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  1. I really love yobit exchanger for such airdrop, all get free earning, good job guys. atzn6empt - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message! My code -atzn6empt
  2. Speculations can be made for Bitcoin price prediction and I believe that Bitcoin will go ahead of 12000$ in 2020 and there might be situation that it may cross the ATH also, so hope for the best.
  3. This actually depends on many factors including the project technology, supply of coin, total circulation, and marketcap of that coin. But if any whale try to manipulate certain coin they can pump it to any price.
  4. Absolutely yes, Bitcoin is the no 1ranked Cryptocurrency and father of all crytpo Market, Bitcoin influences all altcoins price when btc suddenly pumps or dumps. It has large influence on certain alts in long term.
  5. It's really easy for me to make an opinion, I can always choose decentralisation system as it's not controlled by any any authority. And no manipulation, and full freedom. In contrarary centralised system is not convenient for users.
  6. I can't assure u the second coin price wise but I can tell u by rankings and coinmarketcap, they etherium is the second rank crypto coin after bitcoin.and I feel both are the best investment coins right now.
  7. Actually this all depends on the demand and supply of particular asset and marketcap , also on circulation of coins in market etc . Many things are involved in this.
  8. It's really a futurestic case study because it will take lots of years from now to happen that event but we might see new technology or new solution for this issue.
  9. Yes we saw the recent matic dump , it was worst but matic team clarified that that dump was not from team it was from whales and manipulaters so I think matic is good project.
  10. I think there is no such services which can't be paid for users in bitcoin. So I think great potential in bitcoin and when it goes mainstream it will be accepted for services like grocery to gold buying. So there are many advantages of bitcoin over traditional payment methods.
  11. I think there are a lot more cities in world which accepts bitcoins. But totally bitcoin friendly nation is Japan so it's also a good choice. And other cities in world are Amsterdam in Netherlands, Vancouver in Canada, San Francisco in USA, etc are few of the cities which are bitcoin friendly and totally accepted in bitcoin.
  12. It is. Obvious that if multiple accounts are banned, on this Forum, and if u try to create multiplayer accounts from same ip address then u will surely get banned because u r working against the rules and regulations of forum, if u still have doubt u can clear from moderator.
  13. Yes yobit is quite good Exchanges and somesays it's special Exchanger not normal. But i still advice to store funds on trusted and big volume Exchanger like binance, kucoin etc. Any unfortunate situation such Exchanger can return our funds or try to compensate it.
  14. Actually i didn't had any issue till yesterday but i have not recieved last night payment which is bit concerning but still it's believe cryptotalk will surely try to take a note on Peoples problem and it will be soon resolved.
  15. Blockchain technology will.change the world and it has really bright future. Blockchain will solve many existing problems but it m really exited to see how blockchain can help in elections and i think it will really bring transparency.
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