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  1. Hello my friend, I think you cannot change the email in the forum or in the Yobit platform, if you want to change your email, you must change your account in full.
  2. Hello my friend,. We are all happy to join this forum because we learn a lot of information and earn some money. But you are right that it could be that you stop paying for some good updates
  3. Hello my friend, I do not have the exact information if Australia is deleted from Cryptotalk or not. But it is not mentioned in the list of prohibited countries so be patient and wait a while
  4. Hello my friend,. Yes, we all wonder about the same topic, but I read one of the topics here that related to that and she said that there is a balloon next to each topic title, if this balloon is black, you should not hang here again, but if it is a white balloon you can comment
  5. Hello my friend,. Yes, you are right. It is a little annoying to work without pay. But be patient. I heard from one of the members that they will return to pay on Wednesday evening because the supervisors were on vacation
  6. Hello my friend You cannot sell these currencies at this size You must collect a large amount of it and then you can sell or exchange it for bitcoin
  7. Hello my friend Yes, it is possible that such an error will occur If I am exposed to this situation and currencies have accidentally arrived in my wallet I will first make sure it is in error Then I will return it to the address from which the currencies were made...
  8. Hello my friend The Blockchain wallet is very popular and can send money to coinbase for a very low fee You can deposit many electronic currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum
  9. Not to mention how long it takes to make a dollar, but I can say that it will take a long time, many days, I think maybe five to ten years can go away if you can hold it for long time. Be able to benefit
  10. Hello my friend Yes, you're right To receive your salary in cryptocurrencies or to buy anything in cryptocurrencies is a wonderful thing and is more secure than cash.
  11. Hello my friend, I advise you to keep your encrypted currencies and keep them safe, you must keep them in a decentralized and reliable portfolio
  12. Hi my friend, yes you are right if you lose your bitcoin wallet you can never recover it so you should write the codes and passwords on an external sheet and keep it
  13. SHAABAN199

    Crypto world

    Hello my friend, The world of Crypto is a wonderful world but it contains many dangers and fraudsters so you should pay close attention when working in it
  14. Hello my friend,. I do not recommend cloud mining because it is slow and because during trading it is possible to win much more than cloud mining. So you must think and choose well
  15. Hello my friend, yes I am trying to keep my Bitcoin but keep it in a special decentralized wallet because it is more secure than platforms
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