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  1. This is a great tutorial that should be basically passed to any investor in the market, in order to begin taking rational decisions. Back in 2017 investors were actually funding all ICO's even if they were obvious frauds, but they were making money as 10% of them would actually see it's price going up more than 10x after it was listed. In 2018 almost all ICO's failed and basically no new investment funds were entering the space. I think that in order to have a clear picture about the team and their plans there is need for many months to pass as most do not even have a product ready and they are under development. They treat the market as some short of fundraising process, and just give promises of developing a product that will provide a solution to a problem.
  2. If I find an opportunity I will bring it to the forum as well. But I don't like providing advice to buy an altcoin as the way I see them, they all can go down a lot more. They stick to these prices because they are irrationally pegged to bitcoin price and their tendency is to go to zero. We don't even have sufficient data to valuate any of them. They just pump 200-300% out of nowhere and then move back to lower lows. It is obvious that whales were pumping all of them recently, and there are still some that they haven't as was Maker today. These have nothing to do with healthy rise of price and re-newed interest. Most likely all alts that pumped recently will visit new lows once again.
  3. The owner of the wallet sent 40 Bitcoins. Ther rest 10 is the change. Bitcoin works like that. More info here:
  4. I think because it is a useless indicator probably. If you click on it it unlocks. I wouldn't trust it though, it seems too experimental.
  5. XRP has certainly underperformed and too many lost faith in it. It seems that sell pressure by Ripple and the McCaleb coins that are sold each month are enough to cause concern that perhaps the coin is still overvalued.
  6. Every time this happens it is obviously a scam. It is a silly scam as it is obvious that there is no need to sent any funds since they are already there. Still many beginners fall for it, because of inexperience to recognize these situations. Hopefully no-one sents them anything. I don't follow at all airdrop pages that promoted in the past similar scams as cryptokiemtien and Airdrop Guru. Waste of time in my opinion.
  7. Just owning around 110 Bitcoins makes you a millionaire with prices close to 10K. Does your list has their holdings as well, it would be interesting to see how much each one of them has. I would especially want to know how much Novo owns right now. I remember him being really tense last time prices were low.
  8. Samsung seems to make some moves ahead of their competition on mobile devices. Certainly I am glad to hear news as this, but I remember last year we had something similar with Enjin celebrating for some sort of partnership that we still haven't found what was about. Anyway talks do not matter, it is action that brings value. We've heard a lot in the past about major partnerships of many projects with big corporations and nothing substancial. The crypto world takes a rumour and multiplies it's magnitude by at a least a hundred times what it is worth.
  9. It seems that Probit provides around 30-40 million as daily volume. While they can be faking this as well and have a real volume of just a few thousand dollars, at least they don't give volumes of billions of dollars. Still it shouldn't be ranked this high. Bittrex should have been ranked A instead of probit.
  10. Localbitcoins or paxful will help you with this. There are many people trading Bitcoin to paypal and any way you want to transfer money. By the way I don't know any exchange accepting paypal right now. I think that hitbtc was accepting but removed it, not sure though as I haven't used them in years.
  11. There are a few cloud mining services that run for many years, but you can never know if they will suddenly turn and run with all the investors money. They might have good intentions but the moment they see they can't profit they will eventually shut down and probably won't refund any investments.
  12. Perhaps you are right. There were millions of profits for Bitmex (and perhaps other platforms as well) with all the liquidations that followed. This is a big concern and someday Bitmex will have to answer for all their practices.
  13. I don't think that you can mine Ripple, but Doge and Monero are mineable. There are some lists that provide which coin is better to mine on every hour that passes according to the rewards given and the price of the token. You will find there many uknown coins that are being traded in exchanges and probably the only one you will know of is feathercoin.
  14. If a decrease will happen it will be temporary. Personally I was expecting Bitcoin to go down after the halving but it was merely did a 10% dip and recovered. So now I think that even during this summer we will have an opportunity for new highs. Probably not an ATH but reaching to last year highs again would be nice.
  15. I know a guy that has a solar pannel farm, but he has contract with the national energy company and he can't use even the excess energy for other reasons. The investment in solar energy is subsidized in the EU and there are certain conditions that can't be broken. Ηe might lose a lot of money if he switches to personal use.
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