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  1. The current forum system is simply brilliant. It is really objective and based on fairness and objectivity, which actually promotes the creation and rating of good quality content. We should be grateful for this nice system and commit ourselves to use it wisely in order to enhance the quality of the information shared here.
  2. Positive reactions are a sign of appreciation for our contributions and encourage us to keep producing content of similar characteristics, rather than spam and meaningless content. Positive reactions are the best tool to show our fellow members they're doing a great job and thus they truly deserve the monetary rewards kindly provided by Cryptotalk.
  3. That's a good proposal, mate. It may certainly reduced the circulating amount of TALK tokens, easing the price drop. Action is strongly required to prevent this sell-offs to keep taking place, otherwise, we might witness a further price decrease. So far, Yobit's Investbox is the only tool to incentivize the holding of TALK tokens. Then something among the lines of a compulsory period of holding might also reduce the circulating supply. I really look forward to hearing what the future plans for TALK are.
  4. Congratulations on getting your first payment, mate. This will surely be a good inspiration for newcomers striving for completing their first 100 posts. In my case, I'm saving most of my rewards in both TALK and sat. Once I have gathered an interesting amount of capital, I will then use it for trading and long term investment.
  5. Hi mate, welcome to Cryptotalk, a rich source of knowledge for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies. The first step towards building yourself a solid account is have a careful read to the forum rules and make sure you understand them clearly to make sure you won't get warning points. Secondly, it is also important to have some knowledge of the different topics discussed in the forum. For this, you can easily browse through the topics you like the most and learn all about them. Finally, a concise, clear and well written post can really make a difference when fellow members rate your contributions. Moreover, constancy and persistence are your best allies towards reaching such an ambitious goal.
  6. Interesting information, they've been talking about the digital Euro for some time but no significant advances have been made in developing this CBDC. I wonder if this lag of the European Union and the US with respect to China and its digital Yuan, would encompass some potential disadvantages for them in terms of their competitiveness in the future digital economy.
  7. Thanks for sharing with us this information about how your manage your portfolio, @BitTyro I am actually curious about of how do you distribute the cryptos you invest in regarding percentages. In my own case, I allocate most of my capital to BTC, up to 80 %, then about 15-20 % in ETH and the rest in a few altcoins that are on the top 20 in terms of market capitalization.
  8. That percentage totally makes senses, I find there is such a vibrant crypto community in Telegram, and sure I belong to this 59 % but Telegram is not the only media I use to keep up to date of the latest news in this crypto world. I also heavily rely on Youtube and Lbry, and obviously here in Cryptotalk, and to a lesser extent I also get some information from Reddit.
  9. Naturally investing in cryptocurrencies involves a higher risk compared to traditional investment tools, but usually a high risk comes with a high reward. The clearest example is Bitcoin, which when it was first launched in 2009, just few people decided to assume the risk of investing in this brand new digital currency" and the rest disregard, perhaps investing in "safer" assets instead. Time eventually rewarded those investors that took the risk and now they are literally wealthy, whereas people that disregarded Bitcoin may regret for the rest of their lives.
  10. Great classification, mate. I would say I belong to the category of those members primarily seeking for knowledge and are happy to receive any tokens as a reward for the effort they put in collaborating significantly to the forum. I would say that anyone with the mindset of just making money from the forum, regardless of the quality of their contributions, would inevitable spamming or posting meaningless information just to get some tokens.
  11. This is such a great advice, mate. I've seen quite somme posts about people asking why their posts get deleted and complaining about negative reactions, but actually very few posts like yours that aim to provide very helpful guidelines for new members to enhance the quality of their contributions and make the most of the contributions in the forum. These guidelines should be closely followed if one intends to grow in the forum.
  12. Thank you for this valuable information, I did read the first part of the article and along this one are a pretty good source of information for us all considering getting some capital invested in Yobiit's virtual mining. I have personally been accumulating some tokens from my paid contributions in the forum and think this virtual mining may be a good choice to further my earnings in the long term.
  13. Definitely great information, many of us are not aware of what alternatives exist to Google 2FA. It seems that Authy has some significant advantages over Google 2FA. Yet, It seems that most people would prefer Google due to the reputation of this big company and may be difficult to persuade them to use an alternative from a not so renowned company. I think, it may be worth giving a go to Authy, at least for the sake of comparison.
  14. That is a great vision, mate. Collapse of markets are unpredictable events that may lead to great loses when we have big capital invested in an asset and our risk management is a bit flawed. In my case, I learned from though experiences not to sell driven by panic and only investing capital that I am truly willing to lose in totality. Yet, if the adoption of Bitcoin keeps adjusting to this curve, it may experience a sudden increase in the coming years, reaching an hypothetical full adoption in 10 years time. This may naturally impact the price positively but obviously there are plenty of unpredictable factors that might interfere with the development of this curve overall.
  15. Thanks for sharing this handy information, I indeed find really convenient to being able to have direct access to the forum on a mobile device, as it's way easier that logging from the computer, especially when we only want to read the topics. I will definitely implement this and I'm sure this will further my learning experience in this forum.
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