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  1. I think these crypto currency is giving us more then we aspect from online working jobs this is an easy job and for leaving to crypto you see the advantages of investing on crypto currency and businesses .If you thought to become a crypto trader this field is gives you a lots of profits .
  2. I think you need to invest your money in more then three crypto currency because this strategy can gives you profit in small time and easy to keep patience .
  3. Now a days the crypto market is going up and down in between 9000$ and 15000$ and i think this repeats for some months and after the price of bitcoin is goes to higher then 11000$ i say this because i hears from many experts of this crypto field .
  4. Friend its depends on you how are you research the history market price of any coin if you are new so give some advice from an experienced crypto trader i suggest to invest on dash coin which gives you a good profit .
  5. Thanks mate you make a reminding post that is useful for all the forum members it will be very appreciated . Complete your 100 posts in the rules of this forum and follow these rules to avoid any problem .
  6. The registration on yobit have limited times for registration you need to wait for the waiting then register your friend on yobit and a suggestion for you can you use your yobit referral to get some extra earnings when your friend do some trade you will given 20% bonus for referring this user to yobit .
  7. Deer Crypto friend this time restriction is enables from the admin of this site because the users on this forum dont give time on this forum and write useless posts in less time . When time restriction is enabled then they have some extra time to read the topic carefully and read other members posts and then write their post this will increase their knowledge and the post quality .
  8. yes if your post in written in simple language and have a attractive topic then most of the users come to your topic and post on your topic very rapidly your topic become hot and i trend .
  9. Yobit gives 20% Bonus when other user trade on youbit if the user not work on yobit they not give any thing and this is best trick to tell friend for this forum and create their yobit account using your referral link Good post .
  10. These are the basic information for all the new users of this forum all the new users will follows these rules to avoid to gain a warning point or any restriction on their post .
  11. This forum payment system is equal to every user on this forum if you write useful posts you will get get payment as an full member write post .
  12. You doing well this is very helpful for all the new crypto talk users that dont knows where they find the the rules of this forum after reading they able to write posts without any mistake against the forum rules .
  13. In this forum you can create all the topic related to crypto currencies and if you have any question in your mind about crypto currency just make a topic and the experienced users will suggest you the right advice .
  14. Deer user of this forum for cheeking your presence balances you need to go to yobit make an account and go to your wallet there you have all your present coin and your collected bitcoin which you have earned from this forum .
  15. Completing 100 posts in only two days that is very fast you are a well skilled user no the payment ads after posting more posts higher then 100 the first day you need to 30 post for gaining your first payment and you dont need to complete 30 posts daily if you post 20 then this forum also pays you and it depends on you to send your earnings to your wallet its not effects that your earnings are on wallet or youbit pending payment but more prefer to add to your wallet .
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