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  1. It depends on so many things, we need to follow the right idea that works well for us the good idea today is to research on what you want to invest in because so many people have lost it in this world because some coins have just died off. Its risky but you have to be careful the way you invest, invest about 2% of what you earn progressively and reinvest your profit and grow it, that would be a beautiful idea my friend
  2. New comers have a very beautiful place to work in in this place and there is a lot of good that comes with this forum the best thing being to really define everything in its perfect procession the work of this forum is to teach people everything about crypto currency and the end of it works well for all of us , the good issues of the market is to really be sure of everything that works well for us.
  3. I think I have been able to balance all of them so the right thing is to make sure that when you look at every part, teh forum . I spend some time, social media, I spend some there, and also trading, though not as much on trading but in the end it has been something perfect for me in so many ways to really define what would be a good thing for us in all areas
  4. No but in our backs I would want it to be an option and also would want us to have the kind of work that would be perfect for us the right idea would be to really realize the good of the market and also prevail as much the right thing will be the adoption, there is no need for heavy investment to something that wont work at any moment the right we have to it
  5. I dont think its really important to invest heavily into crypto currency the reason being its tought to really imagine this kind of a market going down , so its important for us to keep on putting up some of the best ideas that we have to really level out. so we need to balance, what we invest in real life and what we invest in crypto currency , that is really important as we all know.
  6. Stable coins are there to help us to run when the market is unstable and so in the end it all becomes a perfect strategy for us to run into, there is a lot of good infor that comes with stable coins, they help us to exit a very volatile market, and also they also help us to avoid taking in a falling crypto currency so its that way that we have to be able to define as we can tell
  7. I really think so , this is true because when you look at the links that I was sent through my telegram that was painful to really imagine that they have even invaded my telegram, I had some of the best kind of trying to understand how to get rid of them but even emails, keep on coming. I have labled everything that is not right as spam, and this is working perfectly for me so its important for me to really define what is the right thing so we need to work as hard and be sure of it.
  8. You are really funny , the most important thing is to make sure that we are not encouraging hackers, because if they can share why would one work and why would anyone share the loot that they have worked so hard for it, the right idea would be to really guide our self into the right direction that will discourage the hackers, no one feels well when they are scammed
  9. I think that can be a good sign , which ever adoption and which ever is in control , the right idea is to really create everything in a perfect show. its important to which the coins are adopted and we need to have more of this its not a reverse gear but a perfect go ahead and in the end we are all suppose to really keep on moving and doing the right effort that works well for us .
  10. If I ever opened one , there is a chance to which I would have made a mistake and the best effort is to really be sure of everything that am doing I could have skipped thge venerability to to hackers, so its really important for me to really be sure of so many things. There is a lot of good things that come with engaging with the people. they are the once who drive the project and its important to consider them as much as possible.
  11. This is really good advice and am really appreciative especially on hot wallet I dint know about that, so if I google hot wallet this means transfers over the internet and storage and this is dangerous because of one thing, the hot wallets are really a magnet for hackers, and this is why this is really important. ALways try to back up everything even offline, even you can put it in your printed papers,everything, that sounds perfect for you
  12. I think this is pretty good of a question because I want you to see it this way, when we had bitcoin, then the crypto currency exploded, there has been alot of changes, and then we left to some cases, then there is something else going on. When the banks started, there was the currency then the checks then there were the ATM the cards and this will only have a good change when we have to really keep on going. the good things that we have to really sure of a lot of things that we have to enjoy
  13. There are not to many bitcoin atms in my areas but the truth is that when you look around ,there is a very few going on around and in time there is going to be a chance to which we can find our deposits and withdrawal with our bitcoins ATM , there was one that we were told is in the city center but am not really sure about it , hoping to really understand and get what happens on this kind. the most important in life
  14. Believe me , most people did not understand what cryptocurrency is , and what would be the year 2020 in hands, for, the year has really been different, I was hoping that there is a 1 dollar in ripple and it was heading there , then the year changed completely and this was not only a simple change, but the truth is, when that was really powerful. But the year has to end and wait for 2021
  15. There is that mentality that bitcoin is going to be huge in the near future , and so we are all said to save up some, but the truth is , we never know because if you have 1000$ worth of bitcoin an you want to have a huge kind of a investment growing, its unless it grows 100 times that it will make sence , because imagine it being at around 2 million thats when you can say you really did something
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