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  1. After completing 20 posts per day, I prefer to spend my time doing my own work far from the world of coding. As for the advice that I provided, I agree with you, especially with the need to review our daily responses so that we discover our mistakes if it is in errors
  2. Yes, my friend, I agree with you that there are many fraudulent sites that deceive people by making fake offers and fictional profits. We must be careful and know these sites and the date they were created so that we do not fall prey to them.
  3. We have the right to criticize any post, but it must be constructive criticism. If there is a wrong post, we have to correct it, otherwise the creator of this post will continue by mistake, then we are in the end here for the sake of exchanging views and views
  4. I saw it, but I do not have enough information about this feature. I hope that it is a good and important feature and that everyone benefits from it and that its use does not offend others' publications
  5. It is true that you cannot use more than one account on your computer, and both accounts will not be banned. You must abide by the rules of the forum so that we are not banned
  6. For me, encryption was useful that helped raise my financial level, but we have to be careful during our work with it because of the large number of fraudsters who want to lose you
  7. I have a little left to know about these currencies and exchange, and I think that I will follow your example later in order to enter into investment and achieve my goal that I seek to achieve it is worth the effort
  8. In my opinion, the deletion takes place if the posts do not contain useful and valuable information, it is preferable that you adhere to all the forum rules and do not violate any of them, otherwise your posts will be deleted
  9. You have to be careful. Most investment sites may be fraudulent and you lose your money. Now, after completing 100 publications, you have to do 20 publications per day and get profits in addition to you must get positive evaluations
  10. In my opinion, you should not share your private keys with others because they will be able to access your wallet. As for the public keys, transactions can be shared with senders.
  11. Welcome, this forum gives you knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies. You only have to read the forum’s rules and abide by them so that you are not banned and you will get profit after completing your duties
  12. My future plan is to enter the world of cryptography from its widest doors and be a successful investor. I benefit and benefit in order to preserve the covenant for this wonderful forum and the cooperating family. Therefore, I am now seeking to develop my information about these currencies, how to deal, trade and make good decisions that are beneficial to me and my family.
  13. I did not receive these messages, and if I did, I would ask someone who was an expert in them, and they are the old members. I will be enlightened by their ideas and the advice they provide, and then I choose what is useful for me in my work
  14. So far, I have not received any warning, and I always strive to strive, promote ideas, and reap useful information so as not to make mistakes and benefit from adults who are experienced and take their advice. I wish you good luck.
  15. Perhaps it is the fear factor of making mistakes and lack of experience with cryptocurrencies, but with little generosity from adults in continuing to raise useful topics, the new ones overcome this stumbling block and have enough experience to propose what is useful for everyone.
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