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  1. We are just human, who made a mistakes in our life. And its our responsibility to change for the better to not do the same mistakes again. Let's always learn from our mistakes. Yes mate, mistakes is very normal in our lifes. But doing the same mistakes all over again is not normal.
  2. Yes, thank you for reminding us. Saving our work is very important for emergency purposes. Because its so frustrating if our worked get rd or vanished in just a blink in the eye. Like me who are so lazy doing or writing same things again, that is why saving is my work is very important.
  3. Yes, post and creating topics are the one who are prioritizing by many users. But others are spamming Reputation to anybody. Reputation is profitable too and can double are paid post if we reach the max. 50 rates a day. I don't understand others why they are so lazy giving rates were everyone can get a good profit for it?
  4. Trading is a good source to earn. But you can get bankrupt too. Trading is all about knowledge and patience. If you are being hasty to your goals, you will lose. Trading it takes time and you're not gonna be reach in a few days, but surely if you become good in trading you will earn as much as you want.
  5. Well you can search anything when its all about the forum, even the name or the user you are looking for. The search bar have some options were you can search for a certain thing. Try to explore the search feature.
  6. The timezone that this forum using is in Moscow. If you really wanted to know the time difference of your country, just search the differences of timezone of this platform to your country. There are so many website who allowed to see the time of two countries.
  7. Thank you for sharing this information. Both platform are good and profitable yet I find the Bitcointalk more complicated than this (Crypotalk), because of what you said, plus the writing skills were not everyone is not good on that. For those who are just new in the Cryptocurrency, joining here in Cryptotalk is better than go to bitcointalk.
  8. These 3 choices are all profitable but the 1st, Creating a new topic. Because in this new platform update, 50 token you will get when you created each topic than commenting which is just 10 tokens. If you have so many things to share with, creating a topic is more profitable and better.
  9. WOAH! Finally the launch of Talkcoin will be release vers soon! I'm super excited for this, because i finally made it here. I am surely that the talkcoin price is higher than before. Because if not, this is a big loss for the platform. Imagine, paying your post after 7 day were before its just a day. Lower the max post from 30 to 20. I don't think they don't do this if the price is lower than before. Let's just hope for the positive launch of this talkcoin price. Good luck everyone! Happy Posting!
  10. Nice recommendations, but I don't mind playing games just to earn btc because as far as I know you will gonna use so much time that is not worth in all aspects. Just like what others commented here.
  11. Because the moderators are reviewing what you posted. And not all the post you made are good or useful enough. The count of the Cryptotalk is the total post you made, and the yobit count is the total of useful topics. They filtering all topics that are created by everyone, if its pass or not..
  12. I notice this too. Compare to the other days that I barely saw a new topics created by other users. Little by little the site become active as the exchanging of tokens is coming in just a weeks. Maybe others just stopped for a while because they didn't get paid yet.
  13. Hey mate, we can comment to the post that we already commented, don't hesitate. As far as I know, you can't reply to the topic that you recently commented to the topic. Maybe just wait for at least an hour or two. Hope I helped you with this.
  14. That's a good advise for everyone. We must review those sites we are engaging if we feel uncomfortable from it and if you feel something wrong with the page. Being knowledge about this problem is one of our weapon to not become a victim of those bad sites that trying to scam us.
  15. I experienced this too when I clicked the "Next unread topic", sometimes it leads mo to the topic I already read. That is why I didn't do that again and just going back to the sections were I from.
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