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  1. well how are you? Maybe someone has an idea if at some point EASY CASH will be listed within yobit, since I've been waiting for that moment for years but I see that it's not going to come or maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Привет, друг, кредитное плечо, чтобы сделать больше с меньшим, но иногда не всегда положительный результат в конце концов, что означает, что у нас больше риска проиграть, чем выиграть, то есть вы должны иметь некоторый опыт, чтобы войти в торговлю с кредитным плечом, потому что, если вы не будете осторожны, вы можете получить много потерь.
  3. Hello friend welcome, the forum is not a scam if not the opposite, the forum is nice and since your arrival you will not want you because we all earn here in the forum some tokens that you can exchange for your favorite cryptocurrency within the YOBIT exchange, on the other hand the forum nourishes us knowledge with topics on the fundamentals of the cryptographic world that are certainly helpful to understand their main concepts, as for the reputation is a very common theme within the forum but it all depends on the quality of development of each topic you make.
  4. Welcome friend, from what I see you have already reached your first 100 publications I congratulate you, you just have to keep working within the forum to develop new topics so that you start to get your earnings but all this depends on the quality of your publications because if you do not get positive ratings you would have no profit.
  5. Hello friend, the future of cryptocurrencies is uncertain but apparently it will be very promising for all of us and if the exponential adoption continues they will be accepted worldwide, the problem is that there are already several countries that are studying some laws to restrict them but this only suggests that it is an act of fear of the power they may have in the future.
  6. Yes friend, indeed we can get good earnings here in the forum, however it would be good to be here in the forum with the intention to learn and contribute interesting topics to help the development of the forum to continue its growth, personally I do not have enough time to be here in the forum full time for my daily work and I enter only to read interesting topics that nourish my knowledge.
  7. Yes my friend, the faucets opened the door to this world of cryptocurrencies which I like a lot no matter how little you get for performing tasks, but I have a very important concept where it would be good to put them all into practice and is that each water goth fills a pot, which gave me to understand that no matter how little we earn but the constancy with which we perform the work to go far.
  8. Yes, my friend, I completely agree with you, your strategy is good, I do the same way to earn some money but with a difference that I make the purchases and keep for a long time the cryptocurrency to reduce the risk and increase the profit.
  9. I do not believe that cryptocurrencies will supplant all national currencies because each country needs its local currency to trade within it, but I am sure that BITCOIN could supplant the dollar as a global currency of payment worldwide because it is more solid, its transactions are faster and the most important thing is the low cost per transaction, which makes it very attractive for large transnational companies.
  10. Yes my friend, in recent times I have seen the decrease of new topics within the forum which has worried me because I have read several topics where users are discouraged by the low cost of TALK tokens, but for those users should work in the same way because surely the administrators are already working on a solution for all users of this forum are rewarded for keeping alive and at the top of this forum which is undoubtedly the best.
  11. Yes my friend, day by day more and more people are entering the world of cryptocurrencies due to their great profitability compared to traditional markets, which have been losing value considerably as time goes by, so the good results and good news that have highlighted the cryptocurrencies have been calling the attention of new investors in cryptocurrencies.
  12. Hello friend welcome, I recommend that you first educate yourself with many content on youtube about the fundamentals for the crypto world and then enter little by little in this world that at first looks easy but is very complex because it is all about investment and every investment generates risks.
  13. I don't think it will affect cryptotalk since it is a worldwide forum where each person gives their point of view on different cryptocurrency topics, on the other hand it is only one country that is restricting it, the problem would be if more countries join this list to restrict cryptocurrency topics, but I don't see anything to worry about because for now cryptocurrencies are a worldwide trend.
  14. The truth is that in these times of the high price of BITCOIN sites to earn satoshi have decreased considerably, however there are very little even which give us little amount but it is not more to go accumulating satoshi as everything adds up, lately I'm using a faucet which I have long been working and best of all is still paying is called where I have won several satoshi, on the other hand I recommend that you continue here in the forum as it is the best that exists today.
  15. Yes my friend there are indeed different prices between platforms and that is because each platform calculates the price of each crypto depending on supply and demand within the same so you could do arbitrage which is to buy on some platforms at a low value and sell in another at a higher value and is totally valid as long as you know how to do it.
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