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  1. You can join some ICOs team and you can be their social channel manager for example and get paid or you can only do some bounty tasks for icos and they will pay you at the end.
  2. You are right and of course everyone is attracted to use bitcoin because they know for sure than no one or no institution and government is getting their information.
  3. Nothing special will happen to btc later, it will continue to grow in popularity as it did before and even if the price goes down for a while it's just for a short time.
  4. Lativak

    BTC and future

    If you don't believe in bitcoin or crypto it's better to leave crypto completely and specially do not invest in crypto, because there could be many downs till the time crypto get to what it deserves and you will get hurt emotionally.
  5. bitcoin will be the king of the crypto forever regardless of if some other coin will take its place or not, people will always remember that bitcoin was the first and oldest crypto.
  6. Bitcoin is always will be my top choice, just look at the past year and compare bitcoin gains to altcoin gains, you can see clearly that bitcoin is the better investment.
  7. No I don't think that happens this soon and bitcoin looks like need some sideways for now and maybe take a break and stay in this range for some weeks.
  8. I think a bit of a correction is healthy for bitcoin at this point, bitcoin managed to hit 10k rather easily and it can take some days in sideways after that.
  9. Those are obviously fake pictures and no one has any information on satoshi and don't bother yourself looking for any information on that because it doesn't exist.
  10. Staking is one of the best thing you can do to make some money if you don't want to stress it at all and you want to make some money on the side by holding.
  11. The wallet that you are using is most probably changing your bitcoin address randomly to avoid risk and it is for your benefits and safety and nothing is wrong with that.
  12. I hope bitcoin by that time gets the same popularity and adoption as gold market , this will be a really huge accomplishment for bitcoin definitely.
  13. It gets down and goes up like it always does, if you are holding for long term and you are positive about crypto future just buy some amount and hold it for a long time no matter what happens and you will see the real profit at the end.
  14. They are afraid of the potential that they see in crypto coins and they know for a fact that if crypto keeps growing like this they are going to have harder time collecting money from people for all kinds of reasons.
  15. I have never seen auction for bitcoin myself, but as you said if they only accept large amount of capital it's not suitable for retailers anyway to take part in.
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