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  1. I have many goals for this 2021 which I want to accomplish one by one, one of my goals is to continue to grow in knowledge in the crypto ecosystem to educate my daughters to begin to become familiar with them, while I also have many expectations, one of them I always have in mind since it began and that is that this year 2021 will be the year that the pandemic of CORONAVIRUS disappears?
  2. Something that I notice quite constantly here on the forum is that most individuals rush to make monumental number of daily topics to get a lot of reputation forgetting to make quality and own topics which is something quite fundamental that I have learned here on the forum that everything is based on making few own topics and quality because the reputation comes to you alone depending on the quality of your topics and not by the proportion of topics you make.
  3. I advise you to be constant in the publication since constancy will lead you to success here in the forum, on the other hand it is important to follow the rules to make as few mistakes as possible and to make your own topics so as not to duplicate topics already published.
  4. Yes, you can earn money just watching videos only that the amount you earn is little but if you earn, I use the platform which allows you to follow your favorite youtube creator if you are registered on this platform as their videos are automatically uploaded if you link the accounts and while you watch their videos you are earning some extra money.
  5. I entered the world of cryptocurrencies just out of curiosity to see what profits I could get in some faucet because I found a lot of information on the internet about earning money through various pages that offered small amounts of cryptocurrencies as rewards for performing some tasks, after that my knowledge about the crypto world was increasing and today I have a very different expectation with which I started. My goal with cryptos is to invest and accumulate as much as I can to get my first BTC.
  6. BITCOIN could be considered a safe haven of value in the long term because if you keep your money in it for a long time you are sure to keep its value or double it, but in the short term it could bring you loss due to the volatility of its price because its price is not constant at a single point.
  7. I generally do not enter these sites because most of them are usually scams, they only work properly for 2 or 3 weeks and then they start having problems when it comes to pay your earnings making you waste your time trying to communicate with technical support that to the truth there is no support, after a month they disappear with your money and you are disappointed with the site, so I do not recommend entering telegram bots.
  8. Hello, my dream in life is to get to possess even 1 BITCOIN since since I started in the crypto ecosystem I have the illusion of reaching that goal on the other hand my goal here in this forum is to stay in it for a long time to get to have many friends and serve as an example for many of the beginners who are starting.
  9. Yes, it's possible that this could be due to that, however this increase in the price of BITCOIN was already seen coming long before the decrease in the value of the dollar due to the arrival of the HALVING which would reduce to half the BTC that the miners receive as a reward for the creation of a new block, this was the reason that would increase the price of BITCOIN, perhaps this decrease in the value of the dollar accelerated its price increase that could even rise more.
  10. If friend completely according to the first site where we resort is but only need to see a candlestick chart to know when we can buy and sell, because we buy when the downward trend takes days and reaches an old support resistance, while we sell when the upward trend takes some time and we can sell at the price you want as long as the price is above the one we buy
  11. GOLD is a great resource to save your money, which you can have at home and count on it once you want it, the problem is that not everyone has the possibility of having the metal in physical because organizations that sell GOLD have certain restricted territories for the delivery of the metal which is a negative point, on the other hand there is the BITCOIN which also can have it in your living and count on it at the time you want and anyone anywhere in the world can have it.
  12. I would not recommend you to use your cell phone for mining, since there are many applications that offer high mining performance and then you are disappointed with how little you have generated while slowly finishing your cell phone. Most people who mine cryptosystems use specialized machines for mining generating profits to cover the costs that this generates.
  13. hello friend, you have to be very careful with mining because many mining pages at the beginning are good because they pay you the first or second withdrawal but then a month they become scam and stop paying, I recommend you to use them without investing a single penny because if you invest you could lose your money.
  14. Yes friend here in the photo I have obtained good knowledge about the cryptomoney, besides to gain great number of friends of all part of the world which I am proud to be part of this great forum which also allows him to gain its first cryptomoney to the beginners who come arriving with the illusion to gain them making good subjects.
  15. Excellent your topic friend, if the beginners put in practice your advices I believe that they will be well accepted inside the forum since some of the difficulties that the beginners face are the 100 publications but as your very well you advise him of not rushing to reach the 100 the important thing is the constancy in the topics.
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