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  1. Hi everyone, I have been using mexc exchange for a while and I noticed that whales are running several bots that manipulate the price of some coins, which cause me big losses. I am wondering if there are tricks to get over these bots?
  2. Hello, I haven't been active for several months, and I was removed from the compain...I have some Satoshi blocked... Is there any chance to transfer them to my account on yobit?
  3. It would be out of your control, so you can not send it or exchange it, it's blocked until the ban is removed
  4. Some scam are easy to discover, like those promising 100% earning without losing risk, or those promising huge profits (like x10 or x20 times in a short period); but some other scammers are a bit hard to identify and some reaserch will be useful, I mean you look at the team members, if their company is registered and of course the uniqueness and the usefulness of their project
  5. I would recommend to stay away from investing when BTC goes up, because altcoins are just losing their value with each increasing in the bitcoin price, the best thing to do is to trade on the pair of BTC/stable coins (like usdt, busd, usdc...)
  6. That's right, the two projects are running in different systems and have different purposes, the unique common thing is that they are digital projects. Gold is an old asset that has gained much recognition and adoption unlike BTC which is still fresh project
  7. I think there are some problems that face btc before setting up these ATMs, because a big number of people (and governments as well) still think that BTC is just a bubble that will explode at a given time; so I think there is a huge work is required to get the recognition of crypto in general and BTC in particular
  8. Thanks sir. I have recieved and redeemed the prize
  9. I have received the prize I want to thank the moderators for this great opportunity
  10. I have successfully recieved and redeemed the prize, thank you @Desais @Bigpat
  11. I have successfully recieved and redeemed the prize Thanks to the moderators.
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