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  1. gtm5ribht - Thanks to Yobit exchange and CryptoTalk forum for the opportunity to earn money for each message!
  2. The best thing is to hold (or freeze) your coins while the market is down because it's a momentary move and there will be certainly another uptrend move. Just in case you bought a shitcoin then it's better to sell it since it won't increase (or it takes very long time to do)
  3. It seems to be good but I think it is not the ideal entry point (because most altcoins have experienced lower rates than what we see now), in addition each coin is unique (because each one has its own specifications)
  4. For long term investment I think it's a good entry point because as you know it has very positive potential to in increase. That may happen since whales have the power to manipulate its price, but at the end it will goes up
  5. Halving happens every time that 210000 blocks are found (in average it takes around 4 years) and this is the explanation : a block is mined every 6 hours, 6*24*365*4 = 210000. why this happens : let me quote the answer of Vitalik Buterin who said : "The main reason why this is done is to keep inflation under control"
  6. Yes bitcoin could replace the current system (which is seen as traditional ) but I think it needs more time to get recognition from official authorities which seem so opposed to such step
  7. It is neither female nor male, because simply it has no sex, we refer to it with the pronoun "it" not with "he" or "she" pronouns. In some languages in which there is no "it pronoun" they may consider it as male (like in French, we say "il" which means "he")
  8. It's not a matter of right/wrong predictions but it's all about logical speculations and by using some mathematical & statistic algorithms, they predict its value, but the uncertainty is the boss here
  9. That is very good news for crypto world because as we know military industry is one of the strongest & most profitable industries, this would empower crypto market and solidify its presence in the current world
  10. If you are willing to store it for long term, then I think it's a good rate to buy at, but if you tend to trade for short term, then you should pay attention to every single move on the market
  11. The first and most mandatory thing to do before starting trading is learning, then it's recommended that you trade in a simulator platform in order to acquire more experience without loosing /earning real funds , after that you can begin your first real trade
  12. It depends on many factors like the coin you are trading on, the term and the liquidity in the market, personally I check it every 4-6 hours because I think it is a sufficient time in which moves can happen
  13. Stablecoins do not hurt any system (wether the traditional or the new crypto one) because they are supposed to have a fixed value (like 1 Tether = 1 usd ), they are useful for traders to reserve/freeze their funds in a safe zone . I don't see any threat here
  14. Many people are leaving this coin and it is loosing support day after day, I am not sure if it's due to the frailty of its project or because of its inactive team which developed such coin. Anyway I think there are better coins if you are willing to invest
  15. I don't know what do you mean exactly by "investing" but I guess you want to get regular earning when you deposit an amount of money , if you meant this I don't recommend you to take it seriously because most of such websites are scams, it's better if you do trading or at least long term holding
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