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  1. Earn Free BitCoins / BTC by joining this cool site. Every hour, you get a chance to win $200 USD in BitCoins. Its a provably fair game. Then, if you subscribe to their email, you get an extra chance to spin - The Wheel of Fortune. Prizes include the chance to win free BTC, Reward Points, Lottery Tickets, a Rolex, among other cool prizes. There are many ways to win free BTC on this site - by playing “ Multiply BTC “, by “ Betting “ on FootBall, F1 & other sporting events, plus other ways to win free BTC. You even have a chance to win a Lambo !!!!!!! Among some other neat prizes !!!!!!!!! Why not head on over & check it out. Please use my referral link if you decide to join. It doesnt cost you anything & I get a small commission. Thank You !!!!!!! Sigh Up Link -
  2. It all depends on which coin you want to mine. If you have enough power, BTC is still profitable to mine. But there are other easier & more profitable coins to mine. Google Nice Hash & see what they offer to mine. You can rent miners from Nice Hash & its still very profitable. But you have to do your home work 1st.
  3. Is anybody doing / using this service ?¿?¿ It sounds very interesting. Im wondering how secure is it ?¿?¿ Or will my home router be hacked or will I be spied on ?¿?¿ Just a few of my questions.
  4. Try using " Grammarly " to help with your English. I made a Topic here some time ago, about Grammarly. Its a great tool & very easy to use. So much better than Google Translator or other apps offered. You can find Grammarly here -
  5. Another new gimmick only available for smart phones. What about us people who dont have smart phones, for whatever reason ??¿¿¿ Why cant we sign up via the web page & use our computer to access it ?¿¿ I dont get why everything now has to be done by smart phones. When the day comes that smart phones go " POOF ", so many of humanity will be lost. Then me & my dumb phone will be laughing !!!!!!
  6. You might want to do a search on YouTube. I think Ive seen some videos about using solar panels to mine BTC & other cryptos. Also, China just recently shut down most if not all mining operations in China. If you can believe what China says. Im mining on Genesis & on ECOS. Genesis is great but they dont have any contracts for sale at the moment. ECOS pays out but they are a hassle to deal with.
  7. Its easy to stop this crap. Give them a negative 5 rating & report them. The problem is that there are people here in the forum that think they should only give positive ratings. They give positive ratings for these types of posts, which are crap. If something is rubbish, it should be given a negative rating. Simple as that.
  8. I wrote about Brave Browser some months ago. Saying that I was trying it out. After using it for a couple of months now, I have to say it is CRAP !!!!!!!!! It is a CPU & Memory pig / hog ( see screen shots ). It locks up all the time, just drains the memory of my Mac / Apple. Firefox or Chrome isnt this bad. Even when you have activated the tracker controls so web pages dont follow you, like FakeBook or Google, they still stalk & follow you around the internet. I log into FakeBook for 10 minutes & Brave just locks up. The money you get for using Brave is peanuts. Not worth the hassle to see the ads. Many of the ads they show you are scam exchanges. I still use it every now & then because some web pages work better using Brave. But Brave isnt worth the hassle or the pennies they pay you.
  9. There are programs that forums use to find copy & paste content, also plagiarized content. The Mods here use these programs to find crappy content. that is why it is important to give negative ratings to crappy posts. Stop these people from cheating the forum.
  10. One of the problems with Telegram, is the amount of scams that exist there. Even thou people report scams on Telegram, Telegram is slow to take them down, if ever. Other than that, Telegram is a great program. I use it to trade Forex & talk with friends all over the world.
  11. I think that the majority of the people who have a negative opinion about cloud mining, dont have a clue what they are talking about. They are just repeating others opinions without any real personal experience. Then the next person comes along, sees a negative post about cloud mining & just repeats the lie. Are there scam mining companies ?¿?¿ Yes there are. But that doesnt mean all cloud mining sites are scams. Do yourself a favor & Google - Crypto Compare - and see all the legit mining sites that exist. Ive been mining with Genesis for over 4 yrs with no problem. Im now mining with ECO & its VERY profitable. Then you have Nice Hash which has a great reputation for being legit.
  12. Your welcome. Im glad that Grammarly can be a help to you. Even us native speakers screw up on our grammar. I used to teach English & I know how hard the English grammar can be to master.
  13. Im holding Cadano / ADA long term. ADA is offering many solutions to the problem of ETH transaction fees. Plus other solutions. On YouTube, there are some good videos to watch, concerning which cryptos to buy for long term investments. But, make sure that the videos you watch, give a good explanation on why they are good investments.
  14. Every day there are more & more Bitcoin ATM´s placed in public places. Like train stations, shopping malls, computer shops, call centers, etc. One of the problems with BTC ATM machines, is the price or commissions charged. Some countries also charge VAT as well. Which can really make the purchase expensive. But on the other side, sometimes ATM´s are the only way people can buy BTC or other crypto coins.
  15. @allall Your post belongs in the links or referral section, not in my Topic.
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