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  1. What about bitcointalk they also didn't pay their members but a lot of members are active daily . The main reason this them all the member want to join bounty campagins and so they make posts to increase their rank to get more stakes .But in our forum only if Cryptotalk pay us we stay other wise we quite working . Disappointing
  2. @kyoukage01Yes you are right but if we gather new bounties in this forum lots of new members will join this forum because of them and if we actively post new bounties we get good and active members . And if all the things go as we plan cryptotalk can stand again .
  3. Hello all Mods and Admin. I came here with a plan to grow this forum active again like in 2020. As we know crypto is growing so fast and many countries are accepting cryptocurrencies and many new companies are lunching their interesting projects and our forum is almost dead (less than 100 active forum users). In this station, we need a plan to grow our forum again . I am currently working on other forums and observing their strategy to maintain their active users. I have discovered that many users work on other forums because of Bounty campaigns, and the forum don't pay then for work. I have discussed with lots of bounty managers about listing their projects in cryptotalk, but they said that cryptotalk didn't support bbcodes and the amount of active users are very low. So my idea is to bring good amount of bounty campaigns in the forum, so the non-active users can get active again. I am working with a group of team members on different crypto platforms. Make me your forum bounty mod so i can talk to different bounty managers, invite them to list their project on this forum. As you know me, I join this forum in 2019 and now i have skills to improve this forum . I hope you will understand, and we successfully make this forum regain active and good members. Thanks @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  4. ● Week 4 (13/09-19/09) Signature Report: 1. Link on posts : Link on posts : 4. Link on posts : 5. Link on posts : 6. Link on posts : 7. Link on posts : 8. Link on posts : 9. Link on posts : 10. Link on posts : 11. Link on posts : 12. Link on posts :
  5. Look friends, crypto is not just an investing opportunity or trading platform, but this is a whole world where you can explore web3.0 , nft and metaverse. You can buy and explore and lost in the world of crypto. Oh, blockchain itself is a huge field .
  6. Now Ethereum is completely converted to Prof of stake and gwi is fluctuating between 10 to5gwei which is a very good sign for eth investors because of high gas fee new users dont get in eth and now the problem is solved , and open the new world of daps and NFTs for all the new users .
  7. DCA strategy is the solution of allt eh stress and losses in trading , This is a very powerful strategy that if you have buy even at the top of market you can control the setuation with this if you make a dca at 50k then 40k then 30 k and now at 20 k your avrage buying price is reduced in half now to dont need to wait for reaching to 60 k for making profits you only wait for 30 k level for getting in profits , Here is link for datail analysis of this tachnegue .Link , cost averaging is a,on in the financial markets.
  8. DCA is a strategy that stop us to not get panic and buy crypto in every dip for lowering our average price of buying a token, if you buy all three coins at once there is high chance that the trade goes against you .First buy with 25% of your portfolio, then if the price goes against you wait for long difference, then buy or again, and so on if you buy at 3 times then there are high chances for gain profit in less time.
  9. Crypto is a highly profitable field but if you rushed to see profits then it will eat all of your money and this forum is like a teacher because so many experienced members who get experience to get loses and profits , So the authers advice is right , learning take time so give this field time and get to success .
  10. I have calculated the roi of chia mining above 5years which is not a good sign for starting chia mining instead of this you can buy coins in this dump season , at this time there is a discount of 80% to buy any good project belive me buy this time with dca of 50,50% and after 2 years bulrun starts where your moner multiplies by 5x or more .
  11. Trading has two scenarios. If you are an experienced trader, then its a game and if you are new or don't know the strategies it's full of stress and loses , its my own experience. It's you trade with experience and knowledge you see the patterns , candle shapes , supports and resistances and place your trade with a proper risk management. Once you place your trade you are free to close your mobile and go to your hobby a notification comes if your ta is good then it will be some profits otherwise only small lose , and you will see what you did wrong . THANKS please take knowledge from experienced members because they learn a lot in this field thay lose they gain .
  12. i dont aggree Friend trading is much profitable as you told if holder make 10% gain in a month then a trader make 200% in a month , i agree that in trading the risk will rise and we have less chances of making mistakes thats why succesful traders uses risk management strategy but be careful trading needs too much ex[erience and knowlege before entering the market while holders need to buy and hold .
  13. As risk to reward ratio top coins have higher value because of your investment is high i advice everyone to invest only in top 50 coins and only buy almost top 10 coins which is a harder to manage but it increase our chances of secess and minimize the risk but buy in parts and keep patience for gaining much higher profits .
  14. This is unpridictid market and we are trading against big investors and institutes so we dont tneed to buy any coin at once but buy in parts , for example if coin is down 10% from pur buying then we buy and DCA because most of the traders thinks this trade is going to be profitable they invest all the amount and going in loss , Therefore buy in dips start from 23% of your wallet is very profitable strategy .
  15. This forum is best for crypto begainers becuse new users friendly polocies you can post here daily and learning with earning , Because you get a reward you make posts every day .
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