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Found 9 results

  1. I just noticed that users from this forum always wants something that is new and relevant. They want to read some new topics that are not so cliche or something that is never been posted. For a beginner like me, it is a must for us to create such a good topic in order to gain reactions from the other users even though we are just a beginner.
  2. Dear,I am a new member in this I didn't know anything about this forum.i read properly all rule in this site.then I created many useful post.but why I can't get any reputation?so all friend suggested me how can I get more reputation.
  3. Dear friends, I am a new member of this forum.So I don't know many rules of this forum.Today I can't react to any post after reacting to just a few posts.So I want to know that we can react to at least a few posts every day?
  4. Hello community! This is my first post, since I was only responding, but I was encouraged to do one! In these days that I have been in the forum I realized that what had the best repercussion was answering the HOT topics, since there are many people who need answers and beautiful debates are created. So I invite you to do it to grow and make yourself known to the other members. What do you think about this? 🤔 Many successes and greetings to all!😃
  5. Please read this topic before reading first : New payment and rating system for the forum. Next: FAQ new payment and rating system. This is "unofficial" opinion and should be debated by the community. You can find the links at the end of this post. How to use? no! You and only you must decide how to deliver the qualification and reputation points. This post tries to understand the difference between giving rating and giving reputation. Let us begin: A user giving his first rating / reputation of the day. Scenarios. It doesn't matter if you give a rating value between 1 and 5, reputation is one (1). 1.- e.g.(Image 1) Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 2 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 3 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 4 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 5 => Reputation 1 / get Payment It does not rating, nothing happens. It does not give reputation, the value of the post is zero, so you get paid. 2.- e.g.(Image 2) Rating 0: Reputation 0 / get Payment Does not rating. But, yes, reputation. then, you get the payment. 3.- e.g. (Image 1) Rating 0: Reputation 1 / get Payment In summary: Rating 0 : Reputation 0 / get Payment Rating 0 : Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 2 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 3 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 4 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Rating 5 => Reputation 1 / get Payment The above means that two * conditions must be given "based on the reaction" of one (several) user (s), in order for the post to obtain a payment: Zero (0) the post did not get any reaction. A value greater than 1 up to a maximum of 5. (*) The above is really a single situation for "receiving payment," a value between 0 and 5. The opposite case is obvious, but to leave the explanation, we proceed: The user who gets -1 in his post does not receive the payment, it does not matter if it is -5, that is, the rating value is a negative range that can give a user varies between -1 and -5. Consequently reputation is -1. Rating -1 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -2 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -3 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -4 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Rating -5 => Reputation -1 / no Payment Per Post Those are the scenarios when you exercise your right with a single user, but you can do this in total only 50 times. This, which implies? Well this is obvious, but let's go into detail. Scenario 1. If you only give a value rating of one (1) to 50 users in a 24 hour period, this implies that you gave 50 points of average rating and gave 50 reputation points. (You get a double payment for your post by sending 50 votes. 10 talk)(1) Scenario 2: You vary your votes in a range that goes from 1 to 5, if you do it 50 times, you would be giving 50 reputation points, but you could give a maximum of 250 qualification points per day, at the maximum limit of giving 5 points to each user. But as this varies, you can deliver if you qualify to the maximum that there are 50 users, a value per qualification of between 50 and 250 qualification points. (1)By rating 50 users you get the bonus of 10 additional Talk per post. Scenario 3: It does not reach 50 users in votes, nothing happens. Scenario 4: Does not qualify. Nothing happens. Conjectures/doubts: From scenario 3: If you qualify for 10 users with the maximum value of 5 points, you awarded a total of 50 qualification points and 10 reputation points. You can see it under the scheme I have used: You to User A: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User B: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User 😄 Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User D: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User A: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User E: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User F: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User G:Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User H:Rating +5 => Reputation +1 You to User F: Rating +5 => Reputation +1 The relevant thing here is that you do not receive the additional payment. Don't confuse 50 rating with 50 reputation. Important, that's why I like to call it "vote" because you can exercise this right with 50 different users, or you can simply give your rating / reputation vote or like it, not strictly to 50 users. It may be that you get your 50 votes and are not necessarily 50 unique users. See the previous example, user A and user F repeated. At this point it is good to remind you of the rules of the forum and of this new rating. I do not want to mix things here of standards, I may put them in another post, they are really very important. But in order not to leave anything out, I recommend that you read the official posts of this new system and complement it with this: FAQ new payment and rating system New payment and rating system for the forum Attached: Image 1: Example 1: You to User A: Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment Image2. Example 2. Rating 0: Reputation 0 / get Payment Image3: Example 3. Rating 0: Reputation 1 / get Payment Image 4: Mix, Rating and Reputación Like. This user (You) received 2 votes: a like and a rating of +1. User A to You: Rating 1 => Reputation 1 / get Payment User B to You: Rating 0 => Reputation 1 / get Payment A user can never do these two actions at the same time in a post.
  6. To all the members out there. I'm literally out of reputation. I wonder why because I thought yo have posted only useful posts. But unfortunately I didn't turned out to get more reputation. Later I recognised that we need to follow and give ratings to others inorder to get it back. So don't hesitate to give others your valuable ratings. Hope you help me out of this. Thank you.
  7. Hi friends, I hope you are all fine. Let's discuss about bad reputation! There are two types of reputations here in the forum which are a good reputation and a bad reputation. Many members are talking about good reputations most of the time but today we will talk about a bad reputation, why you get them and how to avoid them. There are some topics which have get bad reputations because of some reasons, writers of those topics may complaining for getting bad reputations without understanding the meaning of bad reputation and why they get it in their topics. Some members they thought we hate them them and that's why we gave them bad reputations! That's not true, bad reputation will remind you that your topic has some mistakes that you will have to avoid them in your next topic to get a good reputation! This will give you bad reputation: Copy and paste other topics or comments. Writing a meaningless post. Wrong spelling to your posts in several times. Unnecessary jokes (not all members likes jokes) Short post! (E.g - Thank you. Okay. I am happy. ETC) Wrong section posts. There are many more mistakes that can give you bad reputation but those are the most mistakes which are done by many members. We have to avoid them because many bad reputations in our posts will decrease trust from other members. Here are few ways to avoid bad reputation: Write your own posts (Don't copy) Write a topic when you have something to share (Don't write a topic because other members have write a topic) Write topics for helping others to solve/ teach something. Write a topic at least with three or more sentences so that you can explain well. Write all topics in the right section. Make sure all words are correct (check your topic again before submit) By following this, you will decrease bad reputations in your topics and increase good reputations. You will be proud for your efforts when your topics will have good reputations because good things are hard to find! ________________________ . Thanks for reading!
  8. Hello friends Since the system of payment is totally changed and in the forum now you will get payment for reactions and there is no way to know who gave anyone any reputation reaction, so some people are taking advantage of it and giving negative points to the people for reasons unknown as I have seen this more than One time in this forum, so the modirators should take notice of this. The proof is attached here
  9. After the new payment and reputation system comes forward in Cryptotalk forum. Now we can monitor people post accordingly and we must give reputation according to the usefulness of the post and comments. I would like to suggest everyone in the forum to use it wisely as admins have listened to us and they have brought new feature to avoid seeing the person who gives react. And we should take reputation as the rewards for the post and give to those who really deserves it. And at last i would like to say if you use it negatively someone good content won't be counted for the useful post. So use it in proper manner.
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