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Found 2 results

  1. 1. SkyGeniusBot: cryptobot-constructor Description 3-5% profit per month More than 1 year of tests Exchange Start Minimum balance on Binance $30, recommended from $100 The user is engaged in setting according to the instruction Operation of the bot on the user side (PC/VPS) by API Details Bot-constructor May need to be reconfigured annually for market changes Designed for distances (not every week-month pleases, but mostly) Pricing Rent $15 / month up to $4,000 balance $30 / month up to $8,000 balance $50 / month unlimited balance Purchase $300 USD Testing 30 days free, sending bot files - on request 2. NeiroGeniusBot: neuronet bot Description 5-10% profit per month The Algorithm was tested 4 years in manual mode, the bot itself since October 2019 Exchange Start The Minimum balance on the exchange is $150, recommended from $1000 Run in a few clicks on the instructions Operation of the bot on the user side (PC/VPS) by API Details Bot on the basis of self-learning neural network-itself adapts to market changes and trades better in case of errors In a downtrend, the profit can be zero or a slight plus, in bullish months it increases to 20-30%, the total average is 5-10%, and according to tests, even in a downtrend, the bot usually works in plus Designed for distances (not every week-month pleases, but mostly) Pricing Rent $80 per month for every $15,000 of the balance of the exchange Purchase $8,000 for 5 years $10,000 unlimited Commission from transactions By agreement to work with our VPS Testing 30 days free, sending bot files - on request 3. Broker bot (sports betting) - COMING SOON Description ~30% profit per month Start Start work via telegram bot from $30 Via telegram bot, (or) via exchange API Exchange (sometimes a VPN login is required) Details Very fresh development, while more pre-orders are accepted for testing (January) Use from our VPS via API, or telegram bot, but in general everything is discussed, there may still be options, for example - % of dividends User-side installation-considered Pricing time Testing time FAQ What are the guarantees? 1. Provides maximum protection from draining the Deposit: Non-margin trading The risk is not the amount by which the entry is made, but % of the stop When the market goes down the bot does not buy more when there is no need 2. On some solutions, the refund guarantee at drain is up to 100% with certain conditions Currently available on the sports betting bot Will I Waste my time earning nothing? With the proposed solutions, this is unlikely, but the chances are there because: 1. Investing and trading are always risks :_ ( 2. You can not stick settings or view if the VPS hangs 3. Force-majeure (hacking cryptocurrency exchange, meteorite) How to start? In in personal messages the applications and questions not are taken! 1. Write on the forum below 2. In response, you will receive a link to extended information for free testing in your private messages 3. The format of the message is any, for example: "interested in such a bot" Extended information on bots with screenshots and statistics - Or ask your questions! 😃
  2. Hello, I want to introduce to you trading portal and offer an automatic trading bot which is called ENLA for Binance and Bybit futures trading. It has good results, you can check by yourself in the following video below and telegram chat (video made not by me). I have activated today a Premium Trader $7500 membership package for a 1 year which is cost $2500. I can sell it with a 20% discount for $2000 in USDT or BTC, ETH cryptocurrency. The reason why I’m selling, I have one more license to use. We can deal anytime with Bitcointalk escrow, thanks. Video about trading bot: Community chat:
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