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Found 6 results

  1. Chinese authorities have arrested all top members of the infamous PlusToken Ponzi Scheme that managed to extract a whopping amount of more than $5billion in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and EOS. PlusToken was marketed as a high yield cryptocurrency project in the Chinese and Southeast Asia markets. In total 3000 employees, marketers and influencers were involved in paid promotion and recruitment of their operations. This number explains the magnitude of the scam and how it managed to lure close to one million investors funding them. Last year six members of the middle management leaders were captured in Vanuatu, while 109 of the rest top and middle-level executives fled China. Yesterday, Chinese authorities announced that they've arrested every PlusToken member remaining at large and perhaps they put an end to the "dump" of stolen funds that cause Bitcoin to enter a new bear market in July 2019. Another Ponzi scheme operating in China until October 2019. was WOTOKEN which managed to extract $1Billion in cryptocurrencies. There are PlusToken members involved in this as well and some members (but not all high-level participants) have been arrested and waiting for trial. These two Chinese Ponzi Schemes are the latest in a series of scams and pyramid/Ponzi schemes running in the cryptocurrency world and eventually collapsing and exit-scamming after raising huge amounts of funds from unsuspected investors. The two famous Ponzi schemes that gained worldwide notoriety are Bitconnect and Onecoin with both extracting billions of dollars from their victims.
  2. I am searching for new ICO to start a small investment. But i dont know any ICO that is not a scam. Because most ICO that i encounter are scams or fake. I lost hundreds of cash because of scam ICO. Can anybody out there who knows an ICO that is not a scam and that is good for investments. Thanks guys.
  3. When thinking about cryptocurrencies we always think about large amounts of money. Many times we believe that it is an easy way of working and a good option when it comes to making our own money, knowing that this is not exactly the reality. Every benefit has a process to finally get the profits. The point is that this misconception that many have makes scammers create ideas to demonstrate to these people the ease and opportunity of profit in a matter of nothing, making them not only participate in their scam, but to invest their savings of all life or much of it. What they do is an unreal system, with pages, tokens, and platforms created, in order to convince their victims. Not all of these bogus entities get what they want but some always come out with a big hit. It seems to me too important that we take into account the crypto scams that exist for us to take into account when making investments ... I have done some research and got the most popular crypto scams in our history ... Milton Group. Mining Max. Modern Tech (Pincoin and iFan). BitClub Network. PlusToken. OneCoin. Be very careful if you come across ads on your social networks that lead you to some of these crypto scams, which show you how your money multiplies in an impressive way so that in the end you let yourself go and invest your savings. Did you know about these crypto-scams?
  4. We all want to invest in a legit company in the crypto currency world but like everything money related there are those who wish to take your money and run leaving you with nothing. Here are some red flags to help you determine if a token or ICO is not on the up and up. #1. The Team Members A real legit company will list the full names of all team members along with their background and experience. I find team members who also have LinkedIn pages with their full work history to be the most credible. Watch the photos posted. I have seen cropped, vacation and even cartoon characters. Unless a professional photo is present, I say avoid. #2. The White Paper Most white papers are used as a marketing tool. They will tell you about the service/product being offered. A rule of thumb is 2500 words minimum, it should have key product or service highlights. It is a marketing tool and should read like one. If the white paper seems unprofessional and doesn't leave the reader with a better understanding of the product or service offered as well as the benefits, it's a red flag the person didn't understand what the white papers purpose was. #3. Blockchain & Source Code Blockchains are a good thing. It's an open transparency into the dealings of a company who deals in crypto currency. The blockchain records everything that has happened since the company went live. Any alterations to a blockchain, like restarting a blockchain, these companies should be avoided. The source code within the blockchain should always be visible as this is what crypto currency is all about open transparency. If a company is hiding a source code something is not right and this token/coin should be avoided. #4. Company Public Statements A public profile and presence by a representative is vital to a companies image and public trust. Image is everything and the smallest public infraction can send even the biggest companies spiraling. How professional is the spokesperson? Does he or she always act with the companies best interest or are they combative? A company representative reflects the company, how the company works, how the company is run. Public statements become public record, and the utmost care for a spokesman must be taken into account, as their future depends on it. While this is just a short list you may have other points to add and I encourage them all! Hey if you liked this post please give me some love!
  5. Telegram is one of the top ranked social messenger of all time, but nowadays it has been used mostly by scammers to steal people bitcoin and blackmails. What do you think, is telegram still a safe place?
  6. Masbitcoin was a legally constituted Capital Investment promoter, whose headquarters are located in San Luís Potosí, Mexico, and also offered investment packages that yield returns from 5% daily and that, through recruitments in multilevel networks, People can get even more benefits, even 28% of their investment on the first day. Typical "legal" Hyip. Jorge Sánchez, is the creator of the company, despite having many red alerts and obviously being a ponzi and pyramid scheme, Masbitcoin managed to raise more than 2000 BTC at its BTC address, since part of the payments accepted them in cryptocurrencies However, they also accepted payments in Mexican pesos. Today, it is not known of Jorge Sánchez's whereabouts but it is known that he was shot in an assassination attempt on his person when he was in his car, one of his personal traders had stolen internally strong reason why Masbtc left in itchy, but that person is in jail.
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