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  1. Yobit exchange does this again and again and gives users a reward for posting here on the forum. It is a pity that other well-known exchanges do not do good as the Yobit exchange wishes to do so.
  2. Yes, of course, and bitcoin is now going to this and to make a rollback of $ 5,000, maybe even lower than the price. Everyone wants to buy bitcoin as much as possible at a low price, especially before the bitcoin halving, which will take place in 2020 around May.
  3. Many well-known figures have reasons to ban Bitcoin. The use of force by the state is one of the main conditions to remove bitcoin.
  4. Использую Киви кошельки в качестве оплаты за мобильную связь и интернет. Комиссия минимальная и почти 0% при пополнении своего мобильного номера. Через алиэкспресс иногда покупаю товары.
  5. I think that I’ll be there in five years in bitcoin and blockchain. It all depends on the cost of bitcoin and what are the development prospects. Why not double your capital in five years with Bitcoin.
  6. The great news is that the forum rating is growing and developing. More ICOs on the Yobit exchange and then there will be more users.
  7. Совсем скоро обновление и нахождение блока 4 декабря Эфириума. Я думаю цена будет выше 700 долларов. Pos майнинг сыграют хорошую роль в том, чтобы привлечь как можно больше инвесторов.
  8. Значит есть сегодня польза от того, что имеешь в наличии видеокарту 1060. Можно и в игру достойную поиграть.
  9. Today you can make cryptocurrencies yourself and there’s nothing like that. Many bounty companies provide an opportunity to explore the blockchain.
  10. Today it’s not easy to make a profit by investing in interest-bearing investments. I can advise you to invest on the Yobit exchange. Do not trust everywhere a lot of hype projects and you may lose money.
  11. bliznec


    Когда участвовал в аирдроа и баунти программ то зарегистрировался и перевёл с ETH кошелька токены. Дизайн классный у бирже mercatox но не остановился на данной бирже.
  12. Margin trading on the Yobit exchange would be very cool. Where there is risk there is a lot of money.
  13. Today, bitcoin is needed in order to profit from the investments made and to make purchases that you like for bitcoin.
  14. We need people who will be kind and responsive to help other people. To see Bitcoin, not as a gain, but as a good of production.
  15. To start, I want to buy equipment to mine bitcoin and mine bitcoin. Then participate in various ICOs from the Yobit exchange which one starts in 50 minutes. Only positive in the crypto world, especially before the holidays and they are close.
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