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Found 3 results

  1. Have a lot of experience with all types and most names of exchanges. Trying to find the best one for me: safe and anonymous. Because I don't want to feel sweat while sleeping Here is what I found for 4 years: - bitfinex: this gangsters want your personal info, but don't wanna give you your money for any reason. - coinbase: USA market and sharing your data for taxes. - bittrex: blocking without any reason. Oh, it's business! - poloniex: lags, spoofing, kyc, Justin Sun... kyc+Justin Sun? No waaay))) - gate: does it work? - bitmax: what the hell with security and organization? - binance: loves to block your withdrawals if you're changing your location(ip). Have a nice day grimacing in your camera))) - yobit: scary lags sometimes, wa volume? - exmo: does it work? - dexes: anybody alive? So, what you prefer? As for me, the most safest is yobit, never had any problems with kukoin and yes, I have to deal with mister C(slap-your-face)Z because of liquidity. Any idea?
  2. When we talk about Bitcoin's features we always promote the characteristics it has that make it an unconfiscatable currency where no third-party rules the network and no account can be frozen at the demand of a government. This is due to the nature of Bitcoin as a decentralized currency that provides complete control to the user and does not allow anyone to control the network. We talk in general about cryptocurrencies having the same features as Bitcoin and call this "Financial Freedom", as everyone in the world can transact with anyone else, without any restriction and a third party authorizing or blocking the transactions. Lately though, we've noticed quite a few occassions where this isn't real, or not exactly as we thought it was. USDC is created by Circle and backed by Coinbase. It is a stable coin that right now holds more than $1 Billion in market cap. It is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum Network, meaning it is a smart contract that has certain code to perform certain functions. One of these functions make a centralized entity (Circle) been able to block funds and accounts. USDC is run by Central Consortium, which is the overseeing body by both Circle and Coinbase. Central Consortium recently blacklisted an adress containing 100,000 USDC at the request of a law-enforcement agency. It was reported in the past (link) that USDC was able to freeze accounts and that it was a centralized entity but there wasn't a similar case published until now. It is now reported that Tether is using similar control over the wallets containing USDT and is also able to freeze accounts. According to reports (link) there are already 39 cases of ethereum wallets that contain USDT being frozen by Tether. The total amount of these addresses contain $7,9 million in USDT. All these addresses are frozen and they cannot send/receive USDT probably at the request of government agencies and law enforcement. This is the message blacklisted addresses get on Etherescan when trying to move BUSD. So there seems to be a similar feature to freeze funds on the ERC20 Binance USD token as well. Tether along with Bitfinex have the same CEO Paolo Ardoino and belong to parent company IFinex. Both companies are facing trial on New York about a loss of $850 million of the exchange clients funds. Tether is also supposedly backing each USDT with an amount of USD or "other assets" on a 1:1 basis. This of course has never been proven as Tether did not allow any audit to proceed and never disclosed bank USD and other asset reserves. Tether right now exceeds 10 billion USD in market cap and according to cryptocurrency indexes as coinmarketcap and coingecko it has the most trading volume compared to any other cryptocurrency.
  3. Inspecting Tezos decentralization: continents, countries, regions, hosting providers, public nodes, and network topology When it comes to arguing PoS based blockchain network decentralization they usually put coins distribution on the first place saying: "look, Top 5 entities own more than half of the stake". More advanced also highlight attacks on the voting mechanism: how many entities can block or force a proposal (which is actually a changing value). However it's not that straightforward, because once you are in a Proof-of-Stake network it's not just rewards but also Value at Risk. At the end of the day it's risk/reward ratio that matters when it comes to economic incentives and it's only if we assume all agents are rational! Read the full research and let's discuss it!
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