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  1. Thanks for the compliment mate, and for sure bitcoin will become mroe outstanding in sooner time as it grows profitable in long terms. Because as we can see the latest fall it remained so hard to figure out what will happen next?
  2. That wouldn't happen since btc was a decentralized currency and government couldn't interfer it's system unless there's a full banning of the country. Banks is totally dominant with the system that they've been following, but I think all those reason was due to manipulation.
  3. That the very important thing to do prior ensuring your funds to the exchange site. Doing it in a failure will endanger your funds from being wasted or lost forever.
  4. Indeed, I was so careful now and I won't entertajn thus scammy traps of those scammers nowadays. Randomly there's some attempts at telegram, but i do instantly block them without hesitation.
  5. I would loved to see what this browser can do for me in the future. And for a while, I just wanted to learn at first because we need to study before dealing into something you aren't particular with.
  6. We really needed to be strong indeed, and in order for us to be ready for that, everything should be in accordance to our goals. Saving your bitcoins should be done independently, so by the time it went so profitable you'll be able to catch a good profit.
  7. Indeed they're more prone of corruptions and other funds malversation, which they could do into manipulation blockchain information when cashless is implemented through cryptocurrency. Once this system will be implemented, it would probably reveal in the naked eyes of the Government financial transparency.
  8. Having crypto as a gift of mine, I am so happy if someone would love to give that for me. In return I would treasure and take care of it, so I want to hold it and by the time it gained a productive value in the exchanges I would have given other people like my friends and relatives some portions of it. Extending the spirit of giving will be great.
  9. If we wanted the price to be stable we need to go back at smaller value in order to see more good bounces in the future. But for now, it needs to build up its own strong momentum just to catch the wave of highest price breakdown this 2019 before we welcome another year of 2020.
  10. Of course it will moon again its price but not in a short period of time. Crypto has been tested with its capability, and I guess its more than just love, because were not giving up for crypto and stayed into the commitment.
  11. If you mean we need patience in order to survive, I think if this was a contest I am already a winner. Because it's been two years I guess that I was having this kind of struggles putting patience as my daily medicine just to get over those failures.
  12. Of course that's a positive outlook to consider mate, the potential is always there to happen. I am just waiting for the best time when those whales will take over the manipulations of the big bubble to come. It might be now but a big surprise as well.
  13. Indeed, and what's the disadvantage of it was we tend to fail because of our greediness. We may overlooked more important things like doing the right things which fails due to ignoring something more important just for wrong mindsets.
  14. Yes, I must do it my finances will be stabilized sooner. Unfortunately these days more problems arise on my financial status, since may problems took in domination to my funds particular on my family needs particularly health financial expenses. For now my some portions of btc that I got from crypto will certainly be used for those purposes.
  15. No other than but I am legibly a holder for two years, and the idea about shorter of crypto isn't a good options for me. Right now I am positively motivated to move forward as my asset is heading for fruitful gain soon.
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