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  1. Cheers, guys 😉 Oktoberfest is in full swing, so let’s cheer to good times! 🍻 2nd tournament is the highest win multiplier tournament with 250 mBTC prize pool. Play any games by these providers: * Yggdrasil * NetEnt * GameArt * Caleta * Pragmatic Play The minimum bet amount for each spin is 0.02 mBTC. Don’t forget to opt in before your first spin! Enter the tournament HERE. PS. 4 more tournaments are on the way, so stay tuned 😉 Enjoy 🎉 Karl
  2. Hey 😉 Come and celebrate Oktoberfest with us! Upcoming weeks we will have several tournaments. The 1st one is here: Red Tiger “Total Bet Sum” tournament. Grab your share of 150 mBTC: * Log in & opt in * Play any game by Red Tiger * Wager at least 0.5 mBTC to get 1 point * Climb the leaderboard Prizes will be paid out September 28, by 17:00 GMT Join the tournament HERE. Cheers 😄 Karl
  3. Hey buddies 🙂 Do you like Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways slot by GameArt? Then you’ll also like our new promotion with €10 000 prize pool! How to win a share: * Play the game * Collect the points * Climb the leaderboard Things to know: * Every wagered €1 gives you 1 point * Promo runs until September 30 23:59 GMT * €10 000 prize pool will be distributed among 150 players Ready to grab some cash? Enjoy 😉 Karl
  4. Hey there ☀️ I bet you all have wondered how much should you bet on different slots 🤔Right? Along with questions about penny slots and dollar slots, let’s find out the answers: How much to bet on slots. Do you have some strategy for betting on slots? Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks 😉 Karl
  5. Hey crypto fans 🙂 According to Google Trends, the price of Bitcoin is one of the most commonly searched topics related to digital currency. Some days, the price of Bitcoin shoots up while other days, it goes down. How is the Bitcoin price determined and how does its value increase or decrease? Bitcoin price history and fluctuation The initial price of Bitcoin Following its release as open-source in early 2009, Bitcoin’s value was practically next to nothing. Crypto users mainly traded with it as a hobby. The first crypto transaction ever recorded happened in 2010 when a crypto-miner in Florida bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Later in July 2010, the first real price of a single Bitcoin went from around USD$0.0008 to USD$0.08 when it skyrocketed by 900% in five days. The value of Bitcoin when the crypto craze erupted By 2011, the value of Bitcoin steadily increased as it took parity with the US dollar and recorded its first 'bubble' of USD$31 before its first price drop. In the following year, Bitcoin gradually started to take off due to the rise of new crypto exchanges in the market, as well as miners in China. In 2013, the world was taken by the crypto craze when Bitcoin soared from a virtually trivial amount to a whopping USD$1,000. Highest recorded Bitcoin price During 2017, the price of Bitcoin reached its first record high. It started in August when it passed USD$3,000 for the first time. It broke USD$5,000 and USD$6,000 later on, until it topped at USD$8,004.59 in November. By December 2017, the price of Bitcoin reached USD$17,900. On December 17, it rose by 5% and recorded an all-time high of USD$19,783. It is still the highest price Bitcoin has ever hit as of today. The fall of Bitcoin Despite the great year Bitcoin had in 2017, its price suffered a continuous decline in the next year. BTC value dropped by 50% in February 2018. For the 10th anniversary of the digital currency in October 2018, Bitcoin maintained its price above USD$6,000. By December 2018, the price plummeted below USD$3,300. The value of Bitcoin in 2020 Despite the meteoric rise and fall of Bitcoin throughout the years, crypto experts remain positive with the potential of the digital asset, especially this year. This is because Bitcoin is foreseen to soar to a new all-time high of USD$20,000 in 2020. How is Bitcoin valued? The price of Bitcoin has been historically volatile, but what makes Bitcoin go up and down? In the most basic sense, trading determines the price of Bitcoin. What gives Bitcoin value is the last trade conducted on a crypto exchange. This means the rise of buying pressure is what makes Bitcoin go up while the increase in selling pressure lowers its price instead. What is driving Bitcoin price: Main factors that affect BTC It’s not uncommon to see BTC’s value fluctuate to a 5% or even 10% difference in just a day. Why so? Perceived store of value A store of value means an asset is seen to be useful in the future. Like gold or silver, you can mine a fixed quantity of 21 million BTC. Meanwhile, fiat money is dynamically regulated by governments. The intrinsic value of the cryptocurrency in the future As a store of value and method of value transfer, the changing views in the intrinsic value of Bitcoin affect its price. This makes the Bitcoin price fluctuate based on significant events that happen each day. Risks from BTC investors with large holdings What makes Bitcoin go up or down also relies on its users. Investors with Bitcoin holdings of more than USD$10 million risk severely disturbing the market if they liquidate that much of it. Losses and security vulnerabilities It’s no secret that Bitcoin has suffered major losses and security breaches through the years. From thefts and hacks, these highly publicized incidents contribute to the question of 'Why does Bitcoin change value?'. Adoption and government regulation Crypto has been speculated to move into mainstream finance. With that, the adoption and government regulation of cryptocurrencies can increase the buying pressure of Bitcoin thus affecting its price. Bitcoin’s latest movement - Jan to Aug 2020 At the time of writing, 1 BTC is valued at USD$11,746.30 and it is expected to further go up by the end of the year despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak. In March 2020, the value of Bitcoin crashed to USD$5,000, along with several markets around the world. Though unlike traditional markets, it returned to the spotlight and even rallied year-to-date highs due to an influx of new users. There was also the much anticipated Bitcoin halving this year that aided its boost, as well as a ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again’ effort in the US. In the past few months, 1 BTC has been hovering around USD$10,000, an increase of over 30% since the start of 2020. The finite supply of Bitcoin made some investors consider it a safe asset like gold. Amid the lockdown, there has been an 8.8x increase due to Bitcoin purchases from both Boomers and Gen X. It is speculated that the price of Bitcoin will reach around USD$20,000 this year. Why is Bitcoin going up so much? Bitcoin almost always has an incredible recovery no matter the issue. Crypto Research Report (CRR) published an analysis in June 2020 predicting Bitcoin’s future price to reach almost USD$400,000 by 2030. With Bitcoin’s price right now, it appears to be a strong possibility. Commodity strategist Mike McGlone pointed out how unprecedented central bank stimulus measures and new quantitative easing help the store of value of Bitcoin. He even likened it as the digital version of gold. Moreover, with the second peak of COVID-19 cases, experts believe it can affect Bitcoin and make it go up. It is foreseen by experts that the scenario can incite more quantitative easing as it further depreciates the dollar. 'With a fixed supply and increased demand, you can't ignore the attractiveness of cryptocurrency assets in these unprecedented times,' finance professor Andros Gregoriou concludes. 'A currency like Bitcoin, which holds its value—even increases it—will be very attractive to use, buy, hold and transact with.' How about you, how often do you check the Bitcoin price? Cheers, Karl
  6. Hi guys 🙂 The most fun casino game ever made? We would say, it is Crazy Time, as it has been the most popular since its release on Bitcasino. You are invited to Crazy Time Hunt with 220 mBTC prize pool 😎 How to get your share: 1. Log in & opt-in 2. Bet on any Crazy Time’s 4 bonus rounds 3. Collect points & climb the leaderboard How to get points: * Get 2 points for every win on Coin Flip * Get 5 points for every win on Pachinko or Cash Hunt * Get 10 points for every win on Crazy Time Ready to have some crazy time? 😄 Good luck, Karl
  7. Hi crypto fans 🙂 Did you know that according to Google Trends, the price of Bitcoin is one of the most commonly searched topics related to digital currency? Some days, the price of Bitcoin shoots up ⬆️while other days, it goes down ⬇️. How is the Bitcoin price determined and how does its value increase or decrease? Find out all the answers here: What makes Bitcoin go up and down? How about you, how often do you check the Bitcoin price? Cheers 😉 Karl
  8. Guys, We have some exciting news 😉 3-2-1- GO! 3 new games: Celebration of Wealth Best of Wealth Temple of Wealth 2 new promotions: Tournament of wealth = Win your share of 250 mBTC Boost your wealth = Boost your winnings by 15% each day 1 Week of Wealth Read more & enjoy your week here at Bitcasino! 😉 Cheers, Karl
  9. Hello fellows 😉 Want to grab a share of €30,000 prize pool? Let’s go! All you have to do is play selected games by Booongo. How to win your share: * Collect points and climb the leaderboard * Get 1 point for each x1 multiplier in winning spin * Min bet is €0.5 EUR * Make at least 100 spins Promotion runs until September 22 (21:00 GMT). Are you in? Happy hunting 😉 Karl
  10. Hi guys 😉 Do you know what skill-based slots are? Skill games are casino slots where you are rewarded based on your ability to play a game. In other words, the outcome is determined by your skills, rather than by chance. Have you played these games? If not and you want to know more about different skill games, please read our new blog post: What are skill games and how do they work? Let us know which ones do you prefer = traditional slots or skill games? Thanks 🙏 Karl
  11. Hi buddies 😉 You are welcome to join our Highest Win Multiplier tournament! Play any GameArt slot, climb the leaderboard and get your share of 125 mBTC prize pool. PS: Play these 3 games and get double points: * Piggy Holmes * Money Farm 23 * Chili Quest Log in & Opt in >>> GameArt Tournament 2 Good luck 🙂 Karl
  12. Hi crypto fans 😉 What do you know about crypto payment solutions? Crypto payment solutions allow people to buy and transact in cryptocurrency. They facilitate seamless payments through different secure apps/websites that can also be integrated with businesses. Why and which solutions should you use? Find out here: Cryptonomics: what you should know about cryptocurrency payment solutions Cheers 🙂 Karl
  13. Hi @Whited35, Thanks for challenging me in this questionnaire 🙂 So here is my experience in the crypto world: 1. I currently have BTC, LTC, TRX, PAX, and USDT. 2. I prefer stablecoins as they are specially designed for instant processing and it takes minutes or even just seconds before they could be transferred to another account. I also enjoy the lower fees, where I don't have to worry about high-interest rates. 3. I use them regularly, weekly I would say. For trading and of course for gambling 🙂 4. Crypto has changed my world 100%! A new job, a lot of new experiences and knowledge, and tons of fun. 5. I think the future for some altcoins will be quite bright, but will they (or some of them) challenge Bitcoin, I really don't think, but let's see. It's an amazing world with interesting changes. Thanks, Karl
  14. Hey spinners 😎 Did you know the slots can be divided into two categories—penny slots and high roller slots? Want to know more about high roller slots and learn some tips? Here you go: What are high limit slots all about? PS. There are a bunch of promos going on our site. Take a look and have a fun weekend 🤩 Cheers 🙂 Karl
  15. Hi guys, Would you like to shine and share your knowledge, experiences and suggestions? Here’s your chance. 🙂 Please take your time and answer below questions and let us and other users know how have altcoins impacted your life. 1. Which altcoins do you currently have? 2. Why have you chosen those? 3. Do you use altcoins on daily/weekly/monthly basis and if so, for what kind of transactions? 4. Have altcoins changed your life somehow? 5. What do you think is the future of altcoins? Will they challenge Bitcoin? Thanks, Karl
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