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  1. I think you mean 11000, right ?!! I think bitcoin has big potential to grow in the future but this doesn't contradict having trouble times and collapse which are very normal
  2. It must be like this in order to gain profits from trading, you buy at a low price then you sell at higher rates. The other inconveniences you mentioned are totally true (unfortunately)
  3. Many industries really do but yet many more don't, I think it needs some more time to be recognised and given the deserved value by the different industries
  4. Stablecoins do not hurt any system (wether the traditional or the new crypto one) because they are supposed to have a fixed value (like 1 Tether = 1 usd ), they are useful for traders to reserve/freeze their funds in a safe zone . I don't see any threat here
  5. The domain name is so weird, (at least it seems to me), but I wonder why did you confine it on the gambling sector while you have a wide range of sectors that are crypto-related
  6. Many people are leaving this coin and it is loosing support day after day, I am not sure if it's due to the frailty of its project or because of its inactive team which developed such coin. Anyway I think there are better coins if you are willing to invest
  7. I don't know what do you mean exactly by "investing" but I guess you want to get regular earning when you deposit an amount of money , if you meant this I don't recommend you to take it seriously because most of such websites are scams, it's better if you do trading or at least long term holding
  8. We are talking about blockchain and not about cryptocurrencies; blockchain is a new technology that allows data to be distributed without being able to be copied, it has several utilities & it's not exclusive to be used in cryptocurrencies
  9. Great news for xrp holders /investors because such option would empower the present of Ripple in the financial movement which has absolutely a positive impact on its price performance
  10. If you tend to store it for a long term, then I think it is an appropriate time (but not the most appropriate) because btc has big potential to multiply its price in the coming years
  11. Bitcoin has digitalised money, so no need to go back to "physicalise" bitcoin . There may be a symbolic coins for decoration but I think crypto should remain in the virtual world
  12. I think the main reason why they don't accept bitcoin (or altcoins) ASA payment method is due to the high fluctuating price which can change significantly in a short time, so the price of the service would change while the service doesn't
  13. It is a big problem, from one side. they need to preserve the electric energy (which consumes huge outgoing) and in the other side mining uses widely electricity, I think they should look for extra resources that can provide them with energy (like photoelectric cells)
  14. In fact blockchain technology is needed everywhere, especially in the digitalised world we are living in nowadays, it conserves data and makes them immutable, it empower transparency because everyone has access to control these data
  15. EU seems to be less restrictive in term of laws regarding cryptocurrencies (comparing to China or US), its countries are relatively tolerating the use of crypto, so I think it's gonna be a pole f crypto industry
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