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  1. There is a high posibility that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will soon split once again after a new hard-fork that is expected to happen on November 15th. On one side is the Bitcoin ABC full node owned by Bitcoin Cash developer Amaury Séchet along with a few more developers, web-pages, and staff. On the other side is the BCHN full node, with Roger Ver, miners like Bitmain's Antpool (Jihan Wu) and Binance pool, various developers, wallets, and services running on Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin ABC gained a lot after the 2018 hash wars versus Craig Wright's Bitcoin SV as Amaury was together with the side of Ver. Bitcoin Cash won the hash wars and became the longest chain. Bitcoin SV was eventually the split chain having a lesser hash rate. There have been various problems in the Bitcoin Cash community recently. In July, Amaury Séchet announced a DAA (Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment) called Grasberg which was met with controversy from other Bitcoin Cash developers. After that ViaBTC (mining pool) announcing a fork of their own for Bitcoin Cash. (source) And lately a decision by Amaury Séchet to upgrade Bitcoin Cash software with an IFP (infrastructure funding proposal) giving his node (Bitcoin ABC) a mining tax of 8% of the total fees the network generates for infrastructure purposes. This of course outraged the rest interested parties and since Amaury won't back down Bitcoin Cash is headed to a fork that will eventually split the chain and create two different versions of the coin. So on November 15, we will most probably have another Bitcoin Cash fork, this time the chain splits into BCHN and BCHABC. There is much information on this subject and I tried to bring only the crucial parts. In case someone wants to read more I've picked some very interesting and articles: Also this article written by Roger Ver contains his position against Amaury's IFP:
  2. Aave which was founded by Stani Kulechov in 2017 ( founded as EthLEND before rebranding to Aave), is part of the booming DeFi ecosystem, currently having $1,47Billion TVL (Total Value Locked) in staked assets, overtaking MakerDAO. The DeFi market is rising due to yield farming, a process in which holders stake their coins in various lending platforms, and in turn, they receive revenues in the form of APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Most DeFi products provide benefits for borrowing and staking tokens and besides the interest lenders and borrowers are also earning in the form of COMP tokens. Aave is different as it offers features like flash and uncollateralized loans and is using the LEND token to reduce fees and participate in the governance of the token. Price of $LEND is rising at parabolic levels currently along with the rest DeFi products and is up another 23% today. This is unexpected news as the financial authorities in the UK had been strict in their approach towards cryptocurrencies all this time and the FCA in the past had issued a proposal to ban financial instruments linked to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. (source). Stani Kulechov expressed the Aave plans for expansion by seeking additional licenses in the European Union and other nations, seeking broad adoption.
  3. As a beginner in cryptocurrencies, I also wanted to learn what HODL means and what are the origins of this phrase. I remember people crying HODL back in 2017 for months until eventually the price of Bitcoin reached $20,000 (and probably most hodlers sold). Back in 2013 Bitcoin was in another bubble. Price at the beginning of the year was around $10-20 and managed to do two parabolic runs, one up to $250, which crashed back to $60 in a few weeks, and Bitcoin instantly began its next parabolic rise that eventually reached $1200 at the beginning of 2014. BTC price in 2013 - From $15 to $1160 (Bitstamp exchange) Somewhere between November 2013 with the price of Bitcoin at ~$200 a bitcointalk member with nickname GameKyuubi posted a new thread with the title "I AM HODLING" that created the epic phrase HODL. HODL was a typo as GameKyuubi was drunk at the time of writing that post and he also explained the reasons behind HODLING. You can read this legendary post on this link. Hodl, basically means that we invest in Bitcoin instead of trading it. We Hodl, sit back and relax while occasionally watching the price rising. Basically, this is proper investing and it meant that there were people that thought of Bitcoin as an actual asset while too many were just looking for quick profits out of it. HODL does not mean "hold on for dear life" as some people claim. This was just a later explanation by some Bitcoiner but is incorrect. Best person to explain HODL is captain Picard with this meme: Enjoy Bitcoin and HODL.
  4. Binance CEO "CZ" (Changpeng Zhao) tweeted a couple of days ago that the Binance exchange is experiencing high traffic never seen since 2017. This can be an extremely bullish indicator as it means that interest for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is very high currently. CZ tweet: Looking at Alexa statistics on Internet traffic this statement by CZ is confirmed and Binance traffic seems to be rising. This can be considered another bullish case and a good sign for the future. Interest in Bitcoin is above 2019 highs and perhaps the growth of price along with Bitcoin hitting a new ATH by the end of the year will bring it back in the headlines of mainstream media.
  5. It is official. Banks are now offering loans with cryptocurrencies as collateral. Sasha Ivanov (founder of Waves) tweeted earlier about this (link) confirming this major milestone. Expobank (a former subsidiary of Barclays) has issued a loan to Russian businessman Mikhail Uspensky securing the deal with Waves tokens as collateral. Earlier in July, Russia passed a law on regulating cryptocurrencies and digital financial assets in the country and I covered the news on this post: - Cryptocurrencies have been officially recognized as assets in Russia and if I am not mistaken this is the first case worldwide of crypto being used by the banking sector as collateral. Certainly something many people were hoping for as it legitimizes the whole industry in the eyes of investors and businesses. More info:, cryptopotato
  6. Chainlink was founded by Sergey Nazarov and had their ICO during the fall of 2017. What is Chainlink? Chainlink is an Oracle. Meaning that they offer services to connect blockchains and transfer feeds of data from outside centralized sources into blockchains. For example, DEX's (Decentralized Exchanges) require reliable data about the exchange rate between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Chainlink takes reliable off-chain data from exchanges and inserts them on smart-contracts. This interoperability Chainlink provides along with the dozens of partnerships (Google, Oracle) the project strategically announced, has helped the LINK token grow as high as $20 recently and reach the 5th place in cryptocurrency indexes as Coinmarketcap in terms of total market cap value. Price explodes - Devs Selling Recently there has been certain news about Chainlink developers dumping coins trough OTC and exchanges like Binance (source) using obfuscated mechanisms to hide the transactions. It seems that at least $40million was made so far. Without the need for such news, even if they are proven to be FUD, the fact is that Chainlink has over-performed so far. Also, the price seems to have started dropping after reaching $20 and a dip of 16% has occurred. Weekly Chart - Source: Year to date, Chainlink is up by 1000% and as many DeFi projects it enjoys a parabolic rise currently but this is not a recommended buy on any case. A pull-back to 61,8% fib retracement would send Chainlink back to $7,60 which may be a good trading opportunity. The chart above is the Binance LINK/USD and you can observe that a few months ago it had a flash-crash on Binance and did reach $0,0001, where a lucky trader bought 900k of LINK for this price (source).
  7. Scammers are lately buying google ads and promoting various fake websites used by crypto enthusiasts. The latest one is Ledger while previous examples have been CoinCorner, Privnote, and many more. An example of how the scam works is bellow: Scammers create a similar domain name with a small difference in the letters and are able to buy ad services from google which will appear right on top of the legitimate website. It is important to use an adblocker (my favorite: uBlock Origin) in your searches and if possible avoid using Google services at all (for email better use Protonmail). Be careful when searching for a website as the possibility of a fake advertisement appearing is extremely high. Google does very little to research the validity of the ads and allows them to go on until they get massively reported. Let's not forget the security gaps in YouTube where hacking groups are hacking accounts of streamers, changing their information to crypto-related, and promote fake giveaways. Also, the countless fake apps android play-store has hosted so far. Google is a mess and can't control the scams happening on its platforms. Be extra careful Cryptotalk community. Especially beginners in crypto as these scams are mostly targeting people that do not have knowledge of their plans.
  8. Bitmex has announced that KYC procedure will be mandatory from now on and has given a period of 6 months for its users to pass their identity verification procedure. Bitmex is the main Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies derivatives exchange used by tens of thousands of traders. Moreover, there are reports that Bitmex is currently asking members to pass KYC for transcations coming from Bitcoin addresses by known mixing services as Wasabi (source). KYC procedure will begin on August 28th, 2020 Deadline: February 12, 2021.
  9. I haven't dug deep into this, but I think that ambitions are the targets we set and the efforts we make to achieve them. Personally I initially set the bar too high with crypto and I was disappointed. Instead of quiting I learned a couple of things and managed to find certain ways to make an extra income. Also learned how to trade and use these to my advantage.
  10. Physical form of money will disappear. Most countries are already in a process of creating a digital version of their national currencies. China first of all is currently testing their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and it won't be a while before they officially release it. Sweden is in similar stage and is testing e-Krona. The rest will follow after a year or so.
  11. Same here. I'm always reading the new posts first and have to say that it is many times I find new things that I didn't know about. I read a lot of crypto news but many times I first read about important things on Cryptotalk. I think that the forum is getting better.
  12. @Babubu609 we are trying to make the forum free of what is obvious cheating. Plagiarism is unacceptable and also illegal. Spam should not be allowed as well and everyone should try to bring value to the conversation. It doesn't matter if the use of english by members is not perfect but the information they provide should be valid and useful.
  13. Basically allowing projects to grab millions is not promising either for the market. ICO's back in 2017 and DeFi currently are making people lose money and I think that soon there will be an intervention by the SEC, although I'm not sure why they stalled so much, since certainly many DeFi are just Ponzi's waiting to collapse. Being decentralized does not mean that something won't shut down. Many devs abandoned their projects when the money stopped pouring. After all they were there just for the money and created nothing. Concerning Bitcoin there is actually no regulation that can harm it. The problem is that it is bought only for speculative reasons currently and this is not going to end well either.
  14. I agree that the potential is huge but we must be careful and not bet with money we can't afford to lose. This is a great investment but remember that price went 55% lower a few months ago. We can invest and hope we make money but we also need to be very careful.
  15. In the next few years forums in general will have changed a lot in their design. I think that Cryptotalk will be far better. Take a look at twitter for example how it was looking back when it started. It was just simple code with nothing fancy. This forum is already more modern from competitors and if developers have enough time they can bring a layout change that will make it more appealing to the eye.
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