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  1. Yes for learning what is real crypto things you need to explore all sections like trading , market place, defi , tutorial etc . Gather all knowledge from this sections. Dont stuck only at for beginners and about forum. If you have 100 completed posts then EXPLORE!!!!
  2. We should really think of that seriously because non useful content is always go to the trash . Try to give detail information in topics, dont just ask questions as many you can . This is not the right way to make more useful content on the yobit platform. In the longrun this is not gonna more profitable . Solve this issue as soon as possible .
  3. This platform means cryptotalk or yobit or both ? First of all this is not job where you do work work work and paid this is forum and we all here for spreading knowledge as well as forum pay us for useful posts . You can join trading as your job but not forum . Its my personal opinion. There is lot of work you can join as job. Good luck.
  4. This is the only forum i have got which is have lot of information as well as lot of new things like yobit connection and all about earning money all this like living in dreams . We can aware people about cryptocurrency. It makes me more thinkable. Thank you!!
  5. Very nice explanation i also collect lot of information from here . Its totally depend on interest of the person which topic he want to post or make. Here is freedom to make posts and thats very good thing.
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