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  1. I just got removed from crypto talk payment what is going on , kindly someone explain to me, this is so strange and so rewired and am really not getting the reason as to why this has happened so someone please explain to me why this has happened
  2. I think holding and writing on articles on so many sources online is really powerful and we should go with it that is why we need to build on that and put together every single power to it we need to follow strategies that are going to help us in every single power of every person we have right now and right here we need to enjoy this structure and profound source of the same
  3. Am always tagging my good friends am not so sure why they dont respond because right now there is a lot of things in which one needs to really keep on going on there is a lot of good things to which we need to value and put together that strong strategy to it we neeed to know what is happening right now and grow with it that is something we need to understand, to tag someone is to tell them of the information before anything happens
  4. Reading is always great for any member and right now its important to really great time to which we have to really to work as power to it we need to grow and put together a power to how we post, the posts we are developing must be well arranged and well organized , easy to work with and easy to build on there is a lot of work to which is to be well worked and well arranged to there is a lot of effective choices that are easier to build on
  5. I think its good you can use a card , there are so many sites and good sites that one can be able to buy the same and we need to really be sure and be well informed of every single strategy that is easy to use, the use of a card is really easy and we can be able to build on that and together everything that works well we need to keep on going and building on that
  6. I get what you have said but right now, All I can say is that its very expensive and its really tough to really be sure of what you are saying right now but the right thing would be to work as hard and avoid using ether , especially whe nusing the system and paying for the ether fee, that is expensive and I need this changed and to me this is a real power to it
  7. Anyone who bought bitcoin in around march when it was around 3500 then its important this becomes real great for anybody this is the right thing and it needs to be well build and well organized and its really important to really curate that power , the right thing is that your 100$ is good and we need to check the same you could have been given 0.0285714286 bitcoin , this would be worth around 715$ right now its really powerful
  8. I dont thin that can happen because you look at how bitcoin is stuck at 18K then you realize we will hit January right now without hitting that 100K its not possible and unless a miracle from God so to me that would never happen right now we are going to work perfectly and this is going to be powerful and this is really going to be that power that helps us
  9. I think there is no telling where it heads to, when most ERC tokens that uses ether network are trying to go to tron network and this is becoming very difficult right now we need to enjoy that system that coolade and grow with it that is powerful and its really important to really define what is the use of ether , its really tough to use it, its really tough because now we have other that are accepting the system that we have right now.
  10. I would say no because there is a system to which we have to really put together that system of tokens, the token systemm should grow but the other wrong thing about it is that this is a system that needs to be well directed and we need to grow and put together that powerful source of inclination we need to grow and put together those powerful resource of every single structure
  11. I think its the same , its really that, we need to have that unique chance , but the truth is its not really working, we have the replica of of there is always that powerful the greatest work we have to really be sure of what is good , there is a lot of similarity with the fiat currency system and its going to work out perfectly and we need to really enjoy that and grow with that, so to me its all the same , nothing has actually changed.
  12. Oh wow and I have been suffering all this years because everytime am checking on telegram there is someone adding me and this really worries me, there was this story that I did not know who really introduced me to that group I could see this people asking me to join some website that I did not approve and this was really painful to me and am not sure what really happened
  13. @somaya I totally agree with you , this is true so to me its important to work and try as hard and put together everything in the right perspective because we have to really keep everything going and developing that powerful source of our growth its important that we do realize we can build on the power of growth and that is always the right idea to work on that is really powerful
  14. It has but not as most people would think its really doing that its changing peoples lifes but am not really sure if this could be that huge, we are only trying to be really good in transaction in a world that has grown really wise and really prudent , we need to check on that so that we are able to keep growing and going that we are able to really curate that powerful strong and proper stand to it
  15. I think they here this stories and sometimes they can tell when something is going to be very huge so we need to check on that side it could be something they are saing or it could be nothing well we just have to say and see what will happen am really intimidated and really trying so hard to make sure that I do send my bitcoins to the right investment
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