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  1. @DristynnCertainly my friend ... always when we think that it is over, many solutions appear to us, I think there is still room to promote them
  2. @SykkunoI think your information is good my friend ... don't be afraid, your posts have a great resonance in the forum ... I don't think it will be deleted
  3. @Rhamatu2000There are members that you need to motivate my friend ... It is only about effort and work ... and your right is not lost here
  4. @veer99Certainly my friend ... I think it is a good opportunity ... but personally I am especially afraid of cryptocurrencies ... because they are volatile as everyone knows ... and this makes them suspicious.
  5. @Hina123The problem is not finding useful publications ... Rather, the problem is editing new ideas and topics .... I think that it takes some intelligence, no more.
  6. @bagofincomeI think that every person has his own way of profit, my friend ... the method must be exhausted in order to find it ... it is not easy ... and no person can enter into a direct plan and profit without experience ...
  7. @Miss WandaI think it's a positive thing for cryptocurrencies .... it's great especially for gamers ... and for cryptocurrencies in general.
  8. @STALYNI have no idea my friend ... but I think that the forum is not the only platform for searching ... I search elsewhere .... I have not entered this bet once in this bet so I do not know its details ...
  9. @Abdul1168782It is certainly true that there is a solution ... It is only about time, my friend ... We have to be patient and work ... and everything will be fine
  10. @Jibon10I think if you bought a cloud mining machine, it would be better and better .... If you have money, it is in the range of $ 2,000 ... or collect the money and buy it directly
  11. @Danial0999I think that focusing on one area is good .... but always let your mind be open to everything ... because one day you will search for what you were ignoring today ..
  12. @LocyIn fact, I also do not know about it ... I never commented by posting a comment for me .... But it is certain that the officials put it down. Just search in the forum you will find it ...
  13. @AnzaattaIt is true ... Whoever relies on the forum as a source of income only will lose and never succeed ... Let's look at it from another angle ... as information
  14. @Abdulrahman3It is true, and there are other platforms that circumvent the commission ... in order to indirectly steal their customers ..
  15. @BoluboboCurrently, this is unlikely ... because Bitcoin has not become an international currency with the meaning of the word yet.
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