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  1. BlakeStar 2.0 added voting list, register and vote !!!! The coins with the highest votes will be selected for listing every week Every account has the opportunity to vote for free every day Voting can be accumulated. Must have at least 500 votes to be listed *Only support POW coin listing
  2. Miner For GPU is ready, optimized for AMD and Nvidia:Windows: --print-full --algo x22 --url --user BmsCxHjf8ttdZUUQeNxZtczt2GseYmtoNV.donate --pass x
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  4. NEW WALLET RELEASES, The update is mandatory for all :
  5. Blake Star 2.0, the BLAS trading symbol, is a digital cryptocurrency focused on privacy and anonymity for its users. The Blake Star 2.0 network is supported by one new algoritm x22, as well as the creation of paid masternode nodes, decentralized miners that process transactions in blocks that are added to the public blockchain. When creating each block, a certain amount of Blake Star 2.0 is created, which is paid to the miners, as well as to the masternode nodes that are served by the network. The complexity of the algorithms for checking the work progress is adjusted so that a block is created approximately every 2.3 minutes. Blake Star 2.0 was created not only to provide reliable user privacy that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies lacked at the time, but also to provide a cryptocurrency that could support possible repression from hostile governments and central banks. Unlike many alternative cryptocurrencies, which only serve to financially enrich developers, Blake Star 2.0 was released in a completely transparent manner and with a fair initial distribution of coins. The coin is actively developing, a team of 4 active developers is working on the project every day. Developers have a long history of working on online privacy issues. In digital networks, anonymity is the lack of evidence that can reveal the true identity, social data, and location of someone. While the lack of identifying information such as names or addresses is the first step towards achieving anonymity, it is not enough in the context of digital blockchain transactions using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This partial anonymity is pseudonymous, not anonymous: all your transactions are visible, and the only thing that protects you is your “fake” name. Currently, the development team is working to create an innovative platform that will achieve the maximum level of anonymity and speed of transactions in the Blake Star 2.0 network. The platform will work on the principle of differentiation of block hashes at the input and output of transactions, in addition, all active master nodes that will participate in this process, every 20 days will receive an additional reward of 220 coins. The master nodes will be added to the wallet functions when the network reaches 70,000 blocks. The price of the master node will be 13,750 coins. Also, taking into account the completion of new features, the remuneration for the block will be changed by +175%.For better network protection, a new algorithm of own development x22 was also added !! SPECEFICATIONS: Symbol: BLAS Consensus:PoW (proof-of-work)new algoritm x22, and masternode. Mining algorithms: X22 Blocktime: 150 seconds RPC port: 9798 P2P port: 9779 Blockreward schedule: Blocks 2 to ... : 0.75 BLAS The master nodes will be added to the wallet functions when the network reaches 70,000 blocks WALLET: addnode= addnode= addnode= GitHub: Windows Wallet: MacoS Wallet: Linux Wallet : LINKS: NEW Web: Explorer: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram:
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