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  1. I think that tiforum have posts that you want to make but the topic creator need to verify the information on the internet before making any topic or just making any suggestion .
  2. Your phone number have a high power to recover your all the accounts if this kind of hacking occur and if you are getting some sense so first remove that phone number on your email id and if possible then remove to other accounts using this email .
  3. I think this will become a full time job if toy have enough knowledge to start your own crypto business these crypto currencies have potential to make a one month business and eat for one year but you need skills, otherwise keep it a part time job and learn it for making a bright future .
  4. Friend i have come to this field almost 1 year before that i just listen the name of bitcoin on the internet i am very thankful to this forum and referred by a teacher to invite me and guide me for these currencies thanks SIR AND FORUM .
  5. I think eth rise with bitcoin but when eth2.0 launched the price get effect i think get down for some time if eth 2.0 attract many eth investors .
  6. If sender pays high fee then the time of transaction is become lesses an lessear and if you want to pay less so some time takes a high time some time weeks and months acquired for low fee transactions .
  7. That's are interesting facts about these crypto currencies about 12 percent peoples knows about these digital currencies ii am an example my family dont know anything about these currencies before 1 year ago but when i come to this forum and start to work i am able to learn and able to understand other person what are these currencies .
  8. Very intresting i think i will become the most richest man when invested on bitcoin in 2010 at the price of 0.5 usd means the price of one bitcoin is 0.5 so any one who bought 10 dollars btc equals to 20 btc and get rich if sell on top price .
  9. i dont think about that buy the God thinks everything is possible so i wish that our mates gain all the knowledge about crypto currencies and make their own projects .
  10. I agree that the ripple have the potential to reach at 1$ price but it take much more time and instead of this you only invest on bitcoin and make day trading which is more profitable then investing on ripple because the ripple runs with bitcoin and the price of bitcoin goes to high level means that after some time comes to down .
  11. I just advice everyone to just work with legit and old projects that have a high reputation amount the users instead of get the new project that waste your time and money which anyone dont want .
  12. Oh thats a very useful tool i suggest every crypto trader to download this for gaining the trading alerts about the market price of any crypto currency i just go and download , so are you !🤨
  13. You are right this forum is not only pays us for making posts but giving us knowledge that helps us in long term like businesses related to crypto currencies , So dont just write post but gain all the knowledge provided by the topic creator and the posts makers .
  14. You are right bit crypto currencies give us a platform to show your skills otherwise there are so many websites that pays very less to giving very ward work and very long time , So i can says that these digital currencies make us eligible to earn these crypto currencies .
  15. I agree with you users need to search in the forum before creating the topic and gain new information on the internet to make the forum more information full but with reference not make by yourself .
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