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  1. Of course, the world is beginning to change and accept the idea of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies, I think that with the passage of time, Bitcoin will become a recognized currency all over the world.
  2. I do not understand why people think this way, so he does not use any market, the important thing is that the money you collect is clean, and there are no irregularities. People cannot accept the idea of digital currencies yet
  3. You cannot change the way people think, but let them say what they want, we know, what is braiding, and how we work and we do not need anyone's opinions, because you will hear a lot of nonsense every day.
  4. If you want to change your income through encryption, you will need a lot of experience in trading and investment, but the encryption will help you collect some money to start a good project.
  5. Of course, the discussion about cryptography and trading is very good, because you can gain some pretty good knowledge and make some money at the same time. I tried to get some friends to join the forum, but this will not work.
  6. I heard about these browsers before, but I could not get any tokens from them, I think this matter will help me, because I am new in the crypto world and I need to collect a large capital
  7. ETH is a very successful project. I always like to have all BTC or ETH coins, but because there are a lot of new currencies that can be invested because it is not limited to one or two currencies, you can make investments in four currencies at the same time. It only needs strong capital.
  8. I do not think that Yoda will achieve the success achieved by the YO coin, but at the same time, Yoda will not be a failed project, but it needs some time until we can prove itself and return to $ 1
  9. I think Bitcoin's dominance will never end, because normally and more powerfully, a cryptocurrency cannot eliminate Bitcoin's dominance over the crypto world.
  10. Certainly Bitcoin is rising significantly in recent times, I think it is one of the best investment projects at the time of betting and will dominate the global economy and soon.
  11. I think the number of coins currently in existence is very large, but most of them is scam cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies that their projects have failed and disappeared, and I believe that the most well-received coins among these four coins are ETH
  12. I think that people who have a business can benefit from encryption too, but for me, I am a university student, I earn a good amount through encryption and trading. It is really cool.
  13. If you have money, you should purchase a hardwear wallet. It is one of the safest wallets in the world. If you want a free station, I recommend you to use myetherwallet. I think it has a high level of safety.
  14. Sure, the decentralized system Bitcoin uses is great, I think cryptography might help people get some free money from airdrops or participate in some competitions.
  15. You can use a wallet on a computer that I think is safer than a mobile phone, and when information is kept in a safe place, you will not face any problems
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