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  1. I never invest in ICO's, they generally are high risk and I have seen a lot of people lose money with them. I have 25 million coins of one dead coin. I keep them as a reminder to myself how the value of a coin can become worthless. Having said that, there are many worthwhile projects that have gained me nice rewards. I would advise anyone to do proper research before investing in any coin.
  2. Another method scammers try, is that they send you a PM on Yobit pretending to be support, offering to withdraw your coins manually. They seem to target users on Yobit chat, who say in chat that they want to try to withdraw funds, but the wallet is in maintenance. If you get any message on Yobit PM offering you "manual withdrawal" then it is fake and a scam, report it immediately to Yobit support who will ban them from the site.
  3. I think Yobit has a similar method. If you want to list on the exchange it is cheaper to do so if you pay by purchasing Yo. Paying with BTC costs much more. It is a good idea by both exchanges as it draws investors in to the coin of the exchange.
  4. I agree. The golden rules are research, volume and charts. Investing in crypto is a minefield and easy to lose money if your not careful and "gamble" on high risk alts. I prefer stable coins with history and future direction. There is far too many useless coins out there that lose people money.
  5. Good post with interesting information. I hold ETC the longest, and started investing in BAT, ZRX and XLM this year. I generally stock up when there is a sudden large drop in market price, and they always seem to recover back in price. Fairly safe investments.
  6. I doubt it will jump 100% in price. I have watched this coin from the day it was released and it has fallen in price steadily. Yo i think is the better investment. It's the exchange coin of Yobit. Since it's release, it has gained in price and stabilised. A lot less risk than sex in my opinion.
  7. I am interested in mining, but I would only mine with my own equipment. Usually, if an offer sounds amazing with huge returns for little investment, then it generally is a scam of some sort. I hate scammers, they destroy good people by taking investors hard earned cash.
  8. Very good point. I noticed they locked my topic on "warning points" when I was mid way through replying to users comments. It stated "this topic is closed to replies" or something like that.. Seems like they dislike the subject. It was a justified topic and other users had the same concerns as me, with being given warnings with no justification.
  9. The screenshot is here somewhere above. Someone else also posted a screenshot of their warning. None of the warnings make any sense and seems to be very heavy handed. What makes it worse is I have no idea what they will decide is spamming. All I did was reply to someones question.
  10. Yes I see your point about the costs involved. The equipment costs is why I was wondering what the daily rewards are. I know it is possible to rent the rigs and mine that way, but I do not know anyone who has done this. I have not started mining yet which is why I was trying to source info on this subject.
  11. Yes you see it makes no sense at all. I got another one again for replying to someone. It was classed as "spamming" and the explanation this time was "post separately".. I don't spam ever, in fact I dislike spammers. I think this warning points system is way to harsh and lacks justified reasons or explanations.
  12. Yes you see it seems to be completely over the top this warning points thing. This is a forum for discussing crypto. Again yesterday I got another warning with no explanation as to what I did wrong. Seems to me if you talk about anything you could get a warning point. The thing is, I hate spammers and it has annoyed me that I am accused of spamming when I did no such thing. This site will lose many users if they continue to hand out warning points unnecessarily.
  13. Hi, the warning points last for life. I got another one again simply discussing this topic. It has started to completely put me off using this site. I would not mind if it was justified but I can see no reason for the points i got. I would presume that after a certain amount of points your either banned or have restrictions put in place.
  14. The screen shot i posted above is the post i made that got me a warning point.
  15. Yes I just posted the screen shot, take a look and see if you can understand why it is classed as spam?
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