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  1. the halving is important to the price if the price fall down it will be a big problem in the long term i don't think that will happen..
  2. who knows, but bitcoin will not care about other things in the world the trader big traders try to keep the coin alive for the future any war right now will delete a coin so thay will be important to be other coin alive for all..
  3. I really don't knwo alot. but it will be full here if they see that is good enough for them.....
  4. I see it until now the server may have alot of users or they are working in the forum alot of reason. but the submit and some stuff nees alot of times this days really the server need more updates..
  5. Yes all my miney is there i always feel more comfortable when i leave them in a platform a good one of course...
  6. Don't put money that you can't handle losing it also learn more to get more chances for good profits.
  7. Yes but yhe major problem is that not all people can invest a full coin of bitcoin so the profits will be less than what they will expect..
  8. The prices will not be stable until the countries allow then the prices will go to moon 🌙..
  9. My waller right know is Binance so i feel save because of the insure ,also great for fast trade and sending...
  10. Low coin will die a while then they will raise again that what i think... Good luck..
  11. They are the biggest coins after Bitcoin and the price of them depend most of time with bitcoin movement..
  12. Until now i didn't see something like that while i am searching on YouTube or news anyways..
  13. That is great to read how we can do that? can you kindly tell the way?
  14. I spend about 4 hours daily and i gain from those hours even a little but i still gaining so that is good until now.
  15. When they saw the money they believe but until now they say it is dangerous i don't know what is in their brain.
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