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Found 2 results

  1. Water - the source of life and one of the most valuable wealth of man. Water is life. Invest to AqVi token. Invest in life. Any cryptocurrency can lose trust, AqVi token never. Our production is growing, the goods are in demand. AqVi is a Asset token!
  2. OFFICIAL WEBSITEОФИЦИАЛЬНЫЙ САЙТ Everyone knows that value is synonymous with what will always be in demand, and the cost of which will only grow, regardless of circumstances. We will tell you with confidence that such a product is clean, healthy artesian water. Water is the most valuable thing on our earth and, unfortunately, there is less and less clean, drinking water on the planet, ecologically clean places on the planet decreasing, and its extraction is becoming more difficult and expensive, tap water is getting worse in quality and unusable, to say nothing about those parts of the planet where there is practically none at all, the demand for drinking artesian, healthy water is growing every year at an unprecedented pace, and this growth will never end, which gives it unprecedented value and significance. The water sales market has no seasonality, it is not affected by political aspects and crises, the market is constantly gaining sales rates. The market for exporting and importing water does not have political pressure, since the product is the first in the list of necessities for a human.💥 You can ask how to use cryptocurrency to invest in the production of clean drinking water? Exactly for this, company LLC AQVICOIN solved this difficult task and created the most reliable investment crypto project, symbiosis cryptocurrency and the largest production of healthy drinking water, having received the Token AqVi. Token AqVi enable invest together with a professional team LLC AQVICOIN in the building of the most modern factories for the extraction and bottling of healthy drinking artesian water, it makes you a rightful co-owner of a large business focused on the global market. LLC AQVICOIN has already started work and is registering its trademark. The company's team has a well-structured and detailed action plan for the building of the most modern automated production. We held conversation with the best specialists in our sphere and received documentary evidence of calculations for the phased implementation of all works and the purchase of the most modern and reliable automated artesian water bottling line. The action of each of our partners is aimed at a speedy launch. We plan to start selling bottled water for 10th months after the pre-sale of the AqVi token. Also, the investor can get acquainted with the calculations of the economy of both the entire water market and the production itself. For investors, all documents and calculations are publicly available on the official website. The license issued by the government for the extraction of water is valid for 25 years, with the possibility of extending the period, provided that the production volumes do not exceed 100m3 of water per day. The production facilities of LLC AQVICOIN will allow producing 99000 liters of useful bottled water per day. Subject to the use of the license, for 25 years company will get and realize 772 200 000 liters of water. Based on this, total to be released 1 544 400 000 tokens, equated as 1 token AqVi equal to 1 company shares LLC AQVICOIN and equal to 0.5L extracted water. The official start of the ICO on 24.01.2022. The initial price of the AqVi token is 0.03$. According to the referral program, each user receives 5% of the token purchase amount by his referral. When passing each of the stages IEO/ICO the token price will increase to 10%. A bonus token distribution system will also operate at the ICO. You will be able to invest AqVi tokens in 3 bonus programs: • 350-10000 AV tokens - 1% per month • 10001-60000 AV tokens - 2% per month • 60001 AV tokens and further - 3% per month In total of 77,856,031 AqVi tokens (5% of the total volume of AqVi tokens) will be sold at the IEO/ICO, the start of the IEO/ICO at a price of 0,03$. After the IEO/ICO, token AqVi will hold listing to the cryptocurrency exchange of the 2nd level with price 0,1$, what will be 333% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. During the year, after listing on the 2nd level stock market there will be a listing on 1st level stock market with a price of at least 0.5$, what will be 1666% profits from the start price IEO/ICO. The frozen number of tokens for a period of 3 years is 1 057 914 000 tokens, or 68.5% of their total number. Water - the source of life and one of the most valuable wealth of man. Water is life. Invest to AqVi token. Invest in life. OFFICIAL WEBSITE
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