cannot remember the password to your email address, and then failed the verification process when you tried to reset your email password, then it is bad news for you. The only thing I can suggest is go into your browser settings, somewhere you will find saved passwords, if your very very lucky it might be saved there, but I doubt it as the autofill feature did not work when you tried to log in to your email. You could try to write a ticket to support on Yobit, explain the situation and provide a new email address. Also give your exact balances of coins held on account, when you last logged in, recent transactions etc and hope they can do something for you, but this is a long shot and I doubt you will be successful.
  4. First to will need to credit your $300 to your Yobit account. Then purchase whichever crypto your interested in on the USD market on Yobit. Once you have your crypto to can trade on either BTC, ETH, DOGE,YO, WAVES and RUR markets on Yobit. Also, you can start trading with any amount of cash, but $300 is a good starting point. Good luck with your trading.
  5. Log in to Yobit, click on your name and in the scroll down menu is CryptoTalk Campaign, click on this and all the information and links you need are there. You will need to enter your CryptoTalk UID to claim any rewards. Hope this helps.
  6. Ive been on Yobit for a few years, and have recently noticed in chat box that many accounts are being frozen. The reason is users having multiple accounts. I would not advise you do have multiple accounts, they can tell from the IP address. Also the recent Air drop, was designed to be applicable to single account holders only, so be advised Yobit is actively looking for multiple accounts and stopping them.
  7. Personally I think the markets will drop in the run up to Christmas. Simply because the daily traders who are not rich, need their funds to pay for all the festivities.
  8. Yes it is possible to do this on Yobit. You have to create a Yobit code. Just click on your name and you will see the option in the scroll down menu. It is free to use, but be aware it is only for use on Yobit, the code cannot be used to trasfer funds to a wallet outside of the Yobit platform.
  9. The answer is simple. No. All you need to do is login to Yobit, click on the Wallets tab at the top of the page, then select the coin wallet you want to withdraw. Then click withdraw and enter the address you want to send your crypto to. Its very straight forward and easy to do.
  10. The current BTC withdrawal fee on Yobit is 0.00120000. It does not matter how many you withdraw. For example to withdraw 2.3 BTC, you will pay 0.0012. If you have 0.002 BTC then this fee would seem high, therefore I would suggest swapping it for another coin with lower withdrawal fees such as xrp, waves, dgb, etc, for example. Hope that helps.
  11. The best way to earn $10 everyday is to trade. Place low "buy orders" and then place achievable "sell orders", there is no guarantee, but it generally works if you do this over many different coins. Of course you will need to invest cash to start with, but the return on investment will be worthwhile if you do your research.
  12. This has to be the dodgiest scam I have heard of. Selling verified accounts? They have to be either hacked accounts, or accounts set up using identity theft. Either way I would advise anybody to stay well away from this. You will lose your funds in my opinion. Be carful out there.
  13. SZXKBL Great to see Yobit doing Airdrops, keep up the good work! The price of Yo is rising nicely these days and stability has been great.
  14. It is not possible to do this on Yobit, but there is other options available. A way I use to get funds to Yobit is via coinbase, I just transfer cash to coinbase, purchase ltc or whatever, and send it on to my Yobit wallet. Yes it is a bit of an effort, but it is a solution if you are stuck. Also, I know that some credit card companies do not allow purchases of crypto, but this varies with each card provider.
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