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  1. The first and only country to accept Bitcoin as an official currency is known as Liberland. However, I think many countries will accept some of the cryptocurrencies as official currency in the coming years. Because the usage area of crypto money is increasing day by day.
  2. According to the Daily Hodl report, Charles Hoskinson expressed his thoughts on who Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believed to have created Bitcoin, really is. Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and also the developer of Cardano, argued at a YouTube event that the person who best suits the characteristics of Nakamoto, a mystical personality, was Adam Black. Adam Back is the co-founder and general manager of Blockstream company working on Blockchain technology. Back is both a longtime Cypherpunks member and a referenced personality on Bitcoin Whitepiper. According to Hoskinson, Nakamoto is someone who has become a symbol of Bitcoin and is believed to be alive. He states that even if they have solid evidence that Back or anyone is Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency community would resist believing it. In May 2020, YouTuber Barely Sociable also posted a Youtube video claiming that Back is Nakamoto. This video, published by Sociable under the title "Bitcoin - Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto", was viewed 660,000 times. Adam Back, on the other hand, strongly opposes all of these allegations. 🙂
  3. The question of how many followers it takes to make money on Instagram is wondered by many. You have a chance to make money by publishing ads without realizing your number of followers. But you can earn more money from high-follower accounts because they advertise on various brands. Generally, the approximate revenues obtained by the followers; For 100 thousand followers - 400 USD For 500 thousand followers - 1.300 USD For 900 thousand followers - 2,000 USD It can be shaped. The process of earning money according to advertising revenues and the number of followers varies according to sectors. For this, it is very important to choose the field of activity correctly.
  4. Top 10 countries with job opportunities 1) Norway 2) Germany 3) Canada 4) France 5) Sweden 6) Austria 7) Switzerland 😎 Australia 9) Luxembourg 10) USA In this list, I have listed the countries most preferred by people from all over the world to work. These countries with high welfare and living standards have made their names among the most preferred countries.
  5. Gambling is as enjoyable as it is dangerous. Although there are no rules, my recommendations are as follows: 1- Set Capital: Play just for fun, don't play when you need money, namely; Get into it with so much money that you won't get depressed when you lose. 2- Know how to get up: know how much you will earn in the same way, my advice is to get up after 1 to 3. 3- Do not greed: do not be ambitious when you lose, do not persevere, I tried my luck, had fun, spent time, go to another time. Our elders said good about this; the more you lose, the more you get ambitious, the more you get, the more you lose. 4- Be careful when choosing the game to play: Why you are playing, whether to spend time, hit the voli, for fun, all of it 🙂 You must know the game you are going to play. Betting is a gamble, games of chance, betting with your friend. The house has a share in every game, after all, the man does not gamble for the sake of his father. Calculate the share of the house, if your chances of winning are below 95% every time you play, then run away from that game, they are taking you standing. For example, this ratio is 36/37 for roulette.
  6. While market conditions and electricity costs significantly reduced Bitcoin mining profitability, large and small-scale cryptocurrency miners turned to renewable energy to reduce operating mining costs. It was determined that the use of solar energy in the cryptocurrency sector is more cost effective than standard electricity. It is stated that miners use solar energy to run their operations and they prefer to install solar panels to run their mining equipment during the day. Solar power reduces the costs of generating Bitcoin by around 75% without grid transfer costs and taxes.
  7. The CryptoTalk campaign payment system specified in this topic, published on June 23, 2020, has been changed. Therefore, read the posts that share more up-to-date information on this topic. The payment system has been changed, please visit the topics with new information.
  8. The news of the Coinmarketcap site is in question. @Abdulrahman3 I am sharing the link where he published the Binance official announcement for you. I guess you commented without reading the above answers.
  9. You are very right, brother. It is a very difficult task to design crypto money without having sufficient knowledge and experience in this regard. Also, the necessary hardware will be costly. Moreover, designing and producing crypto money is not a job that can be done alone. These works are definitely done as a team. Finally, let's say you have designed your own cryptocurrency. It is not that simple to list this crypto money on exchanges. Because there is more intense competition in the market compared to previous years, you need to have sufficient capital.
  10. Frankly, I have repeatedly stated my views and opinions on many topics in the CryptoTalk forum regarding this issue. For this forum, which you mean by spamming, of course, there will be some solutions. What I put the most and care about in this regard is that loyal members of the CryptoTalk forum must report immediately for every spam post. In addition, it will be useful to give negative points for every spam post you report.
  11. Hello CryptoTalk family members, I wanted to share with you a situation I have been experiencing for the last 1 week. You know, CryptoTalk forum earnings are paid in Talk tokens and Bitcoin (BTC). Until today, I have been transferring both earning amounts to my Yobit exchange account without any problem. However, although I have transferred my Talk token earnings to my Yobit exchange account for the last 1 week without any problem, I cannot transfer my Bitcoin earnings. Clicking the "Send to my BTC balance" button, which I marked with a red arrow in the picture, does not take place. I cannot transfer the amount I earned on the CryptoTalk Campaign BTC page to my Yobit balance. I click the "Send to my BTC balance" button, but the transaction is not processed. What is the reason of this? I requested help on this issue from Yobit support service on 17.01.2021. However, I haven't received any response yet. Also, I investigated whether there is a change in the payment system on the CryptoTalk forum. I could not see any admin comments. I even tried it with Firefox web browser as well as Chrome. But I just couldn't figure it out. Are there any members who experience the same situation?
  12. I haven't waited that long before, with the exception of the first 100 useful posts. As you said, I have never waited 15 days until now. I was able to instantly withdraw the transferred BTC earnings to my Yobit account. @Joseph J
  13. Yes, in the same way, I cannot transfer the BTC payments I earned on the CryptoTalk forum to my account on the Yobit exchange. In fact, I was thinking of creating a topic in the forum about this. So I'm not the only one who has this problem. I hope the managers will explain about any changes regarding BTC payments.
  14. Friends, please pay attention to the date this thread was published. Because the shared website is no longer live. Hence, you cannot get a valid ETH earnings. Commenters please be more sensitive about this and do not comment without checking the validity. Also, the said Telegram account no longer exists. You will no longer be able to access the topic website and Telegram account!
  15. The Ripple case will begin on February 22, 2021, and from that day on, there are chances of bad developments for XRP. It seems that Ripple has started working on alternative projects as of today. Ripple's CTO, who started working on new projects after the US banking institution OCC approved the use of stablecoin and Blockchain technologies, recently published an article about the development of stablecoins in the XRP Ledger network. After this article, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse made a similar statement. These statements may indicate that Ripple is running a new stablecoin run. In addition, Garlinghouse emphasized that many central banks doing digital money studies may prefer the XRP Ledger network. Still, it is thought that Ripple could surprise people by issuing its own stablecoin. In addition to the current SEC case, the gains or losses investors will make from XRP will depend somewhat on how Ripple will follow. A stablecoin that Ripple will issue indexed to the US dollar can make a big difference in the positive direction. Ripple basically aims to make cross-border transfers both cheaper and faster than conventional systems. This is why products like xRapid and ODL were developed. Ripple's stablecoin might be perfect for these products. If major banks and economic institutions around the world choose Ripple's stablecoin, Ripple can gain a large amount of profits from these activities. Considering the approval of Stablecoins and Ripple's cross-border payment technology, much could change in the market for Ripple.
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