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  1. So PNL result for 30-10 --> 1-12 was 28,3% through trading. Holding BTC would have been more profitable by 10%. I am happy though, because I'm getting into to routine of trading. Slightly outperformed by BTC in a very Bullish market, could mean I'll be profitable when market cool down
  2. The Binance trading platform is updated last night. Binance always had a PnL analysis in the wallet screen. However since the last update, I can't find the PnL analysis screen anymore. Did anyone find it yet? or can we conclude it is gone (which would be very bad)
  3. I have tought alot of time about creating my own coin. This was many years ago back in 2015. It was something that sounded fun. But there would be no use case for this coin. I would only be able to clone an existing coin, and you have to run full nodes 24/7 etc. It sounds fun, but it is actually a lot of work, even more so these days. An exchange listing won't be easy to get after all these days
  4. Is cryptotalk still paying really 3$ a day, if you complete all required post and ratings? That's actually a great offer Cryptotalk is providing. If we work on quality posts, we will get rewarded. I had recently payment of TALK token, but I never calculated it to usd value.
  5. Satoshi Nakamoto will never appear I believe. The person or group had a goal, to bring an ecosystem to the world, where people can transfer value without a middleman. It is achieved to a large extent. Since it is said that Satoshi own a wallet with a huge amount of Bitcoin, he will never appear, because he would be too much of a high value target for kidnappers or blackmailers
  6. Thanks for the great responses people. I entered a little trade today. on 1st of November, I will post some statistics regarding the final PNL for the month. I'm behind on BTC now, because I sold out around 17.7k, but I don't mind. I had my plan and strategy. I felt it was more important to stick to the plan, as BTC was nearing All Time High. I have confidence it will go above ATH soon, but as a trader I think you need to be careful when it approaches. It can go up really fast, but also move against you like last time ATH was crossed
  7. I you want to learn trading, prepare that it will take a lot of time to learn it. I suggest you start trading only major currencies, like BTC, ETH. In general, on small altcoins, you can win more, but are also more likely to lose. When you start out, you need opportunity to learn, so you can't afford to lose alot in a trade on altcoins. I suggest you start learning about using charts on tradingview. Also learn about these indicators, what they do: Moving Average, Moving Average Exponential, MACD, Bollingerbands. I found, a combination of these indicators works really well on USD/BTC, USD/ETH pairs
  8. A little update on my trading. I changed my goals, I have now a set of three goals: the low goal, the medium goal and the high (unlikely goal). My low goal is set at the original plan: 10% / month My medium goal is set at: 5% / week My high goal is set at: 10% / week The high goal is not really a goal on its own. I'm happy to achieve the 5% / week goal. Anything higher, I will only trade when I'm really sure about the market. It also gives me some time to take a break from trading. I sold out at 17.7k, because I achieved the goal of 5% / week. I missed out on some potential gains, but I'm happy with the results. I need a break, because it took a lot of time and effort to trade 5% / week. I'll most likely continue at the start of November
  9. I think this is a real possibility. I wanted to send some BTC but the tranfer fees would be $6, that's alot of money if you're transfering anything less than $1000. With Litecoin, transfer fees were only about 7 cents. For this reason, I now use Litecoin to transfer funds. I decided to always keep some ltc from now
  10. I only need the BTC logo now, I have 3 spares left from other tokens to share
  11. Binance has currently a $15000 prize pool on Binance Leveraged tokens. You must collect 6 coin logo's. You'll receive 1 logo for every 100USDT trading volume on Binance Leveraged pairs. I'm looking for the ETH and BTC logo. If you have one these extra, I would be very thankful to take part in the prizepool I encourage people who have spare logo's to share them with users. I'll most likely have some spares left by the end of this week. I'll share them, whenever I can
  12. Yes, you are both right. I think most beginners won't see this. They think they can just have a stack of cash, having never traded before. A friend of mine is like that. He's like: ''Trading with 100 isn't worth it, even a 1000 not. When I have 5000 it is getting fun'' I try to explain him, that he can better learn to trade with a smaller stack. In the end it doesn't matter that much if you can make consistent gains
  13. I did many trades since 4-11, but I still need to update my trading log. I did a wrong trade today because I had a bit of FOMO. I'm still being positive for the upcoming weeks. As data is still bullish. I need a price of ~16400 to be back. BTC is currently so bullish. I think I would have performed better if BTC had a little bit more swing. I'm currently being outperformed by BTC at 1,22%. So I'm trying to keep up for now. Holding BTC would have the same result last 2 weeks. But atleast I'm working on my trading routine.
  14. I also advice Binance. I neglected Binance for many years, but I'm very happy now. They have a large selection of services, not only trading. Also saving, staking, liquid swap. You can sign up at Binance easily, and if you don't deposit or withdraw to bankaccount, there's no KYC
  15. Yes this is very true. I would like to add to this that trading is a profession one must dedicate time to to learn. Trading is not for everyone, but if you really have the dedication, you can learn this abilities
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