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  1. Hello my friend Yes, you are right, it could be the same response But you can write it in another form The important thing is not to copy and paste But try to discover new answers.
  2. Hello my friend Yes, you are right that the same topics should not be repeated because they are not useful Therefore it is preferred not to repeat them.
  3. Hello my friend Yes, it can happen and not pay for several hours It is only a simple problem that solves during a specific time each period occurs
  4. Hello my friend Yes, you're right I hope this is because it is illogical to have all these boring and unhelpful topics.
  5. Hello my friend Yes you are right and it can also be rented to other platforms how to increase the number of members and its traders and continue to pay us.
  6. Hello my friend Yes, this happens to me a lot When you publish a large number of posts, the site requests this to verify your identity.
  7. Hello my friend In my opinion, language is not a problem You can use an interpreter to speak the English language, but you must pay attention to spelling errors well.
  8. Hello my friend, yes, you are right, and Yobit should do this, because this is in their interest ... This is how the number of traders on their platform increases greatly thanks to this forum.
  9. Hi my friend yes it is a great feeling .. I want to challenge them and try it but I do not have long time here but exceeded 700 jobs and I will continue to do so until I reach the goal
  10. Hello my friend You can switch between bitcoin and litecoin via yobit platform Yes, litecoin fees are much lower than Bitcoin fees.
  11. My friend, this post helps the activity of this forum And it becomes a very big forum They may be able to use it in the future for many purposes.
  12. Hello my friend Yes, you can earn on the Yobit platform By trading You must have good information about trading Very patient to not lose
  13. Hello my friend Thank you very much for this post But I have a question, does this rank help? May it raise wages or money?
  14. Yes my friend, you are right If every person here publishes one topic a day, then we will find a large number of topics, so everyone can find good comments and comment on them.
  15. Hello my friend, thank you very much But the forum has become very large and contains a huge number of topics How can you always write new topics? I always try this but I find that the topic has been previously published in this forum.
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