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  1. kobi

    The reason why you lose

    It's sad to hear that he is resigning after losing all that I heard you say he lost, for me, quitting is the best option rather since he has discovered his weakness, let him regain his losses by working on improving his skills.
  2. If you read through you'll see that most people hold the opinion that trading with the view of experiencing luck could be more or less compared to gambling, what do you hold of this?
  3. This psychological part of trading controls remarkably our potential results in trading, the ability to stay on your trading pattern irrespective of your current losses.
  4. When you get into a dark room, what comes to your mind naturally is fear of the unknown because you are ignorant of the content of that room but as soon as light comes the fear goes..simply get knowledge about trading and the fear will leave you.
  5. I created a topic about luck in trading and after carefully studying others experience and views I came to a conclusion that what refer to as luck in trading is simply the result of our individual choices.
  6. Counting all the awful experiences gathered all in the past, it is wise to stand your grounds as a trader and an investor because at this moment giving up will be the real lost.
  7. True, patience is golden, with it you will access the treasures of the earth including those of cryptocurrencies.. Trading with patience prevents losses and presents countless opportunities to traders.
  8. Truth be told there is no best strategy for trading cryptocurrencies, the strategy you employ depends on the market behaviour at the very time of your activity.
  9. If someone can through the power of hard work change their bad luck to good luck then I will say luck is what we get as a result of what we put into anything by our effort.
  10. kobi

    Panic!! how real is it?

    Someone suggested to us on this thread that panic is for beginners traders, I don't know how true this claim could be, please share with us your opinion on this matter.
  11. Cool advice, I mean putting your stop loss at your entrance point could limit the possibility of you being kicked out of the market before rising, and I think to do this one must be patient enough to enter the market at the right point.
  12. kobi

    A Mistake or A lesson

    Nahna your opinion is deep, truly mistakes will also be made sometimes even more than once but the ability to turn those mistakes into lessons sorely depends on our reaction toward such occurrences.
  13. This is quite precise, discipline in trading can correctly be seen as abiding by trading principles that are mostly formulated through information and data accumulated through experience.
  14. kobi

    Born trader

    Now having this ability developed in their blood means it's a talent or a gift, there were born with these abilities making them born traders, though there is need for training to sharpen it.
  15. Your contribution is quite helpful I felt educated to read your point that says how we process the data we have makes the difference, the knowledge perceived, I can say the that we can create own own luck. I like your point that says that the way you process the information and data available to you makes the difference, from this I can boldly say a trader can create his or her own luck then.
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