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  1. Yes I worked hard and I collected 3400 TWT and it was a hard job to do but I know that the next month the coin will be in a good price and all my work will not go away I am really trust binance and their Coins and tokens.
  2. I don't know what is that and why just the name of this application more details could be good also, how a topic with one work be in the top of topics ๐Ÿ˜‚ that is really strange.
  3. Also we should know a scammer speak with me and his face should be an American but he make a mistake and sent me a voice message and I knew that from his accent he is from China so we need to know even photos not real be careful.
  4. Thanks for giving us this information for all newbies in here. Also my friend there is alot of type of chat candles and lines and alot more and they need to search more one topic will not be enough because candles is the most important thing in charts.
  5. No making tag for Yobit in exchange section will be better also I saw this kind of idea alot here the two past days. We need to mention moderator for that not just asking us about that my friend.
  6. They need to know even without payment working here and get more high ranks with the upcoming days that will help them alot also they need to read the rules I had alot of problems when I get into here . Lost really was hard moments.
  7. I hope that they put who made the reputation because if we didn't notice that earlier it will be hard to find them in the future , I hope they make update for that soon.
  8. I always see and recommend people to read more about this field of marketing and then buy crypto collecting take long time buy some crypto is better than all the hard work you will do for them.
  9. I saw a lot of banned account that they post different stuff but useless for all section so that is bad so admins here are cleaning day by day the useless members so that is a sign to make better contents .
  10. The problem happen every two weeks once that what I saw until now especially after this big falling from Bitcoin so we need to wait until they manage the situation for the next days. What will happen for the payment after halving ?
  11. That is how they mine woooow , I thought I can mine if I bought two of lol I need alot of equipments for that if I want to make a good income here. Thanks for the post and for the good informations but Satoshi nakamoto is not the one who in the photo okay guys.
  12. I always make my content easy because I always want from members here just to use simple words in English as we know not all the members are perfect in that Language so we need to put that in mind.
  13. I saw alot minning sites that give us hash and I don't know how that is possible in sites and how they manage to give everyone hash when we just use browsers just to sing up in the site ????
  14. It will happen alot my friend you should wait when that happen again and just keep posting and make good content that will make them increase so when they fill the balance again you can get you payment in a good amount.
  15. I will not say no about this move in the forum but it need alot of work some may fake the photos bas we know so the moderator must be awake for this . That is my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰.
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