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  1. Yes you are right about it we must choose those coins that come on the top of the list on the cap market in this way we can earn good profit in less time.
  2. Yes you are right about it it i have try it too but they are paying very less i think the online survey sites are waste of time you can instead work on other sites which pay a lot .
  3. I think those topic get famous that the member agree of them and made your topics and the posts more simple that the beginners can easily understand them and then your topics get more views and become famous.
  4. Sir if the cryptocurrencies are ban in your regain so you can easily transfer the cryptocurrencies into your own currency or us dollar $ the by using the online exchanges then easily withdraw them.
  5. Yes you are right about it their are lots of scam coins if you buy some of them so you will not able to sell them because the price of them fall then yo need to wait for a long time to get the price that you have buy them .
  6. Yes you are right about it their are many people how are earning good amount of earnings form the freelancing if you have some skills so you can easily join the freelancing website and earn good earnings . You can work on Fiverr this is very good site for freelancers.
  7. Yes you are right about all the points but i like the first point don't put all your eggs in one box if you want to invest so you always have to invest on multiple account if some coins fall so other rise so you can easily wait for it to rise without any problem .
  8. Bro you are not allowed to wright the Russian in the English section because other members can not understand the Russian language so please don't post in Russian here .
  9. Unknown user

    Why Panic

    Ypu are right there is no reason to panic to see the price of bitcoins market is going to down but it's a good news for invest in this crypto market .Buy some crypto currency and wait to get the profit .
  10. This is a good idea but bitcoin have high profit as compare to gold but invest on gold is a solid investment but not a possible as investment on bitcoin .
  11. For earn 1 btc on one week it is soo difficult if you want to earn 1 btc on only one week you need to invest very high amount on the crypto market may be 5 btc .
  12. In 2017 most of the crypto currencies prices goes to highest market price and it helps many peoples to make profit and do a very profitable business after 2017 the prices of bitcoin and most of the crypto currencies prices going to down position but it's not mean that leave the crypto market make more plans and thought forward and never see behind .
  13. The main goal to joining this forum is earn crypto currencies and take all the information of all the crypto currencies ,trading ,investing on the crypto world .
  14. These are good answers to do amany questions asked by begginers on this forum they need to read this post carefully before crests a topic in this forum .I suggest aĺl the new users of this forum must read this post and thanking you to write this informationful topic .
  15. You need to tell all the advantages of these crypro currencies like security blockchain technology and you need to see them your earnings on yobit exchange . When they are your earnings they will attract on these crypto currencies .
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