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Found 24 results

  1. Many people around the world disagree with digital assets because of their destabilizing capacity in terms of their own economy. Also, not knowing or understanding how the mechanism of cryptocurrencies works, is a cultural motive that creates a kind of floating ignorance in the community, the disgust for digital assets can also come from bad experiences or think that they are complices of scams or bad economic agreements regarding it. Take into account that not all people prefer new systems, perhaps the system adapts them by simple evolution.
  2. In our Discord channel we are encouraging conversations between the developers of the different currencies listed in the exchange and the users. I believe that this, in addition to strengthening ties, can generate interesting debates about different aspects of currencies or their communities. We all have something to say . Our grain of sand to contribute. In addition to our general channel, each currency has its own space to promote events or assist users. JOIN UP
  3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee at the Presidential Palace in South Korea recommended that the Korean government allow financial institutions the right to launch investment products that rely on cryptocurrency, including bitcoin derivatives. The committee recommends that "the financial sector develop and encourage custodianship solutions in South Korea to avoid relying only on foreign custodianship rights to process cryptocurrency assets" and that bitcoin be listed directly on the Korea Exchange [KRX] in South Korea. The following sentences are the most promising: Geleneksel's traditional players in the capital market, such as securities firms and banks, must develop and promote local collateral solutions to deal with cryptocurrency assets. Therefore, South Korea should not rely on foreign countries for the coded asset storage market. The Korean government should allow institutional investors to gradually deal with cryptocurrency assets and encourage OTC schedules for institutional investors ’transactions. " The European Commission also recommended that the South Korean government follow the steps of US and Swiss financial officials and consider providing licenses and guidelines for integrating crypto-related products into South Korea's financial system for cryptocurrency exchange Last week, the South Korean government stated that it had decided not to impose taxes on digital asset transaction revenue to ease the chaos in the country's cryptocurrency tax. However, the Korean government is reviewing international trends to properly integrate digital currencies into existing tax laws
  4. Nate Flanders, who run a cryptocurrency trading platform, said schools should “absolutely” being including blockchain based on the benefits of coding alone. The Co-Founder & CEO of Mandala Exchange told “What it really comes down to is, continuing to push coding generally into the school system. “Java, C++, python - these are just some of the languages blockchain platforms are being built on.” He added: “With the current push towards integrating the fundamental programming languages into school systems, blockchain should become a complimentary area of study with the possibility to major in it or specialise.” Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and their volatility have been extreme. Bitcoin has lost half its value since the start of 2018, slumping to the $6,400 mark.
  5. Advcash Bank is one of the finest electronic banks in the existing time, and that is based on the advantages of this wonderful site, the site offers you a large number of wonderful services significantly and with simple prices and accessible to all and most important of these services is that the site gives you a virtual or plastic VISA Card The door of your house and this card is valid for activating Paypal, activating it completely or shopping from the internet in addition to drawing your money from any ATM to and from the advantages of the advcash site as well is that you can transfer the wealth between the electronic banks that it supports in an immediate direction and without any commission and also one of the most important features of Site is that it does not charge any commission or deduction monthly or yearly. Register with AdvCash Bank The process of joining the site is very soft so that you will not require to activate your email, except that so far this, like any electronic bank, will have to activate your account by sending documents confirming your identity. Click on the registration link here: AdvCash - Upload two photos of your ID cards - Upload a picture of a document confirming your residence - Activate through the form that you will reach at your phone number So far, click on Deposit Funds to download your account from a bank, for the purpose of exchanging the price of the card you choose. Regarding the methods of filling the account, they are varied, and it is more important for these methods as shown in the picture: Bitcoin, payeer, okpay, perfect money, e-coin, BTC, yandex, or by wire change and after choosing the bank that suits you, choose the amount you send. Click on the registration link here: AdvCash
  6. Hey CryptoTalkers! As this year have a greater start as compared to previous few years. There are many of new hopes created in our mind and we are now more motivated than before. What you guys have set any goal to achieve till the last of this year. I have a goal to collect almost 1 bitcoin whether I earn it freely or by some other activities like trading etc.
  7. Crypto Leagues is a new free-to-play cryptocurrency investment game. Compete to make the most profit by trading cryptocurrencies. What's the purpose of the game? The game is whatever you make it! Learn about cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. Win cryptocurrencies - sent directly to your own wallet. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. Host community events to increase engagement. Fine-tune your trading skills or test your hunches. Host a private league for just your friends. Make a buck and sell your trading strategy. Get introduced to new cryptocurrencies. and so on.. How does the game work? Players are given $10,000 in play money when they join the main league to kickstart their trading journey. The top 5 players who have made the most profits at the end of the league, win their share of the prize pool. Is it really free? Yes! Really-really. No backsies. There will be a premium membership available, but the game will remain free-to-play. Cool! Where do I sign up? You can sign up for the beta right here and help us find the last few bugs and squash them! You should also join our Telegram group to keep up to date with everything! How can I help out? Sign up and start playing! The more, the merrier! We would also appreciate it if you would share this with people you know who are interested in cryptocurrencies. It would also help out if you would like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Uptrennd. Latest updates 6/11 - Active users and profile pictures are now visible on the leaderboard. 5/11 - Implemented new profit graphs. 31/10 - Players can now toggle to see all active limit orders under active order history, regardless of what trading pair they are on. 25/10 - Database moved to MongoDB Atlas (A distributed database) to prevent outages. 24/10 - Implemented new and improved trading engine, allowing for more precise and secure trading functionality, including limit orders. 23/10 - Sneak-peak of the new design. Known bugs Tooltips do not work properly on mobile devices. Sparkline graphs in the portfolio are being blocked by adblockers. Mobile-view not fully optimized. SSL certificate not active until launch. Let us know if you have any further questions. We are very responsive on Telegram!
  8. Demand for cryptocurrencies and digital assets is set to accelerate rapidly in the near future in the Emirates The UAE is at the forefront of adopting cryptography. With coded transactions in excess of $ 210 million, the UAE ranked first in the world, surpassing the United States. Moreover, increased enthusiasm for cryptocurrency in the UAE prevailed at the “2019 Lendit Fintech USA” event, during which a comprehensive framework for fintech companies to join new markets was revealed by the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Do you think Dubai will become the center of the cryptocurrency in the world?
  9. BitcoinSV undoubtedly has a huge group of powerful detractors. Many of them consider this coin as a scam, but is that so? Or is it a malicious attack by a dominant sector in the crypto world? It is not our intention to defend or attack this project, which we have listed in our exchange from the very beginning, 6 months ago. If we have listed it, it is because we believe that it has a very interesting community of good people who work day by day to improve this project. And also because we have seen more positive than negative aspects. What do you think?
  10. Hello, the purpose of this post is to present you a platform with which you can exchange your funds for physical money, I speak of AirTM. What is Airtm? Airtm is dollar wallet connected to bank and e-money networks via a peer-to-peer exchange. Users hold their funds as dollars, and can send, receive, add, and withdraw funds domestically and internationally. Airtm is used by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world to save in dollars, send and receive money locally and abroad, and access funds in payment processors. Before all, certain conditions must be met, they must verify your account with your ID and a paper with the name of AirTM, these steps appear when creating your account. Once your account has been verified, the limit for funding (deposits) or withdrawals will increase to $ 25,000. Currently the platform works with a star or reputation system, therefore when depositing and withdrawing your money, only accept users with more than 4 stars... How to deposit, withdraw, send and request money in AirTM? Deposit with AirTM In AirTM depositing is now (Fund), from this option we can add funds to our AirTM account in different payment methods. The most current are the following: Wire transfer. Cash (Efecty, Mi Vecino, MoneyGram, Other Cash, Pagofácil, Rapipago, Supergiros and Western Union). Cryptocurrencies or Cryptocurrencies (Airtm Crypto, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase, Dai, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Luno, Monero, Another Cryptocurrency, Ripple, Stellar and Zcash). Electronic wallets (Advcash, Alipay, Binusu, ecoPayz, ePayments, eSewa, GrabPay MYR, Mercado Pago, Neteller, Other Electronic Wallet, Papara, Papaya eWallet, Paxum, Payeer, Payoneer, Paypal, Perfect Money, RappiPay, Saldazo, Skrill, SolidTrust Pay, Tenpay, Uphold, WebMoney and Zelle). Gift Cards (Airbnb, Amazon, eBay, Google Play, Itunes, Kmart, Netflix, Nike, Another Gift Card, Playstation, Spotify, Starbucks, Steam and Xbox Live). Movil (Abra, Africell Money, Airtel Bank, BBVA Wallet, Bhim, BigPay, Billetera Tpaga, Bkash, Daviplata, Easypaisa, EcoCash, Freecharge, Google Pay, JazzCash, MaybankPay, Mobikwik, MoviiRed, M-Pesa, MTN Mobile Money, Nequi , Orange Cash, Otro Móvil, Oxygen Wallet, PagoMóvil, Pay Zapp, Paytm, Phonepe, PicPay, Pockets By Icici Bank, Powwi, RecargaPay, Touch 'n Go, Ualá, UPaisa, Wallet One and WeChat). As we observed, there are many payment methods that we can use with AirTM, surely you found the one that you are going to use. This and much more makes it a unique platform. The steps to deposit or fund are as follows: 1. We click where it says Fund / Withdraw in the menu from your AirTM account. 2. We select the payment method that we need from those that the platform shows us, if we need another one, click on (More payment methods) and choose the one that we need. 3. We write the amount that we are going to deposit to our AirTM account depending on the payment method we have chosen and the system will tell us how much we will receive in AirUSD. 4. When we have the amount that we need to deposit to our account, we proceed to choose one of the two options to continue with the process: What options? As the following, one is completing the application for a partner and the other with an AirTM ATM. They choose the cashier option. 5. The system shows us the quality of the ATMs and the acceptance time, we click Select to have one of the ATMs help us with that process. 6. Once the cashier accepts our request, he will give us some information where we must make our payment, that means that if they chose the PayPal payment method, you must go to your PayPal account and send the payment from there. 7. If you have already made the payment to the cashier, he must confirm that and he will immediately release your AirUSD. The steps to withdraw are as follows: 1. We click where it says Fund / Withdraw in the menu from your AirTM account. 2. Then you follow the same steps as when we are going to deposit from point 2, the only difference is that in this case it would be you who sent AirUSD balance to an ATM, which will be in charge of sending you money to your local currency or any other method payment you chose to withdraw. Commissions and applicable fees: The commissions that are applied in each transaction that we are going to carry out, vary depending on the country and the means of payment / withdrawal that is selected. AirTM has the best rates on the market and up to 8 times lower than those of banks. The fixed commission that AirTM assigns in each operation is $ 0.33 / $ 0.60. This means that the benefit that this platform earns is minimal for each transaction that we carry out and those who actually earn in this regard are ATMs. But every time we are carrying out an operation, AirTM shows us how much we are going to pay in commission, therefore we will not be waiting for surprise commissions. Currently they are not charging commissions to deposit, this will be throughout March, take advantage, any questions please comment! Register here without referral link: HERE Register here as my referral: HERE Note: I thank the administration that, if it is forbidden to place my reference link, this will be notified to me to delete it and that the subject is not affected, since this information is important.
  11. Who are the most dynamic countries in the field of cryptocurrencies: In terms of issuing digital currencies In terms of Crypto trading exchanges In terms of mining companies In terms of allowing the sale and purchase of crypto freely
  12. I see that as a very good news and sign of better things to follow in the cryptoworld in the year 2020. It's looking like the most advanced countries of the world are taking strategic positions in cryptoworld, whereas the third world and developing countries are busy chasing shadows, what a tragedy - will they ever learn?
  13. Why choose SouthXchange? Answer SECURE Our multitier architecture protects your deposits. We also have 2-factor authentication and email confirmation to protect your account even further. LOW FEES Very low trading and withdraw fees REAL-TIME Data is obtained from our servers in real-time. That means you get the latest data as soon as possible. MOBILE FRIENDLY Our platform was designed from scratch to be usable in mobile devices.
  14. Fides Exchange 1 BTC Trading Competition (April 1, 2020 thru June 30, 2020) Pre-requisite (April 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020) Verified account with 1 month of activity of at least 0.30 BTC (Total) across all base markets except LYNX. 2500 Participants must actively agree to participate on March 29th (Prompted on login); if for any reason the number of users does reach the participant level of 2,500 OR those participating do not maintain a 0.30 BTC (Total) trading volume for April, the contest will be terminated and rescheduled. Contest Period (May 1, 2020 thru June 31, 2020) Must have monthly trading volume of at least 0.30 BTC (Total) across all base markets except LYNX Contest Scoring - point are awarded based on the top 25 users for the following (excludes Lynx base pair markets): Scoring  (75) Total aggregate trades (total value) o (25) BTC base pairs o (25) LTC base pairs o (25) ETH base pairs  (25) Cumulative trading activities (total value) for the contest period - all markets  (25) Total number of referrals for the pre-requisite period and contest period. o Must have at least 5 referrals meeting a monthly minimum trading requirement. o Referrals must maintain min. monthly trading level of at least 0.05 BTC for the entire contest in any base pair (BTC, LTC or ETH)  (75) Total number of executed trades for contest period / lowest executed trade allowed is 0.0001 BTC. o (25) BTC o (25) LTC o (25) ETH 200 Total Points Contest Rules o User can trade in any of the currencies and base markets except for the Lynx. Users must maintain a 0.30 BTC (Value) in executed trades in any of the base markets for each month the contest is live. o Only executed trades will be considered for determining continued eligibility of the contest. o At any time that a participant does not maintain the minimum execute trades of 0.30 BTC (Total Value), the participant will be ineligible. o Participants that collude with others in Discord, Twitter or any other social media platform will be disqualified. o Participants that are part of trade executions where the counterparty (the other side) for the trade is the same individual for more 75% or more of the trades will be considered coordinated trading efforts. Both participants will be disqualified. o All results will be presented with the top 25 participants for the all categories where the information of individuals based on their system id without any user information. o Decisions made for disqualification and the results are final. Update throughout the Pre-requisite and Contest periods will be posted both on Discord and Fides Exchange Support.
  15. We have the popular USDC market. For now we have added 10 trading pairs. An open source, smart contract-based stablecoin. DGB/USDC MNC/USDC ETH/USDC BSV/USDC AVN/USDC DOGE/USDC PIVX/USDC LTC/USDC BTC/USDC POT/USDC
  16. Anyone using the Nicehash platform for mining knows well how it worked before and certainly knows how Nicehash has evolved. Now payments are made every 4 hours, 6 payments per day, before the miner had to reach 0.00100 satoshis for transfer to the wallet. In addition, the exchange has been added where we can trade with the mined BTCs directly from the Nicehash website, and we still have the possibility to use not only the BTC but other currencies like XRP, LTC, ETH, all within Nicehash itself. In my view a 100% improvement on your site. What did you think about this change? Anyone who uses Nicehash or even those who do not use it may be leaving their opinion or any questions here that I will be available to be informing about the operation of the Nicehash site and its operating system. Feel free to interact..Hugs to all !!
  17. How many cryptocurrencies are available in the current market? Mention some major currencies which are more popular and trustworthy.
  18. Автоматический 365/24/7 обмен криптовалют Privat.Cash Обмен Bitcoin BTC, Tether USDT, Монобанк UAH, Приват 24, PerfectMoney USD, Visa/MasterCard, Advcash USD, Ethereum ETH и другие имеющиеся crypto-валюты! Обменяем - Продадим - Купим криптовалюту:$ Bitcoin (BTC)$ Litecoin (LTC)$ Bitcoin Cash (BCH)$ Tether USD (USDT)$ Ethereum (ETH)$ Dash (DASH)$ Monero (XMR)$ Ripple (XRP)$ Dogecoin (DOGE)$ EOS (EOS)И многие другие криптовалюты!Обменяем - Пополним - Выдадим электронные деньги:$ AdvCash$ PerfectMoney$ Privat24$ EXMO$ Монобанк$ Наличные (USD, EUR, RUB, UAH)Пополняем карты/счета банков (Visa/MasterCard UAH/USD):UA BANK (ПриватБанк, Монобанк, ПУМБ, УкрСибБанк, РайффазенБанк, ОщадБанк и др.)$ Верифицированные счета в платежных системах!$ Максимально быстрый обмен!$ Большие резервы!$ Работаем по всему миру!$ Анонимность и безопасность!$ Прием и пополнение аккаунтов криптовалютных бирж.$ Курьерская доставка наличных денег (UA)!$ Прийем от партнерских программ их выплаты с биллингов.$ Вывод электронных денег и криптовалют в наличные!Продаем и Покупаем:#BTC #LTC #BCH #ETH #USDT #PerfectmoneyБиржа #binance0,1-10 Btc за одну сделку#Киев #Харьков - #УкраинаВ ОФИСЕ (парковка, кофе, охрана)В БАНКЕ (комната для переговоров)БЕЗОПАСНО, КОМФОРТНО, КОНФИДЕНЦИАЛЬНО!По всем вопросам - пишите (специальные условия для майнеров и постоянных клиентов)ПАРТНЕРСКАЯ ПРОГРАММААвтоматический обмен 365/24/7Пн. — Пт. с 9:00 до 21:00Сб. — Вск. свободный график.Поддержка Privat.Cash всегда поможет провести обмен, если у Вас возникнут трудности. Сайт сервиса: Telegram support:Канал Telegram:Отзывы Eobmen-Obmen ExchangeSumo Kurses #bitcoin #money #trading #success #cryptocurrency #entrepreneur #business #forextrader #investing #luxury #crypto #binaryoptions #stocks #wealth #investment #rich #trader #motivation #blockchain #investor #makemoney #millionaire #invest #btc #forextrading #bitcoinmining #wallstreet #ethereum #rich #entrepreneurship #wallstreet #stocks #business #crypto #finance #forex #motivation #wealth #luxury #love#hustle #bitcoin #invest #millionaire #money #success#trading #trader #forextrader #investor #entrepreneur #cryptocurrency #lifestyle #binaryoptions #ethereum #investment #investing #blockchain
  19. We continue to promote our exchange by giving away 200 AVN for registering SIGN UP
  20. FIDES EXCHANGE LLC Mission What do BTC-e, Poloniex, Cryptsy, Bter, Bitcurex, and Cryptopia (to name some) have in common? All of these exchanges failed. In a clear majority of the failures, users have lost all of their holdings. The common thread with all of these failed exchanges: no corporate governance. The group behind this project has been directly affected by all of those exchange failures. Each one of us has lost time, coins, and faith in cryptocurrency exchanges. An exchange that operates openly, honestly, and transparently is needed. Goals Fides Exchange stands for the transparent and honest operations of a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange takes security, support, and service very seriously having already seen how most exchanges handle these matters. Communication will not be sporadic or non-existent. Standard financial market practices are followed. Decisions are made as a group for the benefit of the exchange and users, not individuals. How it works Fides Exchange centers around key principles of blockchain and decentralization. Decision making at all levels is decentralized to all directors of the exchange, governing board members, and investors. Months have been spend building the business procedures and operations and not built around the technology. The core principles of the exchange: - All investors and shareholders will be have access to the P&L statements. - All investors, shareholders, and directors are a part of the decision process (voting). - All directors will be required to vote on all issues on the exchange. - There is no hierarchical structure where decision-making is consolidated. - Investors and shareholders will vote on future exchange services and features. - Security, service, and support are paramount - Investors and shareholders will always be given dividends with a complete accounting - Account audits will be performed and published annually - Legal representation from the start SIGN UP
  21. I joined the Coinbase Earn a few months ago and up until now I'm still on the wait list. To the people who got qualified, what are the prerequisites in order for people like me to get qualified and become eligible to earn?
  22. At Fides Exchange LLC we have a corporate governance with an open book policy for our investors. We seek above all transparency and honesty in our services. Based in Medford, New Jersey, we have the world's fastest hight-frequency trading platform mounted on Modulus; powerful and secure software. With six markets for cryptomontage and digital assets, we believe that the demand from the trade is largely covered. Our markets are: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, DOGE and LYNX We are here to serve. https://www. fides-ex. com
  23. Sign Up Now Here FIDES EXCHANGE The duration is limited. Share the post, register and verify the account with your email
  24. Our sixth market is the exclusive and recent Lynx market. We launched the market with six pairs: LYNX/TRC LYNX/DGC LYNX/UIS LYNX/XMY LYNX/ZET LYNX/BSTY Soon there will be eleven pairs and then surely cryptocurrencies that join this strategic alliance will be added. Since all currencies in this market along with Fides Exchange are part of the EWMCI Crypto Leadership Alliance (East-West Crypto Experts Tycoon)
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