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  1. I got a point of warning in my early days and that limited myself quite a bit and stopped creating my own themes. But you are right friend, I am going to start again to make my own topics which is something that I really enjoy doing and it contributes something to the forum.
  2. The coins in the Yobit invesbox change the earnings we receive, I recommend that you analyze well and choose a fairly well-known currency that gives you at least 1% profit.
  3. Thanks friend, the truth is that I knew something about this subject but I was not very clear about it. Now I clarify my doubts and it is of great help! Also if you visit the profiles of other users you can verify which ones you commented. Those that we have commented and those that we have not commented appear with a black circle.
  4. BTC is the currency with the most projection but it already has a very high value compared to other cryptocurrencies, it is good also to invest in coins (altacoin) that when BTC shoots up they will go up a lot and we can make good profits.
  5. To start in the world of cryptocurrencies you can visit the forum posts that there is quality information and it will help you a lot, you can also watch YouTube videos that there are very experienced people sharing their knowledge for free. Then if you want to continue growing you can invest in financial education!
  6. This Yobit panel has been around for a long time but hardly anyone uses it because the amount of coins you can get is very low. I prefer to use my time in something that leaves more benefits, but being free it is something that can help us, even if the benefits are minimal.
  7. Morbidity has always been something that interests people, it is unfortunate that someone takes profit from the suffering of other people, but it does not surprise me this happened throughout history and unfortunately it will continue to happen. Be careful with these types of coins that are very manipulated and can die quickly.
  8. I honestly don't know what the reason is, because there are many publications with high quality content from the old posts and they don't have the same amount of ratings. Perhaps users do not value useful content so much and only rate it at random.
  9. I totally agree with your analysis, as you say, reading can expand our knowledge in many aspects. If we take advantage of the forum and not only think about making money we can learn a lot and expand our knowledge and that is priceless.
  10. Of the Yobit investments, the invesbox seems to me the safest and most reliable. I do not recommend that they invest in mining or in the new mondeas that the yobit platforms take out, they are high risk investments and they are not worth it.
  11. In my country it has restrictions for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, I buy with my local currency from Binance, which I think is the best exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is cheap, safe and very reliable!
  12. I think it's an official Yobit group, I was together for a long time but a few weeks ago I left. I follow the Yobit cash and Yobit new channels that provide a lot of information and are very useful for those of us who have investments in Yobit.
  13. The truth is I had no idea about this forum tool, from now on I am going to start doing this and simplify the work much more.
  14. In my country cryptocurrencies in recent years are becoming known a little, obviously they are not regulated and people use them as alternatives to foreign currencies that have many restrictions in the country where I live.
  15. I seldom use equiquettes, but then I saw that people were abusing this to get ratings and they sanctioned several users. Since that day I have never used labels again, it seems to me a good alternative for people to interact more with your posts but I don't want to take the risk that they give me warning points.
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