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  1. Do not panic because I believe talk token will increase its price again. I think one of solution is invest box. Because what we need is to hold our talk token to decrease the demand of supply or sell. It will help us to stay longer and wait for the price gets high again.
  2. Yes it is true. For us to keep our cypto secured. We must secure it with different wallet incase of anything bad happens. At least we are sure that not all of our crypto will gone. Of course just like what you have said, not just in our wallet but to all our accounts we should practice to make a strong password and not share it to anyone
  3. Maybe the reason behind of falling down the price is because of constantly selling talk token without considering its price. Selling has a lot of demand than buying. If it is still happening, talk token might fall. So let us not sell our talk token or convert it to bitcoin. Instead of selling, why not investing it to investbox with 1% of interest while waiting for a good price
  4. Since payment system has changed. I am holding talk token for a long time until its price is getting up again. I am not intro trading because I do not want to convert my fiat to crypto. I do not want to lose money. What I am doing is earning crypto here and save them when I know how to trade expertly. Maybe it will take more months before I will enter the field of trading with a big amount
  5. I try to find someone on search box but her name does not show up. Only keywords of topic or post. I usually do is ctrl+f then find her name on who's online. After that follow them so it is easy for you to find them. I do not how search box works if we are finding a member since the first try did not work
  6. @Pongs cutie yes, you are correct. We might get banned if we are sharing same ip address. So, to avoid that we need to be more aware what ip address we are using, is anyone of family members or anyone can access same wifi know about crpytotalk? But I slightly not agree about putting hard works to waste. As much as I remember, after someone get banned and they have still posts are not yet paid. They can still earn from it but if you are pointing like hard work for reputation or completing 100 posts. I somehow agree with you
  7. There is easy way to avoid deletion. Simply read the rules and regulations then apply it with yourself. Do not spam and copy paste post. Do not make a duplicated topic because your topic might be deleted by admin. Of course, make your post informative and easy to understand. Characters must be 100 and above
  8. Yes this is true. It is possible to happen and I just want to give an advice of taking that opposite comments to make yourself improve. Do not take a revenge because someone did not agree with you. We have different opinions and perspective. We can not force them to believe on what we are going to say since this is forum. A lot of topics talked about. Do not give bad reputation or debunk their topic just to revenge. Let us make this forum healthy
  9. You will know if you have already replied to a topic is when the chat icon is shaded with black. It means you are done sharing your opinions there. But if it is all white then you have not yet reply to a topic or you did not read it or you still do not want to reply. Thanks for this information because before I did not know how it works
  10. For me, my best cryptocurrency after btc is xrp or ripple. These past few days, xrp is moving up fastly compared to its price I saw before. There is also lots of wallets supported xrp and I think it is advantage for xrp to expand more and make its own name in crypto world like btc.
  11. Time management is very important especially when your schedule is hectic and lots of tasks need to do. We need to prioritize something more than here but if we know how to handle our time properly. Then we can also manage to earn extra income from here. Your topic can help us to handle our time especially on set a time for each topic. Estimate how time you will spend for every topic so you can finish it with maximum 20 posts
  12. When visiting sites offering good service and free money is a scam. There is no easy money and there is no website who are always giving convenience for everyone without earning. Yes it is true that you will know if website are going to scam you is checking reviews from other website or watching reviews in youtube
  13. I have not try to use sort but I think it is a big help for us to because it filter out the posts and we are able to know who are spamming the forum. Thanks for letting us know about this feature. I did not notice that feature because I am too focus on posting and reading topic but I always make sure to observe who always spam the topic
  14. I think to improve our english is to learn on your own. Since we get paid or earn money here we need to invest in improving our english or how we share our knowledge to everyone. Let us make an effort to give our best here and fulfill what is lacking. There is lot of development need here more than having dictionary feature
  15. you do not have to worry because it does not affect your earnings. Rating or giving a reputation is just a bonus payment. Complete or not it is ok. You earn what you work. Yes there is exceed limit but wait for awhile then try it again or set a time when you are going to give reputation then tomorrow give reputation with the same time for you to not experience again of exceed limit
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