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  1. Может быть на поднятии крипто рынка, что-то изменится. Гляди токен талк пойдёт в рост. Но как нам известно, талк не привязан к биткоину.
  2. It's normal when you win 400k dollars. Of course, three dollars is of little use. Tell me, can you get such a profit from a bet of 10k dollars? If you mean small amounts, it's just for fun. Yes
  3. According to my predictions, many players win. Winning often brings profit. You can bet 30% of the total deposit. I think this is enough.
  4. Sports betting is popular, only because of this, many bet on sports events. It turns out easy money, from which you can get a good profit.
  5. This attitude towards money is not good. It seems that the player does not care if he wins or loses. It's good that not all players are like that.
  6. There are players who bet the entire 100% of the deposit in order to win. A large sum is obtained. But this is fraught with consequences, which in the end can lead to a loss if you lose. Caution in actions, that's what you need.
  7. Losing the entire deposit is not only frustrating, but the loss of the overall balance of the wallet. It's better to win, whatever it is, but it's a win.
  8. I basically make 30/100 of my deposit to bet on an event. Then, when I win, I add to my main portfolio and continue to place bets. It's comfortable.
  9. The analysis is not always correct. There is also defeat. Yes, I agree with you exactly.
  10. That's right, because bets on events on this are calculated to win. I use stakes, I win a larger percentage. Make an analysis, a forecast before the event, thereby you increase the chance of winning. I mainly use sources from sites that issue predictions for sports events.
  11. I have been betting on sports for a long time. Passion makes you bet and bet on events, because it brings profit.
  12. Sometimes I play, I make bets with my friends. It's so much easier and more fun when you're not alone. And when you win a match, there is an attacking feeling that cannot be conveyed. This is cool.
  13. There is no win-win option on bets. Either won or lost. Winning is always impressive at one event or another. This is cool.
  14. Before you start betting on an event, you need to analyze, for example, a match. You need to know this because you need to win in this way at bets.
  15. You can earn on bets. For example, I make money on bets and do it periodically.
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