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  1. I don't know anyone registering on a forum and jumping in a random discussion asking what is <insert forum name>. In my opinion he deserved a negative reaction which won't matter at all as still this member will have to complete 100 posts first and show if he follows rules and behaves as a quality forum member or just do what he pleases and does not care for anything besides getting money with the lowest effort possible.
  2. Actually beginners can learn from this section if it is used at it is supposed to. They can look the forum and post questions that haven't been asked and more experienced members can post general information, but the subjects should always be crypto-related. Anything else is just diversions and many times posts do not contain anything useful.
  3. The beginners section should actually contain more important facts on cryptocurrencies, still it is mostly talk about things that do not need any discussion. It is a welcoming section for beginners that can ask questions and members can post things that can help on educating on an entry level. I expect more crypto subjects that concern beginners here. So I have to request anyone posting to try and make subjects related to crypto on an entry level instead of posting whatever comes to mind. From the rules pinned on top of the section: This section is not about anything else as this forum isn't either. It is a cryptocurrency forum and I hope that everyone understands it. If you don't want to participate in crypto discussions and learn you can't possibly be posting in a crypto forum.
  4. Reading helps but if you guys are just reading the beginners posts only you won't learn anything useful, besides how to chat in a crypto forum without learning what you should be. Since you enjoy learning you should read the Bitcoin Whitepaper (link) and also watch these videos by Andreas Antonopoulos (link 1, link 2). I've said the same to many new people on Cryptotalk and I hope that just one already did that. If you didn't then I guess that you will be just passing by and leaving after a while as the rest did without having understood a thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  5. Some crypto projects are getting ready for IPO and listing in US stock exchanges. I'm sure that many will be successful and this might create the actual crypto craze, as institutional investors are limited only with the Grayscale Trust for exposure in cryptocurrencies, and this just from one OTC exchange and with major limitations. Whatever model they choose it will probably be a huge boost to the price of their coins. I'm sure we will see some coins with an IPO in 2021.
  6. The problem with Bitcoin is that too many are left waiting for the dip and instead they miss the train. Usually this happens at stages a few months after the halvening and perhaps this is something similar, although because Bitcoin is now not used too much for purchases interest is not very high.
  7. LOL. It seems that their main miner continued right after the 3000 blocks without validating them. They just accepted them as the longest chain and continued as nothing happened. Perhaps they didn't care to spend hours to validate these blocks wasting electricity. From what I've read they are trying to find what happened, but perhaps it will take days.
  8. Hacking Season perhaps. It seems the damage they suffered was at a cost of $1,4 million which was 1/4th of the companies funds in total! The company also announced that they will cover the loss from their own funds, which if it happens it will be honorable of them, although it seems that they will give their users initially some short of Token (2GT), which is a native token on their platform, until they gather the funds required. This coin (2GT) is a native token and is not actually traded anywhere, so I'd be really concerned if I was an investor on this platform.
  9. Seriously they did. And if someone was found to be a decent member that wasn't spamming the forum, the admins gave him a second chance. Many members that were honest and weren't cheating and abusing the forum came back. Still the spammers, bots and multiaccounts were the ones that got what they deserved. They didn't profit and lost their time trying.
  10. It doesn't make angry but certainly it won't look good. Basically a duplicate post may be unintentionally created but still it is something noone wants. There are meaningless posts from the past though which are still active, most of them created by bitcointalk members that are used to spamming on that forum. I'm sure that when enough quality posts appear these will be removed.
  11. It is a simple and stupid scam but many fall for it as they've already heard of past giveaways and airdrops that gave something back. It looks to stupid and perhaps people think it is real for this reason. They also have a live explorer showing fake transactions, meaning that they pay, and sometimes they add live chat with fake accounts saying stuff like: "Thank you Ellon! OMG I now have 5000 XRP because of you!" and other similar fake comments.
  12. LOL. This is indeed the most ridiculous trap ever. First time I recieved a similar e-mail I was sure itwas a trap, but I kept reading it trying to find out what logic these guys have. To withdraw your Bitcoin you need to deposit more Bitcoin! wth indeed, why can't I just withdraw the ones given already?
  13. Indeed it will. I'm not expecting everyone that reads an article to jump into Cryptotalk. In fact I had to read about the forum many times before I decided to register. Marketing creates awareness, but if it is about something that deserves it then certainly people will talk about it to others and it will create better traffic. Since we are here and enjoy our time we can do what we can to promote it.
  14. Don't try to catch a falling knife and especially not with altcoins. Nano is not a terrible cryptocurrency, it has speed and a good network, still many heavy bags can dump any time they need a new house and poor traders will be paying them.
  15. Perhaps if crypto becomes useless and boring we will all quit. For the moment it doesn't look something like that will happen though. There is many opportunities and while we are here we should keep looking for them. From what I notice right now everyone eyes is on cryptocurrencies. People are buying, although for speculative reasons and not for their usecase.
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