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Found 8 results

  1. Всем доброго дня,вечера, утра дорогие пользователи форума. Хотелось бы узнать ваше мнение по этому поводу, наш форум cryptotalk постепенно увеличивается, становится все более популярным. Когда Bitcointalk был запущен, он не был настолько популярен и быстро растущим, как сейчас это делает cryptotalk. Cryptotalk сможет обогнать Bitcointalk? Прошу вас принять участие в голосовании и высказать ваше конструктивное мнение, только в пределах правил форума. Спасибо. Если есть какие либо соображения на это счет высказывайте его.
  2. We all know that Bitcointalk is one of the best crypto forum and there was no other crypto forum to compete with it. But since Cryptotalk started,I think it will give a real tough fight with Bitcointalk in future. This forum has already completed 1 year of their journey and they have come a lot far. At the starting of its journey,there was so much spammers and bots but the administration of this community has controlled it in a great way. All the rules and regulations of this forum has now become more strict. And the good thing is about all the senior loyal members of Cryptotalk. I want to thank and appreciate their hard work and dedication towards the forum. I also want to thank the senior members for being so kind and helpful towards the junior members. I was also a member of Bitcointalk. There, the senior members used to taunt and mocked the junior members. They don't even count the junior members as the member of the community. They had so much ego as they were senior members and they were above us. I didn't got enough help or guide from the senior members there but the scene in this forum is totally opposite. All the senior members in this forum are very friendly and helpful. Though I am not blaming Bitcointalk senior members for their behavior or anything,they have right to do so as they worked hard there. In that case,Cryptotalk is best for the starters of crypto who wants to make an actual future in the crypto field. All the beginners can learn a lot from this forum. So,please let us contribute towards the forum,help each other and avoid spamming. Be very thankful to Cryptotalk for what they have given us.
  3. First of all I would like to welcome all new members on this forum and I would like to say thanks to the seniors who helped us a lot to grow up on this plate forum. basically I want to ask a question that what is the basic and main difference between Cryptotalk and bitcointalk?
  4. Does BITCOIN still exist in the next 3 years? Every Bitcoin investors and holders are pretty sure it will. But in the other side does banks or other pretty big companies still allow bitcoin to exist. It is a BIG question that every HOLDERS got in mind. How about your opinion? WILL it still EXIST or WILL BE TOTALLY WORTHLESS?
  5. The big moves and adversity have driven the way of Cryptocurrencies to be one of the dominant assets in the 21st century. The existence and competition have been exceeded with excellence, as startups might find the competition tough amongst the existing Giants, but the basic knowledge of every start-up to make their name, will obviously have to come from influencers, as we have had influencers like those of Ethereum ( buterin vitalik), Justin sun (Tron) and so on. As this big names are common, but are nothing without a community to back them up. The first basic factor on any Crypto start-up, is for the acknowledgement of having to build a community, as of how to gather ideas from what and how the critics can actually fall on. As the common saying goes, accept critics to know your wickness. Looking at how a single community can attract alot, I take an example of Crypto-talk, bitcointalk. Which made this communities on the bars to Foster the spread to Cryptocurrencies to more people, in different areas, just on the power of a community.
  6. Очень интересно сколько нас (таких как я) которые пришли с "тапка" Предлагаю пройти опрос
  7. Predictions about the rise in the price of Bitcoin in the future endlessly ringing.The latest prediction came from one of the founders of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark Yusko. He said, Bitcoin could penetrate US $ 500 thousand (Rp6.9 billion) in 2030, whose valuation would be equivalent to gold. "Between 2019 and 2021, the possibility of Bitcoin reaching US $ 100,000 per BTC. Then in 2025, it could be US $ 250 thousand and in 2030 it would reach US $ 400 thousand or US $ 500 thousand. At that time the value of Bitcoin was equivalent to gold, "said Yusko who admitted he had doubts about Bitcoin. Yusko's view is not without foundation. He saw that there was an imbalance of wealth in the world, because the elite were very greedy to enrich themselves. For him, Bitcoin technologically provides added value to anyone, including those not in the elite, to be prosperous. "Look at the latest report from Deutsche Bank. They consider that fiat money (money issued by the state), will increasingly burden the country and the world in the coming years. Many people will look for alternative assets, such as Bitcoin whose supply is very scarce, "said Yusko.
  8. Hi to all admins, I just want to ask some updates regrading your signature campaign in bitcointalk, its already 6 days since wallet emptied and all participants cannot process payouts at the moment, looking forward for the update from admin, thank you. Please delete this topic if not appropriate here.
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