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  1. An offline wallet or hardware wallet is the best choice for storing your crypto and private key safely and properly. When your hardware wallet is damaged or lost you can recover it with your private key. Ledger nano X or Trezor.
  2. I think I will only have 2 personal wallets like coinbase and Ledger nano hardware wallet. Coinbase is for Fiat and crypto transactions but Nano Ledger for storing my private key and crypto remains secure in an offline wallet.
  3. Hendy1

    Trust wallet

    I use Trust wallet to store some altcoin and erc20 is really easy to use and quite lightweight. But you have to store your private key properly when your device is damaged. You can restore it via the private key. If you can add a wallet device like Trezor, it's better to keep your spare keys and coins there.
  4. Ledger nano S is one of the bitcoin hardware wallet which is quite safe and popular. Some of its main features include: Private Key security features to access coins are never exposed. The private key is protected using a chip that is locked with a PIN code. Multicurrency At present Ledger Nano S supports many cryptocurrency coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. (For other types of supported Cyptocurrency check here.) Back up and Restore When installing Ledger Nano S 24 words of recovery phrase are provided. If your Ledger Nano S is lost or you lose access to your crypto account, you can still restore your account. Simply use the 24 word recovery phrase to recover your account on another Ledger Nano S hardware
  5. Yes Ledger Nano or Trezor to store your bitcoin and altcoin in your personal wallet safely. If you don't have a hardware wallet I recommend storing your bitcoin in a coinbase or blockchain wallet, one of the most popular and safe online wallet to use.
  6. Yes they offer quite promising deals with 18% interest / month. This reminds me of fraudulent sites that offer small fees with huge benefits without risk. For now the coinbase wallet really pays interest. Maybe I didn't go there.
  7. Yes coinbase is one of the most popular wallet besides using blockchain wallet. I like to use coinbase because it's easy to use and lightweight. Has very good security. Coinbase becomes a decentralized wallet in Fiat and bitcoin transactions and altcoin brings Coinbase in trust throughout the world. So this is a good choice for you.
  8. Yes a hardware wallet is the best choice and you should keep a good backup of your phrases and PIN passwords when the hardware wallet is damaged or lost. You can recover your phrases again. Ledger nano S and X.
  9. So it's hard to find a crypto wallet that offers a profitable storage investment. Actually, when storing crypto in any wallet is the same as investing and getting profitable interest or vice versa. So it lasts long term or short term.
  10. I still have a blockchain wallet that has verified identity at this time. The most popular Blockchain wallet uses private key security and 2f. I use blockchain to store bitcoin and ethereum. And the best thing is you can follow the airdrop blockchain campaign.
  11. If I suggest the best option is Trust wallet to save altcoin and erc20 for Trust wallet transaction costs are quite low. Trust Wallet is supported directly by CEO Binance in trust and security to date.
  12. breadwallet when there is a blockchain wallet for all versions. Breadwallet is popular for iOS and they recently launched a version of Android, easy to use wallet, you can import private keys from another wallet, the phrase recovery password, but in terms of security I don't know if it's good. Maybe for now MEW, Trust, blockchain is in my choice.
  13. Hendy1

    Copay Wallet

    Copay a multi-signature wallet that gives you and your copayers competing to control the private key needed to access your bitcoin. The Copay application safely stores several, different bitcoin wallets, allowing business and privacy conscious users to keep funds carefully separated. Copay is an open source project, while the BitPay wallet application is officially supported by BitPay.
  14. You will find many of the best wallets but the best wallets I use today are Coinbase and Ledger nano S. Coinbase wallets for Fiat and cypto transactions and for nano S ledger to store my crypto remain in my personal wallet.
  15. Yes, the 3 best wallet options for storing ETH in a blockchain, MEW and Ledger nano x or Trezor one / T wallet for now, this wallet is quite popular and safe for storing bitcoin and ethereum.
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