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  1. Very good idea mate but I don't think the forum will make a forum like that. Since the cryptocurrency is a legit and real source of income for everyone, its a matter of knowledge and determination on how you going to earn in world of Cryptocurrency.
  2. As for me, I used Cryptocurrency in order for my money to invest and grow. I really getting a good amount on my investment. Really cryptocurrency a good site to increase our income. Aside from that, security of our account and currency is the top priority. Be careful on cryptocurrency.
  3. I also observe that many wanted a good reputation and keep on posting a topic that is not quality. Many new topics are like this. Members must focus on the quality of their post. Useful enough that worth giving rates.
  4. One of my friend too when he starting cryptocurrency, he got a lot of stuffs brought through money from from cryptocurrency. I'm also hoping that cryptocurrency and this platform will last longer.
  5. The purpose of this forum is to advertise the cryptocurrency, advertise different coins and to have an interactions to other cryptocurrency users. We get paid to wrote a good and useful post to advertise how cryptocurrency works.
  6. In this forum, I see myself being a successful in Cryptocurrency. Because this forum really a great help to everyone who wants to knlw ablut cryptocurrency. This forum helped me financially, now in doing cryptocurrency that's why I'm seing to be successful in this forum.
  7. Crytotalk can be a good help for everyone to know about Cryptocurrency. But the forum can't help strongly financially. The paymebt that we get in this forum is just enough for daily expenses.
  8. The yobit have a program that you can invest your coin. Each coin have a daily percentage growth. Investing is a good thing to do than holding your balance. If you want to Invest, just go to the yobit investbox and enjoy.
  9. Very good advice for beginners, many don't know how to edit their post even though its already there. Others afraid to edit their comments because they think that if the comment is edited, it won't get paid. Members need to know thay editing your comment is fine, and just wrote the reason of editing just to make sure.
  10. Both are good. Right now holding is better than to withraw it now, the price of talk token are down. And it will give you a bad amount of btc of you convert and withraw it now. So I recommend to be careful and just hold it for a while.
  11. Yes mate, as a beginner this forum will benefit you day by day on working here, from learning the cryptocurrency, flow of the market, trading and investing. Those things can be learned here, and those things will surely you will do in the future, the knowledge you will get from that will helped you grow in Cryptocurrency even more.
  12. Good question, me my self don't know how hacking operation working, but I do know how to secure my account step by steps. A proper researching and being vigilant saves me from hacking. My password are not saved in the internet nor in my phone, its saved in my notes physically so that I am just the only one knowing my accounts.
  13. Way back when I'm just starting here in yhe Cryptotalk, I don't know how to withraw my earnings from this forum, luckily my friend the one who introduced me here helped me on how to withraw my earnings. That's why I don't find any bad difficulty about those things.
  14. The price of talk token really rapidly decreasing. Maybe because the launched of talk token have a big impact. A lot of users on the first launched sold and bought talk token. And those actions really affects the currency of it. I'm still monitoring the price of talk token, still hoping it will increases as time goes by
  15. I agree with you mate. We all should stop doing those things. Let's give a proper reputation to everyone. Let's not spam positive nor negative rates to everyone just to complete your daily limit in reputation. Give it to the one who deserves it.
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