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  1. This is also my concern for those who is duplicating topics that have been posted before. Please do not duplicate because it will make this forum looks mess because of repeating questions and content. I do understand because not all of us duplicating topic intentionally because sometimes topic is not visible in search engine or the search engine does not work properly or the keyword we search is not in the same topic
  2. All of what you have said is benefiting us already. We can earn and learn at the same time. Just to be more motivated and focus on sharing useful information for everyone because it is our job here talking and sharing about crypto currency. All of the topics are useful that can we use it to make ourselves improve in trading and investing. And also english
  3. If you are too motivated on what you are doing. There is highly chances of improving yourself in the field. You will learn a lot of things you did not expect to learn it. It is good you are enjoying what you love to do because in that way you can make yourself better and help yourself to explore more
  4. Yes. There is difference between of them. Bitcointalk founded on 2009, cryptotalk was last year. They are both legit forum that pays every post we made. They have different rules and regulations but they are same in terms of goals. We can learn what we want to learn just reading their topics. Let us make this forum better and be like bitcointalk that stays for long
  5. Some of them are frauds. They will invest you to their new coins and tokens but after that they will close the selling and their investment plans say no coins. Be careful on choosing coins when you are investing and trading. I suggest to try those popular coins now a days because it is legit
  6. Scammers will not stop especially if we are always target their victims easily. Do not fall fo easy money because there is no easy money here. If you want to earn crypto currency then stay here. Do not open any suspicious emails because it is dangerous for your digital wallet or any accounts. Thank you for reminding us
  7. Cryptotalk can help us especially those who affected the pandemic. We can make a donation or offer a help because of crypto currency. Cryptotslk helps us in earning money while we are at home. Unlike those who are doing nothing in their house, but at least even if we are in lockdown. We can find way to earn
  8. If someone gave me negative reputation i will not take that as they are hating me. Because maybe I did not satisfied them and not reaching their standard. But of course do not give negative reputation because you are trolling or you are just like tripping. Give it to the one deserve it or violates the rules not because you have opposite opinions. Let us respect each other opinions
  9. You have nice suggestions but creating new topics is very hard since we might duplicate a topic that turns to deletion. Also, it is hard to create if you are still learning like me. But i like your suggestion because we are now shortage the number of topics. We need new one and in order to have it. We must post topic but always consider of its relevant, if it is trendy and not fake news
  10. In order to earn crypto currency here in forum. You need to have a good time management between payment and learning. For you to have both you need to balance your time. But of course do not after for money, learning is one of the best tool for you to earn. So do not set aside the learning you will get here because you just want is the money
  11. Because some of countries thinking bitcoin as illegal because it doesn't support the government also maybe because of their currency does not belong to block chain. But some countries did not ban bitcoin even if they think it is illegal. Bitcoin can circulate in any country just to make sure there is a wallet that support your currency and crypto so you can exchange it with real money
  12. This is true. Thanks for warning us. Also do not invest to coins who is in stable value and the sell order is closed. You will not get your money back and the investment plan will be close too. It is just like a low-key scam that is why do not trust easily in investment plan. Learn how to invest without take the risk
  13. Sharing your knowledge about crypto is very important here in this forum. We can help each other to lift up ourselves in the world of crypto. Of course use english properly but it is ok if you are not fluent as long as they can understand you. Do not afraid to share you knowledge about certain topics because it will help you to express your ideas and opinions
  14. Not only scammers but also spammer and those who always violated the rules, and those who wants to finish their first 100 posts without giving us useful posts and high quality content. I hope admin will resolve this problem and totally clean those members who did not bother to read all the rules for them to help this forum and make this forum clean
  15. You can benefit as long as you reach the goal of this forum. The goal of this is for us to learn, gain knowledge about crypto, make this forum better than other forum about crypto, also to earn crypto currency. These goals benefited us in a good way which we can make ourselves better in terms of trading and investing plus we can provide our daily needs by using our crypto currency to make real money
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