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  1. You are right, investing is also dangerous and even when Bitcoin is in very higher prices, it had reached 42k two weeks ago and now is at 32k. This dip mean anyone bought at 42k is now 30% in loss. A very bad investment that a trader could have avoided by having a stop loss or exit strategy. I don't know if all investors have this in mind.
  2. If a topic is locked it might be because it was given the reply it required and it wasn't up to any more conversation, it was probably a question, that was answered with details. I trust the forum completely on this matter and I don't complain about locked topics.
  3. You have good knowledge of English, and you seem capable to produce useful comments and posts on your own. You should also check the rules of the forum and I think you will be fine. Welcome and good luck.
  4. The decoding part should be from the writters perspective. We must be precise and not leave a lot to confuse the reader. If we have code messages and think that others will know, probably they won't so don't by cryptic when we write posts but exact on the point of the topic.
  5. The rules and guides are written by the forum, you can find them in About Forum, there are some posts that you need to read and everything is in details there. My advice is have fun and make posts useful and avoid writing posts without having good knowledge on the subject.
  6. I thought this wasn't a problem for me. It seems that very often it happens and it is the second time I noticed the campaign payment for bitcoin to have stopped. Since it keeps giving and adding to the previous we should not bother at all. It is not a concern for me.
  7. I understood it after reaching this post. This is not about appreciating our posts but others, this is important message and helps for the forum to give a good rating if someone is being helpful and useful to all.
  8. For many it will be obvious but there will be others that will think they found arbitrage trading, but always be wary, this is a scam and anything similar can easily be a scam. Do not even test with small and try with bigger. This doesn't work either these scammers have this posibility covered, they will find and know you are testing.
  9. It is all in the rules, but most of these are of course not goign to be allowed not in this forum and not anywhere. It is only logical to avoid anything that means you are trying to cheat or steal posts from other websites, or comments from this forum and mark them as you writen them.
  10. I understand you are saying that with more followers you will gain better reputation, but be careful because too high reputation may mean that you did something wrong. It happened to me and to others I have read in the forum and I had to appeal. This appeal was accepted but we all are required to keep this knowledge.
  11. Ethereum is a coin that you could invest but you also need to know it is even more volatile from Bitcoin and acts in trading just as most altcoins. It will easily make 90% down from ATH and since it is on ATH the last days, I think there is better price to find this coin.
  12. The rest of your posts were deleted, this happens when you post something that gets deleted, or when you reply to one of these posts that get deleted too. So your overall progress will be lower if you post something that the forum doesn't need.
  13. The title was not exactly correct in use of English. Me too I often make mistakes, most are about grammar and incorrect use of English, but I have to say that in the forum I became better. I wasn't writting too much in forums or anywhere, and in Cryptotalk for the few months I am member, I made great progress. This is another of the positives you gain when being a Cryptotalk member.
  14. Judging from the results of this poster, it is accurate to say that. Many will give reactions when they read an original post that will help them understand a lot better about the forum or about cryptocurrencies, but the best posts are in other sections and not in beginners. The information in these posts are just 1% and with the rest 99% comes the best profit in this market.
  15. I only once took a look at a website that is what you call ptc and it took me just a few minutes to know that there wasn't a chance for me there to make money. If they also have malicious links that could download viruses and malware it is even worse.
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