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  1. We are seeing that the price of btc goes higher then 40,000$ and comes down to 36,000$ and this is the nature of this crypto market that the prices goes higher and lower and the successful trader is that who take advantages of these pumps and dumps .
  2. Week 12: 5 January - 11 January Cryptotalk username: Maaz sultan Link to Cryptotalk: Telegram username: @Maaz sultan BetFury nickname: User872737 Campaign: Signature Links to your posts:
  3. I thinks that Bitcoin is father of all the crypto world but it needs some improvements now we see that many altcoins transaction is being in seconds but bitcoins transaction speed and fee both are not stable , it need some development in this time when all the world is coming to invest on that .
  4. In crypto field the ratio of scammers is very high because of many new users and its decentralize nature , Scammer scam poor innocent people and there is no way for reporting , So only carefulness is only way for avoiding these scams and for this we need knowledge about this field So new users before going to invest on any platform make very deep research about that project .
  5. About the transaction speed of bitcoin i just says that the speed is not enough as compared to other altcoins which gives highest transaction speed with cheaper fee so i thinks that the bitcoin need improvements in both sides transaction fee and transaction speed .
  6. Good prediction as we see that the price of bitcoin goes higher then 40k usd and many new institution investment is one the way therefore we can expect that the price breaks 50k target .
  7. There are many projects that gives offered to invest your crypto but this is crypto world and there is high risk of getting scam because of many new users are getting in and if see interesting offer they invest and lose their money so for avoid we need knowledge and experience i suggest every user that learn crypto trading .
  8. Can a bank target bitcoin implementation in its banking system? Yes as the need of time banks need to implement these digital currencies as we knows the crypto currencies were accepted by many countries and many are coming accept in some time .
  9. In trading we need to set a target where the market reaches and sell the currency tae profit and again hunt for next opportunity for buying for low market this is called trading but if we thinks that coin goes 10x or any other situation then we may recover our loses but also we lose many chances for making much more high profits .
  10. We are seeing that the crypto market have a lots of potential as compared to gold the crypto market prices goes higher then 4x which gives us chance to gain high profit in low investment .
  11. I am with you the price of bitcoin is going to higher and higher due to investing of many institutes of millions of dollars and this investment not end yet its only a start and in some time the prices goes too high because every one experienced the potential of the crypto market .
  12. I dont thinks that the creation of bitcoin is to defeat of Gold but the creator of bitcoin want to develop a currency which is decentralize and the users are free to use it without any third party interference but as the popularity of the currency increases then peoples compare BTC to gold .
  13. This is the most important part for the users of this field because many sites give us payment in mBTC which is not known by new users . GOOD Very informative topic .
  14. And i thinks banks need to adopt these crypto currencies not develop their own currency they need to first understand who they need to control these currencies business and one thing is who first take control on this market take higher reward .
  15. As we seeing the adoption of these crypto currencies is exploding world wide and this year 2021 is a golden year for crypto market and traders , As the price of Bitcoin as well as all the crypto currencies breaks all time high records and further going higher and higher .
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