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  1. Its a fact that the prices of mining equipment's are going up and gradually more people are coming in the field of crypto mining as profitable and stable earning business , But their are consequence that peoples buy any devices more aggressively to increase their probability and the short fall comes , there are companies that produce their product like GPUs Hard Drives in limited quantity but recently the demand of the mining hardware increased the we know when the demand of anything increasing the the prices will skyrocketing (Supply and Demand Role ) . So this is not beneficial for all of us and for the remedy of this shortage of mining devices is we need to split our businesses into many small parts as the rule says ( Dont put all your eggs in one basket ) and we dont need to depends on only GPU or storage mining but their other mining fields and crypto businesses such as , yield farming, staking , mining with ASICS machines Chia mining and i am now coming to copy trading its also like mining , So we dont need to depend on one thing and split our money in many fields that when any of the field stops paying or going to not profitable zone we have other options . REGARDS
  2. As first steps the developer dont have throughs for interference of large institutes , The crypto market is user friendly and the concept was simple that the users from different county buy and sell crypto and they mine these currencies from their homes but unfortunately now the institutes control the crypto market they pump ,dump when they want .
  3. That's great the cryptotalk user can easily join this bounty because they already use Yobit exchange i think all member must participate in signature campaigns to get extra earnings . And it make a member more confident .
  4. Bro i am opening Yobit exchange after long time before that the yobit give free coins to all users with out any thing but after some time yobit new rule that share and them you can collect free coins and now 20 trades .
  5. Buying things from cryptocurrencies is good but this is very difficult to use cryptocurrencies because this technology is limited people know but now the world is coming to worlds the crypto community may be after some years we see crypto everywhere.
  6. I think his family have to pay all the loses to all the investers many invest have loss thousands of dollar in this satiation .
  7. Bro only you can talk from the admins of the cryptotalk only they can help you . Tell them your problem but be careful your 1 mistake and your can get ban and lose your cryptotalk profile .
  8. Yes you are right i have lose at least 300 $ from these coins . The biggest advice i give to investers of Yobit exchange that invest on top coins always and if you have proper knowledge so go for it .
  9. I am making this topic for the members of cryptotalk to give them advice that participate in bounty (signature campaigns ) . My first signature campaign is Youengine . This campaign is the most profitable project i get 37984 Youc from this campaign which valur now is 2439 $ .
  10. First of all usd is not cryptocurrency and if we have the power to remove any of them (btc or usd ) i will go for usd . We all love bitcoin and cryptocurrencies .
  11. mining on mobile is not much profitable but it is good you can easily use some broken and faulty phones and then make then mine cryptocurencies .
  12. Mining is now very profitable for GPU and Asics miners but rather then GPU and asic it is difficult and less profitable . Now days mobile mining is coming it is also good . bro mining need good investment you need to buy GPU or ASIC machines for mine any cryptocurrency and the Etherum is the most profitable of then all .
  13. That's very creative the member how wants to show love to free ton can easily follow the rules of this campaign and can win free tons .So wish luck to all the members how participate in this .
  14. There are many angles of viewing any future and this new reputation is useful for many creative content creators and also bad for spammers and cheaters .
  15. There are so many trading strategies that adopt crypto investors for gaining higher profits and one of the easy and most profitable strategy is long term holding as we knows that the prices of crypto coins going to higher price at averagely and long holding is one without risk .
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