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  1. We welcome you, visitors, and participants to the forum! We would like to present our cryptocurrency exchange service Our team has developed a semi-automatic online exchange service. Our service is a modern online platform allowing ordinary users to carry out cryptocurrency exchange operations intuitively. Our advantages: - a large selection of exchange directions and cryptocurrencies; - prompt customer support; - exchange of popular types of electronic currencies in a convenient format; - cash exchange in Ukraine and EU countries; - profitable referral program; - low threshold of the minimum amount for exchange; - qualified specialists; - pleasant bonuses after a successful transaction; - large reserves; Contacts: Mail: Phone: +380662500001 Telegram: @CryptoBit_CS Instagram: CryptoBit_Official
  2. is a cryptocurrency and electronic money exchange service. Transactions with us are carried out quickly, safely and very profitable! Through you can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether for dollars, euros and other popular currencies. We support all popular payment systems and banks. In total, more than 30 currency pairs and this is not the limit. Benefits of working with us: Registration is not required for the exchange; The minimum exchange amount is 100 USDT; Exchange time from 5 to 30 minutes; Always up-to-date exchange rate and no commission; It is reliable and safe with us (communication with the site is carried out via SSL protocol); Support is provided 24/7 via chat on the site, mail or telegram. Affiliate program. Invite friends, share the link on social networks and get affiliate commission. Attention: the exchange service only exchanges through the website. Through the forum, Telegram, Viber, Skype, ICQ and other instant messengers and social networks, we do not exchange currency! Change money back and forth! Whether it is cryptocurrency or electronic money. Email: Telegram:
  3. - сервис обмена криптовалют и электронных денежных средств. Сделки с нами проводятся быстро, безопасно и очень выгодно! Через вы можете обменять Bitcoin, Ethereum и Tether на доллары, евро и другие популярные валюты. Мы поддерживаем все популярные платежные системы и банки. В сумме более чем 30 валютных пар и это не предел. Преимущества работы с нами: Для обмена не требуется регистрация; Минимальная сумма обмена составляет 100 USDT; Время обмена от 5 до 30 минут; Всегда актуальный курс и отсутствие комиссии; С нами надежно и безопасно (связь с сайтом осуществляется по SSL протоколу); Поддержка ведётся 24/7 через чат на сайте, почту или telegram. Партнерская программа. Приглашайте друзей, делитесь ссылкой в социальных сетях и получайте партнерские проценты. Внимание: обменный сервис производит обмен только через сайт Через форум, Telegram, Viber, Skype, ICQ и другие мессенджеры и социальные сети мы валюту не обмениваем! Меняйте денежные средства туда и обратно! Будь то криптовалюта, или электронные деньги. Email: Telegram:
  4. The creation of the Crypto-talk, with just it's first anniversary has grace and gained interaction with the community members on a fine high and prospect, as of the future will eventually look like. The Crypto talk made new features and advances of having to manage the large users at it's databases as well as control and clean information shared. But then the big next move was taken as we have a community native coin which is a huge step on having to fully integrate our community experience evolvements . But here's the Truth which still looks vague, as of the structure and how the TALK TOKEN as being with till now. 1) the TALK TOKEN, hasn't really had that great support from the entire community, and as of how we share it's resourcefulness around the Crypto talk system 2) the TALK TOKEN, doesn't yet have many of that much functionality as on it usage yet on the forum. But with all this issues, they are meant for how the community can be better
  5. DESIGN AND WIN $100 USD! Ready, Set, Design! Announcing AFRICUNIA's Second Design Contest. We are pleased to announce our second design contest in 2020 after the first successful design contest in 2017! Use your creativity to contribute to AFRICUNIA ECOSYSTEM & Multi-Platforms. The contest will run from 22nd June 2020 through to 8th July 2020 (NOTE: contest will last for 2 weeks) Public voting poll will open on 10th July 2020 at 12:00 PM, London Time, and the winner will be announced on 11th July 2020 at 12:00 PM (London Time). We are excited to see what you, the pulse of AFRICUNIA ECOSYSTEM, will create to showcase who AFRICUNIA is as a decentralised organization, owned by you, and who we strive to become. While there is no specific tagline or phrase that needs to be included as part of the design, we encourage entries to portray a theme of "AFRICUNIA, SOSUIBEN, EXCOINCIAL, VENDASITY, ISENDOM, TELEFERENCE," which are parts of AFRICUNIA ECOSYSTEM and also representatives of AFRICUNIA's Mission, Philosophy, Goal and Diversity Statements found at:,,, For complete contest details and rules, please see below. Contest Guidelines All entrants must submit designs that adhere to the following: • No copyrighted images may be used. If photos or original artwork is involved, AFRICUNIA will need written permission by the image owner to reproduce the design for the purposes of resale. • The winning design will become the sole property of AFRICUNIA to be used in all media in perpetuity, at AFRICUNIA's discretion. • Designs should be submitted at high RESOLUTION as EPS, PNG, JPG files. Designs can be either CMYK or RGB. • Color options include, light blue - pantone 2925-C, yellow, gold, red, white, black, purple, violet, Caribbean blue, pomegranate, orange, gray and aqua. * If you are designing t-shirt, please make sure your design complements your choice of t-shirt. Minor adjustments may be made to designs in order to accommodate design guidelines for printing on a dark shirt. • Submissions may be e-mailed to Ms. Mary Hernandez who is AFRICUNIA's special appointed design contest host at or mailed directly to Or optionally submit via open Telegram group: or through Google Form: • Your design will be judged on creativity, relevancy to the field and its effectiveness in drawing interest to AFRICUNIA and our mission. * There will be 2 stages of design winner selection and they're as follows: i) Initial selection of pre-qualified designs will be judged by a panel of AFRICUNIA leaders and volunteers in a double-blind system to ensure fairness. This means that during the selection process designers names, if not publicly revealed by themselves, will not be revealed with their submissions. ii) 2nd phase of winner selection will be by poll casting. The prequalified designs will be presented to the general members of AFRICUNIA Telegram Community to cast their votes on the best design. The design with the highest votes wins the contest. • AFRICUNIA team members may to participate. • No one person may submit more than two (2) designs to the contest. All inquiries regarding the contest can be directed to or on Telegram ID: @maryjhoy The Fine Print 1. The selection of the contest winner is at the discretion of AFRICUNIA and its appointed judges and ultimately by the general public. 2. Each entrant consents to allowing AFRICUNIA to publicize his or her name in our publications and blogs as part of participant recognition. 3. Winning designs become the sole property of AFRICUNIA, and AFRICUNIA reserves the exclusive right to sell materials featuring designs royalty-free. 4. You agree that your submission may be posted on AFRICUNIA's website and or reputational harm to AFRICUNIA corporate image. 5. By entering submissions, contest entrants certify that their design does not violate copyright, trademark or other rights held by third-parties. THE GRAND PRIZE In addition to bragging rights, the grand prize winner will receive: • $100 winner prize • One (1) complimentary FEE-FREE trading account on EXCOINCIAL.COM Exchange for 6 months. • Prize may also be awarded to other outstanding submissions. • All participants will receive a special token of appreciation for participating. NOTE1: Kindly request for the respective company's logo from Ms. Mary before you commence design contest. Don't use Googled up logo version. NOTE2: After completing your creative design, kindly fill the following Google Form below and submit your design file: Happy Design Contest! AFRICUNIA - Indigenous For All...
  6. Hello! We're running a wallet which is currently in pre-alpha, yet it uses testnet networks for every coin excepted Vsystems. It is open-source, and web-ready. Very secure, very nerdy.. Please give us a feedback:
  7. Как работает Z-Pay Посетите сайт и узнайте больше о том, как благодаря Z-Pay бизнес может отправлять, получать, хранить, обменивать крипто платежи. Z-Pay сотрудничает со многими интернет магазинами и компаниями, которые заинтересованы в использовании и хранении цифровых активов. Корпоративное решение Z-Pay позволяет получать, хранить и отправлять широкий спектр криптовалют, включая: BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT, LTC и пр. По сравнению с традиционными платежными шлюзами Z-Pay существенно сократит операционные расходы, связанные с проведение транзакций. Во избежании колебании курсов, после получение криптовалюты на счет вы можете в 2 клика обменять, например, биткоин на USD и нивелировать курсовые колебания. Потенциальные партнеры Помимо компаний офлайн и онлайн сектора, Z-Pay станет отличным решением для новых стартапов, которые только начинают свой путь и ищут надежный сервис по хранению капитала и расчетам с сотрудниками. Кроме того, кошелек Z-Pay станет отличным средством для аккумуляции собранных средств средств от сообщества проекта. Read more: Website :
  8. Many people around the world disagree with digital assets because of their destabilizing capacity in terms of their own economy. Also, not knowing or understanding how the mechanism of cryptocurrencies works, is a cultural motive that creates a kind of floating ignorance in the community, the disgust for digital assets can also come from bad experiences or think that they are complices of scams or bad economic agreements regarding it. Take into account that not all people prefer new systems, perhaps the system adapts them by simple evolution.
  9. We can see various cryptocurrency platforms that pay well for being on the page for a certain time but they really are reliable to be on this type of pages that pay bitcoin while on the PTC platforms and that they ask you for a KYC verification to charge more, I don't know, What do you guys think?
  10. Hey CryptoTalkers! As this year have a greater start as compared to previous few years. There are many of new hopes created in our mind and we are now more motivated than before. What you guys have set any goal to achieve till the last of this year. I have a goal to collect almost 1 bitcoin whether I earn it freely or by some other activities like trading etc.
  11. I see that as a very good news and sign of better things to follow in the cryptoworld in the year 2020. It's looking like the most advanced countries of the world are taking strategic positions in cryptoworld, whereas the third world and developing countries are busy chasing shadows, what a tragedy - will they ever learn?
  12. Demand for cryptocurrencies and digital assets is set to accelerate rapidly in the near future in the Emirates The UAE is at the forefront of adopting cryptography. With coded transactions in excess of $ 210 million, the UAE ranked first in the world, surpassing the United States. Moreover, increased enthusiasm for cryptocurrency in the UAE prevailed at the “2019 Lendit Fintech USA” event, during which a comprehensive framework for fintech companies to join new markets was revealed by the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Do you think Dubai will become the center of the cryptocurrency in the world?
  13. Why choose SouthXchange? Answer SECURE Our multitier architecture protects your deposits. We also have 2-factor authentication and email confirmation to protect your account even further. LOW FEES Very low trading and withdraw fees REAL-TIME Data is obtained from our servers in real-time. That means you get the latest data as soon as possible. MOBILE FRIENDLY Our platform was designed from scratch to be usable in mobile devices.
  14. As demonstrated by multiple disruptive technologies, developing and emerging economies benefit the most from such revolutionary innovations. Although the decentralization of the consistently corrupt and disastrous authorities and their choke-hold on the African economy is one of the important changes cryptocurrencies will bring in the African finances, major portion of the African population is hesitant to adopt such technologies. For reasons ranging from lack of expertise and quality education to inadequate and low access to and coverage of internet and electricity, the African population, despite all the problems running rampant on the continent, stands to benefit from fair, decentralized, peer-to-peer-managed, and inclusive monetary transaction management systems. So I would love to ask the family how we all can contribute for the fast and feasible adoption and integration of this revolutionary block-chain technology in the African Banking System as well as across different essential sectors like Health, Education, Food & Agriculture and so on???
  15. The situation of regulations and taxes on cryptocurrencies has been a common theme in recent years, where countries such as South Korea, China or Japan have responded in a neutral, positive or negative way, but cryptocurrencies took a back seat during 2020 thanks to the crisis produced by the covid. However, due to the recent bull market, where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have doubled in value in less than a month, the issue of taxes came to light again. This is where companies such as TaxBit come to the fore, TaxBit aims to partially or completely automate the payment of taxes generated from operations in the crypto market. Firms such as Paypal, coinbase and Winklevoss capital have shown they supported TaxBit, investing unknown amounts, suggesting that in the future a regulation for Bitcoin could arrive. 1)What do you think about it? 2)Regulations and Taxes Good for Cryptocurrencies? I am intrigued with what may happen in the future.
  16. Crypto Leagues is a new free-to-play cryptocurrency investment game. Compete to make the most profit by trading cryptocurrencies. What's the purpose of the game? The game is whatever you make it! Learn about cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. Win cryptocurrencies - sent directly to your own wallet. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. Host community events to increase engagement. Fine-tune your trading skills or test your hunches. Host a private league for just your friends. Make a buck and sell your trading strategy. Get introduced to new cryptocurrencies. and so on.. How does the game work? Players are given $10,000 in play money when they join the main league to kickstart their trading journey. The top 5 players who have made the most profits at the end of the league, win their share of the prize pool. Is it really free? Yes! Really-really. No backsies. There will be a premium membership available, but the game will remain free-to-play. Cool! Where do I sign up? You can sign up for the beta right here and help us find the last few bugs and squash them! You should also join our Telegram group to keep up to date with everything! How can I help out? Sign up and start playing! The more, the merrier! We would also appreciate it if you would share this with people you know who are interested in cryptocurrencies. It would also help out if you would like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Uptrennd. Latest updates 6/11 - Active users and profile pictures are now visible on the leaderboard. 5/11 - Implemented new profit graphs. 31/10 - Players can now toggle to see all active limit orders under active order history, regardless of what trading pair they are on. 25/10 - Database moved to MongoDB Atlas (A distributed database) to prevent outages. 24/10 - Implemented new and improved trading engine, allowing for more precise and secure trading functionality, including limit orders. 23/10 - Sneak-peak of the new design. Known bugs Tooltips do not work properly on mobile devices. Sparkline graphs in the portfolio are being blocked by adblockers. Mobile-view not fully optimized. SSL certificate not active until launch. Let us know if you have any further questions. We are very responsive on Telegram!
  17. Hi all, I see many people asking which is the best Wallet for such & such coin. On the following web page from Crypto Compare, they have done the hard work for us. Its a pretty extensive list, making comparisons, security, ease of use, among other things. The list covers Hard Ware Wallets, Down Load Wallets, web wallets, smart phone wallets, etc. See Screen Shot. If you have any questions about which wallet is best for you, go thru the web page. I believe they update it quite often.
  18. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee at the Presidential Palace in South Korea recommended that the Korean government allow financial institutions the right to launch investment products that rely on cryptocurrency, including bitcoin derivatives. The committee recommends that "the financial sector develop and encourage custodianship solutions in South Korea to avoid relying only on foreign custodianship rights to process cryptocurrency assets" and that bitcoin be listed directly on the Korea Exchange [KRX] in South Korea. The following sentences are the most promising: Geleneksel's traditional players in the capital market, such as securities firms and banks, must develop and promote local collateral solutions to deal with cryptocurrency assets. Therefore, South Korea should not rely on foreign countries for the coded asset storage market. The Korean government should allow institutional investors to gradually deal with cryptocurrency assets and encourage OTC schedules for institutional investors ’transactions. " The European Commission also recommended that the South Korean government follow the steps of US and Swiss financial officials and consider providing licenses and guidelines for integrating crypto-related products into South Korea's financial system for cryptocurrency exchange Last week, the South Korean government stated that it had decided not to impose taxes on digital asset transaction revenue to ease the chaos in the country's cryptocurrency tax. However, the Korean government is reviewing international trends to properly integrate digital currencies into existing tax laws
  19. What services does Beznal. exchange offer? - Quickly and safely exchange cryptocurrencies, make Deposit /withdrawal of cryptomonets in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi (Bitcoin, Cardano, Dash and Dogecoin, EOS and Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero, Ripple, Stellar, Zcash and other digital currencies). - Exchange EPS (Qiwi, Yandex, wmr, wmz, Neteller, Perfect money, Advanced cash, Payeer). - Internet banking from VTB, Sberbank, Tinkoff, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa, PSB, OTKRITIE and other top Russian banks. - Sending money transfers via MoneyGram, Western Union, and Contact systems. - Payment for Internet services (hosting, provider, exchange accounts), Paypal. Advantages of the Beznal. exchange service The interface of Beznal. exchange is simple and clear. Just a few clicks are enough to get money at a favorable rate: we do not have hidden commissions; there are no sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate (it is fixed during the exchange); the support service is ready to help the client at any time – the operator will consult the novice, check the status of the application; the service is available around the clock; applications are processed regardless of the time of day, even on public holidays. How to buy cryptocurrency quickly? The Beznal. exchange service uses one of the safest and most effective ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Why exactly is The exchanger, and not the cryptocurrency stock market? When buying cryptocurrency on the stock market, you will have to wait. Depending on the site-the period varies from a day to several days. When buy cryptocurrency via Beznal. Exchange - this will require no more than 10 minutes. We always have sufficient financial reserves at our disposal. This provides the necessary level of liquidity and speed of transaction execution. We offer an extensive number of trading pairs, which allows the client to quickly sell the existing crypto coin without additional conversion. Contacts: Website: Votsap: +7 931 104-47-27 Telegram: @beznalexchange
  20. In recent years, within the world of cryptocurrencies, some concepts have been coined around certain events, in this case I come to discuss what is known as "The Bitcoin effect", which is basically defined as the result of the adoption of the Bitcoin by any company or institutional organization. It began with the most recent case, that of PayPal, a company that decided to venture into the crypto market last October and launched its platform during November, it was rumored that Paypal was buying 95% of the recently mined Bitcoin at a price between 17,800. and 18,300 dollars, this event in general caused that Paypal will increase its prices on the New York Stock Exchange, each share going from 180 dollars to 223 dollars, a historical maximum for the company and it is estimated that in this fiscal semester it earned 40 % more than in the past due to your investment. Another case is MicroStrategy, which invested a total of 250 million dollars, thus acquiring 20,000 Bitcoin's each at $ 12,500, its shares rallied 12% immediately, and today the company's earnings are above of the 150 million dollars in less than 4 months Many call this the Bitcoin effect. What is your opinion about it, do you agree?
  21. Hi all, Heres a good article about how now the G7, are getting involved trying to figure out how to regulate cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, after reading the article, they are now starting to wake up that Cryptocurrencies might be a threat to the banking industry & Governments. Fiat currencies are being threatened by BTC & other coins / forms of payment. The Money Mafias ( Big Banks ) are finally getting scared that maybe they are losing their monopoly on currency controls. The article was published on Zero hedge. G7 Finance Ministers "Strongly Support" Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies
  22. Cheers guys, what do you think of the big growth of the Trustwallet wallet TWT tokens? This is an exclusive tokens of the wallet that was created in order to reward its loyal users by inviting more people to use it. The tokens are on the BNB network therefore the fees are extremely low, at first it was not known exactly what will happen with the token and an Exchange set it at a value that if I remember correctly was $ 0.004, when finally the wallet put its price to the token this was rising rapidly with some ups and downs. It was recently announced that the tokens would pass Binance Smart Chain, which triggered its value to more than 100% in a few hours. In these last hours the TWT has increased its value to more than 64%, can you imagine if the tokens were listed in the Binance Giant? What do you think the future of TWT will be?
  23. Hello colleagues, lately I have noticed that the market is wrapping itself in a scenario similar to that of the bubble of 2017/2018, where people sold everything they had to invest in the hope of making money, all this in part due to the FOMO of new investors, since few are those who are informed about the reality of the projects where they invest. In just two days, bitcoin again showed its nature, a 20% drop in 48 hours, which we call a correction, but for many it was a moment of crisis when they saw their money decrease, along with this appeared statements from bill gates, Swedish regulators , media and multi millionaires who warned about investing in cryptocurrencies. In turn, other characters encourage investment now that prices have dropped. Therefore this uncertainty leaves investors in a tight rope, which is the best option? Sell everything and collect the few profits? Or buy taking advantage of the "discounts"? What do you say?
  24. The big moves and adversity have driven the way of Cryptocurrencies to be one of the dominant assets in the 21st century. The existence and competition have been exceeded with excellence, as startups might find the competition tough amongst the existing Giants, but the basic knowledge of every start-up to make their name, will obviously have to come from influencers, as we have had influencers like those of Ethereum ( buterin vitalik), Justin sun (Tron) and so on. As this big names are common, but are nothing without a community to back them up. The first basic factor on any Crypto start-up, is for the acknowledgement of having to build a community, as of how to gather ideas from what and how the critics can actually fall on. As the common saying goes, accept critics to know your wickness. Looking at how a single community can attract alot, I take an example of Crypto-talk, bitcointalk. Which made this communities on the bars to Foster the spread to Cryptocurrencies to more people, in different areas, just on the power of a community.
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