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  1. Thanks for visiting my profile . If you have any question feel free to contact me .

  2. Yes cryptocurrencies are waste of time for those how didn't have brain because if you want to make money so you need to learn and get information about cryptocurrency.
  3. YouTube and google is the best teacher you can learn all thinks if you use your brain . Reddit and Wikipedia is good source of knowledge too .
  4. Good information sir now their are lots of project coming on market they charge very less or even zero fee . It would be wounderfull transfering with low fee.
  5. I agree with you words always do your own research before doing anything . If just not apply only on crypto project it apply on every aspect of your life .
  6. Yes you are right you can use 1 IP per account and if you connect another device it will ban your both accounts . So be careful about it .
  7. Yes I own one NFT which I got free from abcmeta they send me the NFT . One day I a checking my wallet and see their nft so I visited their site . This is how they permote them .
  8. Yes you are right you should appreciate good work so the members get motivation and start doing their best in feature .
  9. Yes you are right it all deponds upon your knowledge if you have knowledge about cryptocurrency so you can invest in cryptocurrency . And if you have skills/knowledge about business so go for it .
  10. Yes you are right but lots of people are afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies because they think it may be the scam . And as for banks in lots of countries they are still not accepting cryptocurrency .
  11. That's big number 3000+ member this will help all the users to solve the issue they are facing urgently . As for me Binance has good support team . I face some issue from binance p2p and they are able to solve my problem in less then 5 hours .
  12. Yes you are right knowledge is men biggest power in our condition the cryptotalk is giving us knowledge about cryptocurrency and cryptoworld and if you learn it will help us to learn lots of things in feature . So keep getting Knowledge and you will easily find source of earning .
  13. Yes you are right if we make good content so we will get good reputation and if you post useless content of forum it will lead you to get banned .
  14. If you want to earn free cryptocurrency just join new project airdrops . It will give you some earnings without any hard work .
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