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  1. working in thie forum is tough in first time but by the time i start understand everything on the forum and now after i set and organazeid and paractice with knowed the right knowledge now my time working is easier and fast
  2. the evirnement is important in your work or life the place you work on most be cleabed and organazied well with silent to focue on your work and keep everthing distraction you and set the good time for your own mood
  3. discovering the cryptotalk was the best things for me with it i could know many thing i have not tried and gained storing crypto is a good thing for everyone future may he more in future also being happy because you know about blockchain early
  4. these is the most important jobs that will dominate the jobs market in the future programming finance and managment freelancers marketing and commerce data sceince developing web and applications cyber security
  5. in crypto you can get money with diffirents ways starting with trading by buying with less and sell with high including investing in crypto projects with this forum will help you well to acheive all that taking right knowledge and income
  6. the forum has many sections with difffirent questions you can work on begginer section is best one for new mamber for my me i prefer to spent most of my time on crypto section you can find any type of information there
  7. tgank you for this information because most mambers have that problem me as well i though there is an issues with my account i hope the modiratures solve the problem as soon as possiblem however everyone rewars is safe
  8. the gooest avantages i have got in cryptotalk is i learned difinitions of crypto..i learned what is inesting and how it works. i knowed how to use crypto and doing transactions easily. i gained knowledge about blockchain and a lot of things you can learn just with cryptotalk
  9. speaking of my experience before i find it difficul to complet it but i set my time everyday by 20 dail after 6 days i complet it then i keep posting then after 9 days i seen my payment and i felt so happey then it was a hard and amazing experience as well so just be patient.
  10. at first the rating reaction is for useful posts how much it helps you understood not for somthing else speaking of my self we posts depend on expressing about an problem i always being honest correct me i am wrong
  11. most of mambers rate the post who written with simple grammer and i think that make them understood more so that we most do it and make topics undersodable as much as possible so can everyone will get the main idea of it
  12. this issues is the biggest problem for many newbies in internet i advice you to organaize your accounts information save them in book note so you can never lost them and keep it away also use 2AF in your accounts as much as possible
  13. yes the crypto was the only place i gain some litter money and everyone like to purchase with bitcoin speaking of my self i spent some of my bitcoin buying with books of trading because i want to learn trading also other stuf such clothes
  14. the cryptocurrency is fullfill market of investors and with that we cannot expect the crypto fall one day ene if it fall some coins will still strong like bitcoin as i investor i hope that never happen now or even later
  15. you can make 20 if you want and about the topics if it gets deleted of cours the posts you submit will get deleted with it so always check the topics time posted and if it is new because if it is old will get deleted either i wish i helped
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