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  1. If the asset you invested in (crypto or otherwise) goes to zero, you will lose your money. So indeed, research before you invest, and only use money you can afford to lose. I agree with @BTC Future that investing is for the long term, and different from (day or swing) trading.
  2. Looking at my results so far, 2020 was not disappointing at all. Neither for BTC, nor for most of the Altcoins. Crypto currencies will remain very volatile for the foreseeable future, so of course there will be further lows. But if you bought in autumn 2019, and sold in August 2020, you made a huge profit. Even more if you bought in the dip earlier this year. (Of course, in other aspects, 2020 is a very bad year ... but not for crypto, in my opinion)
  3. Extreme volatility is great for speculation, but not for average consumers. For long term adoption as a currency, it would be more attractive when the price stabilises.
  4. Bitcoin needs stability and a real use case. For it to become mainstream, volatility should decrease substantially, and payments should take a few seconds at most. I think the ranking reflects the current shortcomings.
  5. I am in a technical profession, and most of my colleagues understand blockchain technology and crypto currencies. Not everyone believes the current ones are going to stay, but they understand the underlying principles. However, looking in the street, for many people blockchain and crypto currencies (and the differences between the concepts) are completely alien. The education level here is relatively high, but many people find it hard to understand abstract technical concepts. That will not be different in other countries. The key to wide adoption is making crypto payments and savings just as easy as fiat money transactions. The widespread adoption of mobile payments is a good first step, because it can help blur the lines.
  6. Why is it all about earning, every time? Are we so greedy? I hope that the changes will shift the focus from earning to learning, and having useful discussions.
  7. I just looked in the forum again, after a few weeks absence, and I saw that the old payment system was ended. I am fairly positive about this new system, after I got completely frustrated with the endless stream of crappy posts on this forum. I hope this new system will finally increase the quality of the topics and posts!
  8. Can you prove it by posting a screen shot from today (obviously with your personal details hidden)? There have been many articles warning for Stakedwallet, and the high risk of it being a Ponzi scheme (several crypto talk members, including myself, have warned as well). But sometimes it seems like people want to be naive.
  9. But if everyone holds on to their bitcoins, the coin will come to a standstill, and that is a very bad future scenario. BTC needs a valid use case for long term survival!
  10. Turns out my gut feeling was right, I am afraid. Fortunately I did not put any money in their wallet! In general: if it sounds too good to be true ....
  11. That is what I predicted already a month ago in a topic here on cryptotalk. I hope none of the members here lost (a lot of) money!
  12. Definitely Coin A, because it means I can safely go in for the long term. But in reality nobody can predict of course which coins will be most profitable in the end.
  13. That is good advice; I could see many members falling for that, without even knowing it!
  14. Agree, selling high and re-buying low is more effective, especially if you can repeat the cycle more often, and take some profit now and then (instead of reinvesting everything). The main issue (apart from the risks) is that it takes a lot more time than just holding the coins.
  15. Most of my posts are deleted, I am afraid, because they are comments in duplicate threads to let the topic starters know that I reported the topic, and warn others not to post in them ... when the topics are gone, so are my comments. I don't care ... hopefully it improves the forum.
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