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  1. I also love cryptotalk forum. I can learn more and more about crypto, coins, investing and trading. What I really love the most except that it will pay you from posting and making a topic is I am able to learn from others. I love self studying but when I entered here. I learn how to lend my ears to others.
  2. As what you've said. Bitcointalk is older than cryptotalk. That's the answer. While we are posting and creating topic, they also creating their own. So basically, we are having hard time to go beyond. Plus, bitcointalk have many members active since they it is an old forum already unlike cryptotalk. We dont have to compare because crypto is still a developing forum.
  3. This is what I'm thinking while I was still finishing my 100 posts. I think 100 posts is enough because in that way we can learn and read something useful here that can help us to contribute more when we are allowed to get the payment. I think 100 posts is for our review and orientation. It is ok to complete 100 posts since we dont have to invest something here like money but time and effort.
  4. I would introduce this forum for someone who knows something about coins, crypto, btc so that I didn't add member here that can be spammer and low quality member. I know they get tired of posting something useful if they didn't know something about it.
  5. I love all the features here but they're two features that I always use. Search button and edit button. Search button is for searching a topic when I am creating topic too. It helps me to avoid the duplication. Second is edit button, sometimes my posts has need to add more words and to correct grammatical error. I think it is not good to edit something but I tried my best to prevent it
  6. You need to finish 100 posts to start the payment system. After finishing then thats the time it starts. Also, connect your cypto account to your yobit account so it can access the counts of your useful posts and getting paid for it.
  7. I suggest to report it to the higher person so that they can give them a warning points and those persons who get reported will become more desciplined. In that way, we avoid them repeating topic in a little step by step. I hope we learned using search button because this forum wont put that feature for nothing
  8. Before creating a topic always remember that once you posted it and gets replies. It is not only you who affects once it deleted. Always remember others than yourself. Presenting your topic here and if they commented. It is not fault specially those newbies. Be mindful and not be selfish. Let's help each other.
  9. If you're forgetting things easily then try to put reputation points once you already commented on the topic. But I guess, forgetting topic that you are already give your opinion about it is sometimes impossible or because it depends on the person. I hope it helps you on what I suggested.
  10. Changing rules to make this forum better is very helpful. It is nice that added rules here are effective and least the spammers. I hope they do their job and start contributing here so that they can get the benefits they want. Spammers, try to invest time here. There's no easy way to earn. You need to do the right thing because this forum wont pay for spammers like you.
  11. Creating fake news are not helping at all. I wont give us benefits specially you. This forum is very strict and moderators are always active to check if there's violators. I suggest to stop giving false information because you put your account in danger and you might banned here. It is better to always follow the rules for the long stay here.
  12. Very indeed. Staying here and spending our free time here can get some information needed so that we dont have to make a topic that already posted. Being committed on what you're doing is very helpful and stop us from being greedy.
  13. It's hard to tell if it exceeds more than 1000 Satoshi because it is still new and ready to release by September 1. The best to do is to wait and hope that it is more than before or it is still ok if it remains the same. I mean if it exceeds more than. It probably shows that talk token is successful in market.
  14. Your tips is very helpful and informative. Newbies like me need this kind of tips where we can follow and be learned. For newbies, let's be careful from scammers because we are their main target. They know that we are lacking of knowledge about trading and investing
  15. I am still waiting to sent my balance to yobit account so I am able to invest in investbox. I can't wait to do like yours and be wise in crypto. I hope I can sent it now but probably i will do it next week if it is now available. I'm looking forward for your techniques.
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