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  1. I am in big loss at yobit investbox. I bought some x10 coin for the purpose of investment and did as well. When I bought x10 it was .056 doge per coin and it is less than .001 doge. So I learn from youbit investment which coin they offer for investbox must fall it's price.
  2. I think international exchanges are more treatable than locals such as binance, kucoin. They proof that they are not for cheating in the exchange market. Most locals are doing cheat and they come into market with low volume.
  3. Bitcoin has no boundary. It's a global currency and equally popular all over the world. So I don't think there is any connection of bitcoin to third world or first world. I think it doesn't mean any matter.
  4. It is 100% possible into crypto. Because there is no regulatory authority behind the system of crypto transactions. Million of transaction are happened within a second without any permission of government. So money laundering is highly possible here.
  5. There are some special cities found for crypto friendly. They are burn, torento, las anagles and many more. Day by day more cities are added into crypto friendly cities.
  6. May be I would go to past in 2009 and buy some bitcoin at .03 usd. And then come to 2020 to sell them. If I were time machine surely I must do that.
  7. I think yes. Crypto is peer to peer coin. So it can easily trade to others. As far I know coinbase is a wallet where easily can trade crypto.so without exchange it is possible to trading.
  8. I want to see some valuable coins on yobit like xlm, grs, oax, mana, poly, ae, req, dent. This is the time yobit should list some top coins in their exchange.
  9. Binance is the only crypto exchange where any one get the test of trading. It's a complete package of exchanging. More than 1 million people follow it's Twitter. The overview of binance is extremely good and only top coins are liated on it.
  10. I didn't find any yobit mobile apps yet. I always follow yobit social activity in Twitter and get updated on yobit. I also follow the valid yobit exchange everyday and found there is no apps yet.
  11. As far I know in binance there is no need to pass in kyc for trading, exchangeing, deposing or withdrawing. It is open for all through worldwide. So no country is banned under binance. Every country is valid in binance.
  12. I think it is safe to send payment in crypto comparatively others payment. Risk is found in any payment system so it should be consider as general. But but using crypto we can reduce our risk.
  13. At this moment it is hard to earn BAT coin. I already lost more than 500 BAT coin which was banned from my Brave balance and it was injustice with me. It was very hard to earn bat coin for me but they completely demotivate me by cancelling all my BAT token.
  14. Very helpful contest indeed. It is necessary for the crypto user like me. I always keep wait for such type of contest. Excellent giveaway and please give sharing such type of information to our users. Thank you once again for sharing this.
  15. Great discussion for earnings free in crypto. But we should consider that there is very poor chance to get some crypto in free. Actually there is nothing free. We should avoid the all poor way to earn crypto because in this way time can be wasted.
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