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  1. An good question the best way is to post an helpful and useful comments and topics with an important information being friendly and helping other members will get you a an good reputation
  2. there is binance it's got an low fees if you have BNB in your wallet you will get an discount for 25% on every trade you make and on binance you have a lot of choices to trade and this is the best thing about it
  3. The best thing to do to not letting your emotions control you while trading is trying to train yourself on that don't panic and trust yourself and your strategy is the key to control your emotions while trading
  4. This is right and what you talked about is an really important thing in trading the best way to do it is to make a goals for every trade you make and after reaching any goal you book the profit
  5. the both ways are effective you can divide your capital and put on part in bot trading and the other part you can trade with it by yourself and then you can decide on which way you wanna work
  6. Using an verified account is way more safer than anonymously trading on some platforms if you have an verified account and you got hacked they will give you what you lost from the hack
  7. The best strategy to limit your losses is to set an order on the buying price but it depends on the market movement if you see a chance to get profit from this trade so be patient and wait
  8. I have another solution for your problem after you make an topic save this topic in a tap on your smartphone browser or laptop browser so you can check your topics every day and reply
  9. All sections are very good and very helpful but i prefer trading begginer and crypto world trading section got a lot of valuable information about trading and a lot of tips from an experienced traders
  10. As a concept it's right but predicting the price movement in the cryptocurrency market is way more complicate than that you have to read the chart otherwise you will lose a lot
  11. Me as a beginner i am learning on scalping i don't care about the profits at the moment because I'm trading with small capital so i care about the experience more than the profit
  12. It's a little bit scary that's why you should learn more about it and try to trade with an small capital so you can get over your fear and train yourself and you will do fine
  13. It's an very helpful tips and i want to add that panic and fear is the number one enemy for the trader you have to trust yourself and your plan don't fear tu lose if you have an good plan
  14. it can guarantee you a good income but being rich is an hard thing you need luck and experience you have to work very hard for it because it's not impossible but it's very hard to achieve
  15. In my opinion it's too late to enter a long term trade. as you said the market is going up but in some point it will fall again and it's not a good price to go long for long term trade
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