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  1. End users should not be concerned with the programming details indeed. That is the responsibility of the technical specialists. I also don’t care how my car is engineered and maintained; that is the responsibility of the mechanics. Just as I roughly know how a car works (so I can notice it when something is wrong, and can check the fluids and tires), crypto users only need a rough idea about the underlying technology too.
  2. It depends, in my opinion. I have my passwords and seed phrases stored in keepass databases, which I keep in an online storage location. However, each database is encrypted again, with a key that I only store offline. So I have the convenience of sharing my databases among multiple devices, but the security of offline encryption.
  3. Well, it would stimulate them to get better and to increase their knowledge, so that they can make meaningful contributions to the forum discussions. Paying everyone equally doesn't motivate people to improve. In fact, it decreases the quality.
  4. I think that was a language/translation problem. I guess it was meant to be a question. As to why the site used to be slow? (seems better nowadays) It might have been a combination of robots posting, and DDoS attacks.
  5. Actually C++ is not a very complicated language to learn. What is complicated, is learning good programming techniques (e.g. trade-off between maintainability and performance). That is why good software developers are expensive; not because they know one or more languages, but because they know how you develop quality software. (I used to be a software developer)
  6. Sad to hear about that! But why did you send a screenshot of your wallet to a stranger? What did they promise you in return? Too late for you, unfortunately, but maybe others can learn not to fall for the same trick!
  7. Yes, but earning a bit should not be your reason for posting here. Learning to trade or invest should be. Yesterday, in a trade (suggested by one of the seniors here), I made more money than a full month of posting here would have given me (if I would try to maximize my number of posts, at least). So if I can make money here by reading, thinking, and setting up trades, then so can you. And that is much more productive than trying to type 30 messages each day. More satisfying too.
  8. @BiTmaX made up his message from posts already earlier in the topic, and only reordered a few words. Example: Original content: Copied content:
  9. Well, that paid off already. But I should have been less cautious. I could have set my buy triggers even a bit lower than I did; still made almost 10%.
  10. Agree ... I tried several apps, but they don't work for me. I don't like having to watch my phone during exercising anyway. What works best for me is a table on paper, with my exercise schedule, the exercises and reps, and the dates I did them last time. That, together with a stopwatch, and some dumbbells and an exercise mat, is enough for my regular workouts (every other day). No gym or expensive equipment needed.
  11. @Luckwrite is a copy and paste poster. Original: His copied message: @Luckwrite and @Nayeem01 turn out to be even double copy and paste posters: This is the original message: This is @Nayeem01 copying the message: This is @Luckwrite copying the same message: And this is @Luckwrite posting that same message again!
  12. Where's the source for this news? I know that Samsung is investing in blockchain and crypto technology, but I did not hear they would release their own coin, and certainly not that they would allow others to introduce a coin with their name. If that was true, their public relations would be all over it. So it would be great if you could provide a credible external source for this. Thanks!
  13. Good point! I think that is the difference between day traders (who need to make money every day), and swing traders (who bank on large price moves). If you want to trade in short time intervals, then it's a waste to put energy in a coin that moves sideways indeed; better to wait until the situation changes. If you trade in longer intervals, and you believe it will end in an upwards movement (but many periods of stagnation end with the price going down), then it makes sense to accumulate during the period of inaction. So all depends on your time frame, I think.
  14. I think it's a technical problem, but loyalty test would be a good idea, in my opinion. That way we would keep the members who are passionate about crypto, and would lose those who only want to earn a few satoshis every day. But no, I think it's just a technical thing 😉
  15. Many people are focused on earning only indeed. I deliberately invested in NEO, XLM, and (a bit of) XRP as well, because of the potential use cases for these coins. To a certain extent, you could say the same about ETH (where the developments of the underlying infrastructure are most interesting).
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