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  1. Actually your payment will be start in 101 because the 100 posts here is for free and after you complete that each posts will be paid according to the forum.
  2. Yes that good learn and earn as you can see to this forum we are getting paid In satoshi by just learning and posting good topics in this forum I hope many forum will be made like crypto talk.
  3. I think our educational system in school is being rusty this day I think it’s better to teach the world of crypto in some of school to help the young students know how this world works.
  4. It’s easy to convert you money into lite coins if it’s hard for you do some research or watch a tutorial in YouTube good luck to you my friend.
  5. May be you need to wait for a while sometimes it takes too long before to reflect your earning in yobit good luck to you and wait.
  6. That’s impossible to replace by crypto because not all the banks in the world would like to the crypto currency and even the government don’t trust crypto.
  7. Yes you can earn $2.5 US dollar in this forum I hope that they will increase they rewards very soon good luck to all of us and have a great day.
  8. Hello it’s good to see you starting posting in This forum if you want to start earning in this forum you need to complete the 100 posts to get your payments.
  9. I started in crypto currency year 2016 it’s because of the bitcoins I keep seeing that crypto all over the internet and after awards I’m getting interested to that coin and give a try in it
  10. Maybe your topics is not useful to this forum that’s why it’s being deleted by the moderators hopping that you will create more meaningful comments.
  11. If you want to earn all you need to do is make a comment with 100 characters in it and make it useful to help the forum grow good luck.
  12. If you want to earn free bitcoins without any amount to invest CryptoTalk is the key for that in this forum you can earn as many bitcoin as you want by just posting a comment with 30 limit every day.
  13. My main purpose for joining this forum is to make money online or earn bitcoins and also learn few knowledge about the crypto currency hope to learn more.
  14. For me it’s worth it spending most of my time in this forum because I can learn and earn more in this forum good luck.
  15. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to me I don’t really agree in multiple accounts that’s your first shared knowledge because it’s really unfair to us if other member here is using multiple accounts.
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